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Magic Items Expansion (Dark Elves)
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Magic Weapons

Executioner's Axe(Magic Weapon)65 points

The Executioner's Axe is a huge, black-bladed weapon bound with spells of dismemberment. A single blow from it can cut any opponent in half.

Infantry only. Great weapon. In close combat, the wielder of the Executioner's Axe counts as having a Strength double that of their target's Toughness. In addition, any attacks made with the Executioner's Axe have the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule. In addition, the wielder gains the Khainite special rule.

Heartseeker(Magic Weapon)40 points

Heartseeker has an uncanny ability to find the heart of a living thing. Dark Elves delight in its ability to destroy the life force of their victims.

The model wielding Heartseeker may re-roll all failed rolls To Hit and To Wound in close combat.

Draich of Dark Power(Magic Weapon)30 points

This mighty two-handed, curved blade is deadly when wielded by a skilful swordsman, easily able to carve through armour and bone with deadly grace.

Model on foot only. Great weapon. The wielder of the Draich of Dark Power ignores the normal Initiative penalties from great weapons and gains the Killing Blow special rule. In addition, the wielder gains the Khainite special rule.

Dagger of Hotek(Magic Weapon)25 points

Created by Hotek, a renegade priest of Vaul, this blade allows the wielder to strike with blinding speed.

Lifetaker(Magic Weapon)25 points

Lifetaker is a repeater crossbow fashioned from blackest steel, with bolts dipped in the venom of a Black Dragon.

Repeater Crossbow. Lifetaker fires using the following profile:

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

Lifetaker always hits on a roll of 2+, regardless of any normal To Hit modifiers.

Web of Shadows(Magic Weapon)25 points

Woven from the hair of Witch Elves and studded with ensorcelled Harpy fangs, a victim caught in the Web of Shadows will be ripped to shreds.

One use only. The model can choose to use the Web of Shadows instead of making any normal attacks that round. When used, one model in base contact with the character automatically takes 2D6 Strength 3 hits. Wounds caused do not carry over on to other models. A model with the Web of Shadows may instead choose to use a mundane weapon in any round of combat.

Blade of Spite(Magic Weapon)20 points

This barbed blade constantly oozes venom, giving its dark metal an oily sheen. Even the slightest cut quickly enflames, causing the victim considerable pain, and eventual death.

Any To Hit roll of 5 or 6 with the Blade of Spite automatically Wounds. Armour saves apply as normal. This has no effect on models with Immunity (Poisoned Attacks).

Deathpiercer(Magic Weapon)20 points

This lance is tipped with a blade carved from the claws of two dozen Cold Ones. It leaves ragged wounds that see its victims swiftly bleed to death.

Sword of Ruin(Magic Weapon)20 points

This magical sword can cleave through armour as if it were air.

Caledor's Bane(Magic Weapon)15 points

This dire lance is etched with the fiery blood of Dragons and is much feared by High Elf Princes from the realm of Caledor.

Soulrender(Magic Weapon)10 points

When it was forged, this long blade was quenched in a Cauldron of Blood and can slice through steel as easily as bone.

Magic Armour

Armour of Eternal Servitude(Magic Armour)35 points

Oaths of loyalty and dedication to Khaine were sworn at the time of the armour's forging, and the wearer is granted extended life to serve their god.

Cloak of Hag Graef(Magic Armour)35 points

Made from the scales of Aggraunir, the first Sea Dragon to be captured by the Dark Elves, the Cloak of Hag Graef can withstand the harshest of blows.

Armour of Darkness(Magic Armour)25 points

Forged from black meteoric steel, this suit is almost impossible to pierce.

Heavy armour. The Armour of Darkness gives the wearer a 1+ armour save.

Shield of Ghrond(Magic Armour)25 points

Shaped into the leering face of an Ice Daemon, the shield of Ghrond is imbued with the power of the magical North wind, which robs attacks of their force.

Shield. The Shield of Ghrond causes all Hits on the model to be resolved with -1 Strength.

Blood Armour(Magic Armour)10 points

When anointed with the blood of the foe, this armour becomes ever more endurable.

Heavy armour. For every unsaved wound the wearer of the Blood Armour inflicts in close combat, their armour save is improved by one point to a maximum total of 1+ for the remainder of the game.


Pendant of Khaeleth(Talisman)45 points

Worn by the first High Mistress of the Dark Convent, this amulet's protective aura grows greater the stronger the blow landed upon it.

Model on foot only. The Pendant of Khaeleth gives the bearer a Ward Save based upon the Strength of the hit. Roll a D6 for every wound suffered by the wearer; on a roll lower than the Strength of the Attack, the Wound is saved. Rolls of 6 always fail.

