Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Items Expansion (Ogre Kingdoms)
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Magic Weapons

The Tenderiser(Magic Weapon)30 points

Made from the axle of a Great Caravan, this massive two-ended club is so heavy even a normal Ogre Bull would struggle to lift it. The destructive power bound into its twin heads enables the bearer to shatter a boulder with one strike.

Magic Armour

Bullgut(Magic Armour)15 points

The Bullgut is a heavy-duty gut-plate with two sharp curving horns that jut out from it, wrenched from the skull of a mighty cave-beast. The ground itself shakes when the bearer makes a bull charge.

Skullplucker(Magic Armour)10 points

This heavy, spiked metal gauntlet was originally worn by its namesake Big Agi Skullplucker, who had a particular dislike for Elves, and enjoyed nothing more than twisting off their girly little heads with this nasty-looking and bloodstained glove.


Spangleshard(Talisman)30 points

This was once a finely-wrought gemstone bound into a silver filigree cone, no doubt of Elven origin. Now a dirt-encrusted, chipped remnant of its former glory, the defensive powers of the Spangleshard still activate against powerful attacks.

For each Wound the bearer of the Spangleshard suffers, roll a D6. If this roll is higher than the result of the To Wound roll, that wound is ignored.

Cathayan Jet(Talisman)25 points

This well-travelled character is in possession of a finely crafted jet pendant, bowl, ring or other trinket. It protects against all forms of hostile magic, excepting those sacred energies described in the East as Ying and Yan.

The bearer of the Cathayan Jet gains the Magic Resistance (3) special rule. This has no effect on spells from the Lore of Ying and Yan.

Arcane Items

Bangstick(Arcane Item)35 points

Bannaga, the original owner of the Bangstick, was a fiery-tempered and profoundly deaf Butcher that travelled extensively throughout Cathay and Ind. He was famous for the loudness of his voice and his total contempt for the lives of any Gnoblars in the vicinity.

The Hungry Maw(Arcane Item)30 points

The Butcher summons a billowing black cloud to swallow an enemy spell before it reaches its target. A roiling black cloud that looks like a huge mouth appears and swallows the spell whole. With a satisfied burp the cloud then vanishes, taking the spell with it.

One use only. The Hungry Maw can be used after successfully dispelling an enemy spell. When used, the enemy spell can no longer be used for the remainder of the game.

Halfling Cookbook(Arcane Item)25 points

The Halfling Cookbook, rumoured once to have belonged to Skrag the Slaughterer, is the lone remnant of the Halfling Wars. Butchers keep it near them when practicing the more unpalatable aspects of gut magic.

A model with the Halfling Cookbook may re-roll one dice (except 1's) per casting roll when using the Lore of the Great Maw.

Enchanted Items

Brahmir Statue(Enchanted Item)15 points

Probably recovered from some burning temple in far-off Ind, this is a wooden effigy of one of the thousand gods worshipped there by Man and Man-kin alike. For reasons unknown, the four-armed thing holds a particular horror for the worshippers of the Dark Gods.

Any Psychology tests caused by the bearer of the Brahmir Statue (or any unit they are with) on any unit from Warhammer: Beastmen or Warhammer: Warriors of Chaos are taken with a -3 Leadership penalty.

Jade Lion(Enchanted Item)15 points

In far Cathay, the Jade Lions are revered for their courage and level-headedness. Occasionally an Ogre may be found carrying the likeness of one of these as an amulet, and they still contain some of their power, although showing cowardice will cause the magic to depart.

The bearer of the Jade Lion and any unit they are with may re-roll any failed Psychology tests. If the unit flees for any reason, this benefit is lost for the remainder of the game.

Fistful Of Laurels(Enchanted Item)5 points

Ogres don't really believe in declaring their leadership qualities by making such trinkets, but that doesn't mean they are above taking them from the bodies of their prey...

One use only. The model with the Fistful of Laurels and any unit they are with may re-roll their first failed Break Test in the game using 3D6 and discard the highest result.

Rock Eye(Enchanted Item)5 points

An Ogre with a Rock Eye has cast one of his own eyes into the Great Maw and replaced it with a rough pebble taken from the grounds around the vast pit. So the rock doesn't fall out, an Ogre will choose a large one and hammer it into place. Once properly fitted, the bearer gains a second sight - able to focus his stony gaze and glimpse into the unknown, seeing that which can't be seen.

At the beginning of each Ogre turn, pick one unit in the line of sight of the bearer of the Rock Eye. The opposing player must announce the presence of all Magic Items, Hidden models and the like that unit might have.

Magic Standards

Cannibal Totem(Magic Standard)25 points

The Cannibal Totem is blessed by the Great Maw and bestows power on those who would devour the strong under the eye of their god.

If the unit carrying the Cannibal Totem is in base contact with an enemy Troop Type with the same or higher Unit Strength as them, all models in the unit re-roll failed To Hit and To Wound rolls in the first round of that combat. However, they may not Overrun and must Pursue the enemy if possible.

Bull Standard(Magic Standard)15 points

The Bull Standard is crowned with a massive gut-plate bearing huge curved horns. It lends the strength of a charging Rhinox to the Ogres that march under it to battle.

A unit carrying the Bull Standard re-roll failed To Wound rolls for their Impact Hits.

Ragbanner(Magic Standard)15 points

The Ragbanner's name belies the esteem in which it is held, for it is a crude patchwork of banners taken from every one of the mortal races that tribe has encountered and subsequently had for dinner.

The unit carrying the Ragbanner rolls 3D6 when taking Panic tests and discards the highest result.

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