Billowing black smoke emerges from the opal set into this ring, clouding the wearer's position.

The Ring of Darkness causes all close combat attacks directed against the bearer to be resolved at half their normal Weapon Skill (rounding up). Any missile attacks directed at the model or their unit resolved at half their normal Ballistic Skill (rounding up).

Crown of Black Iron(Talisman)35 points

Made by Furion of Clar Karond, the Crown of Black Iron captures Dark Magic and oozes a sinister daemonic shadow which protects the wearer.

Heart-stone of Darkness(Talisman)35 points

Blood red and pulsing, this stone wards off the most powerful of blows.

The Heart-stone of Darkness gives the bearer the Ward Save (4+) special rule against close combat attacks.

Seal of Ghrond(Talisman)25 points

This iron seal is blessed by the priestesses of Khaine to ward away hated magic.

The Seal of Ghrond adds +1 Dispel dice to your dispel pool at the start of every enemy Magic phase.

Amber Amulet(Talisman)20 points

This enchanted talisman is carved from the heart of the largest black tree in the Petrified Forest.

Charm of Hotek(Talisman)10 points

These much-adulterated fragments are all that remains of the tools used by Hotek to forge the black armour of Malekith, the Witch King of the Dark Elves. This foul armour restored the Dark Elf's strength to his withered and fire-blasted body. Though the armour would be fused to his body, thus heralding the birth of the dread Witch King, the tools were set aside, forgotten for a time. An apprentice stole them with the intent to fashion a suit of armour for himself but the effort destroyed him. The tools were later scattered throughout the lands. After thousands of years, the tools themselves have been reduced to fragments, with most destroyed.

Null Talisman(Talisman)10 points

These silver pendants ward away the energy of Chaos.

The model carrying the Null Talisman, and any unit they are with, gains a +2 bonus to dispel enemy spell targeting them directly.

Arcane Items

Black Staff(Arcane Item)35 points

A Black Staff is the much-desired talisman of one of the six High Mistresses of the Convent of Sorceresses.

Wand of The Kharaidon(Arcane Item)35 points

A powerful item of dark sorcery, this wand unleashes the powers of the fell daemon Kharaidon on command.

Soulstone(Arcane Item)25 points

This gem holds the tortured soul of a sacrificed wizard. If a Sorceress is in danger of losing control of her magic she can feed the captured soul to Daemons to save herself.

One use only. The Soulstone makes the Sorceress immune to the effects of her first Miscast.

Darkstar Cloak(Arcane Item)20 points

Woven into the fabric of this cloak is the essence of a star stolen from the night sky of Nagarythe.

The Darkstar Cloak gives the Sorceress +1 Power dice in each of your Magic phases. Only she may use this extra dice.

Focus Familiar(Arcane Item)20 points

An impish familiar accompanies the Sorceress, through which she can direct her powers. This allows her to target enemies further away and out of sight.

The Focus Familiar allows the wielder to cast spells from a different position on the battlefield. Place a marker at the start of each Dark Elf Magic phase within 6" of the Sorceress and at least 1" away from units or impassable terrain. She may use this position when determining range and line of sight for her spells.

Tome of Furion(Arcane Item)15 points

Dark Magic is destruction incarnate Ð even its most basic precepts are corrosive to mind, body and soul. Few tomes containing its secrets therefore exist, for mere paper and papyrus smoulder to naught within decades of being inked with such sigils. The Tome of Furion is a rare exception to this rule. Its pages are flayed Orchide, but the book endures its burdens thanks only to the carefully layered enchantments Furion bound into its covers. The letters inscribed within writhe and shift like living creatures, and the pages are warm to the touch even in the dead of winter.

Enchanted Items

Deathmask(Enchanted Item)35 points

Made from enchanted gold of the Blackspine Mountains, the Deathmask depicts Khaine in his aspect of the Deathbringer, the merciless slayer.

The wearer of the Deathmask causes Terror.

Rubric of Dark Dimensions(Enchanted Item)25 points

By opening this device the bearer creates a gate into a dimension of pure evil.

Bound Spell. Power level 5. The Rubric of Dark Dimensions contains a direct damage spell which targets all enemy models in base contact with the caster. The target models must pass a Strength test or be sucked into the dimension of Eternal Nightmares and removed as casualties with no saves except Magic Resistance allowed.

The Hydra's Teeth(Enchanted Item)20 points

Taken from the corpse of a slain War Hydra, each of these fangs is finely sculpted into a skeletal figurine. They are enchanted with dark magic to summon forth those slain by the Hydra while it was alive.

One use only. The Hydra's Teeth can be used at the start of any close combat phase. Once used, they inflict 5D6 Weapon Skill 2, Strength 3 Attacks on one enemy unit in base contact.

Pearl of Infinite Bleakness(Enchanted Item)20 points

Swirled with red and black veins, this magical pearl emits an aura of soul-numbing depression.

The model bearing the Pearl of Infinite Bleakness and any unit they are with gain the Immunity (Psychology) special rule.

The Cloak of Dark Souls(Enchanted Item)15 points

This billowing cloak of the darkest shadows envelops the wearer, allowing them to pass by almost unnoticed.

Crystal of Midnight(Enchanted Item)15 points

Inside this black glowing crystal is a malignant captured spirit, which can be unleashed to seek out the mind of an enemy magic user and steal their thoughts.

One use only. Nominate another enemy Wizard anywhere on the table at the start of any Dark Elves turn. The Wizard must pass a Leadership test on 3D6 or lose one randomly determined spell for the rest of the battle.

Orb of Ghrond(Enchanted Item)15 points

Ghrond lies in the frozen north of the Witch King's domain. A black tower, it rises like a spear from its mountain spur. Here, foul sorcerers stare into the abyss that is the Realm of Chaos to catch glimpses of the future within the changes of the multicoloured storms raging there. Occasionally, a tendril of raw energy snakes out and licks the stones of the mountain, creating black orbs that serve as windows into this terrible place. The sorcerers smooth these stones and use them to divine the future to report back to the Witch King to help him plot his foul strategies for launching attacks against the world. And very rarely, some daring or foolish individual steals an orb for the promises of power they are sure to hold. This obsidian ball offers a terrible glimpse into the Realm of Chaos, revealing fragments of the future in the swirling vortex of maddening energies.

The model carrying the Orb of Ghrond may consult it at the start of each of your turns as long as they are not in close combat. If they do so, they must take a Stupidity test. If passed, the model may re-roll all failed rolls To Hit and re-roll one power or dispel dice when casting or dispelling until the start of your next turn.

Gem of Nightmares(Enchanted Item)10 points

When the magic of this dark stone is unleashed, the bearer is surrounded by a vortex of whirling, wailing apparitions that burn with dark flames.

One use only. The Gem of Nightmares can be used at the start of any turn. Until the end of that turn, the model and any unit it is with has the Fear special rule.

Magic Standards

Hydra Banner(Magic Standard)50 points

Imbued with the magic of Hekarti the Hydra Queen, this banner quickens the reflexes so that those nearby strike with her own speed and savagery.

All models in the unit carrying the Hydra Banner gain +1 Attack in the first round of any close combat (including mounts).

Standard of Hag Graef(Magic Standard)50 points

Under the mystical influence of this serpentine banner, warriors strike with astounding speed.

Banner of Cold Blood(Magic Standard)30 points

Soaked in the blood of slaughtered Lizardmen, the presence of the Banner of Cold Blood imbues those who carry it with cold-blooded discipline.

The unit carrying the Banner of Cold Blood rolls 3D6 for all Leadership tests and discards the highest result.

Sacrificial Banner(Magic Standard)25 points

Covered with arcane patterns daubed in blood and draped in ornate sigils and charms the sacrificial banner looks impressive, but its real purpose is rarely explained to those troops "honoured" with its care. It is enchanted with the sole purpose of enraging and attracting the ire of the gigantic monsters that prowl the world, so that a canny general can dictate the movement of his enemy most powerful ally.

All Monsters with Line of Sight to the unit carrying the Sacrificial Banner gain the Berserk Rage portion of the Frenzy special rule and must always declare a charge against the unit bearing the sacrificial banner if possible.

Sea Serpent Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

The legendary standard of Kaldour the Visionary, this banner carries the device of a monstrous serpent.

Corsairs only. The unit carrying the Sea Serpent Standard gains the Frenzy special rule.

Soul Shadows Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

This shadowy banner hides the intent of those beneath it.

The unit carrying the Soul Shadows Standard gains the Feigned Flight part of the Fast Cavalry special rule.

Standard of Slaughter(Magic Standard)20 points

Anointed with the blood of an Ulthuan Elf, this banner imbues its regiment with a bitter determination.

The unit carrying the Standard of Slaughter gains +D3 to their combat resolution bonus on any turn the unit charges.

Banner of Murder(Magic Standard)15 points

This standard is steeped in the blood of sacrificial victims, its murderous aura instilling a thirst for death and carnage in those carrying it aloft.

The unit carrying the Banner of Murder rolls an additional dice when calculating their charge distance and discards the lowest result.

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