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Magic Items Expansion (Orcs & Goblins)
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Magic Weapons

Warboss Ironclaw's Waaagh! Cleava(Magic Weapon)60 points

One of thousands of blades from Gorbad Ironclaw's trophy pile, this sword has been "improved' countless times by Orcish blacksmiths. At its core is a barely tarnished blade that will never lose its edge, as is the case with the most exquisite Dwarven craftsmanship.

Common Orcs only. All hits from Warboss Ironclaw's Waaagh! Cleava Wound automatically with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule.

Basha's Bloodaxe(Magic Weapon)50 points

Every Orc who has come to wield this axe has been overwhelmed with an incredible (and to Orcs, wholly admirable) bloodlust that can only be quenched by the wielder's death.

Common Orcs on foot only. The wielder of Basha's Bloodaxe gains the Frenzy rule. However, they get +D6 Attacks (rolled before making their Attacks) rather than +1 and can never lose their Frenzy.

Shaga's Screaming Sword(Magic Weapon)50 points

This blade has a curious enchantment that seems to empower the wielder in a manner proportional to the volume of insults he shouts at his foes.

Shaga's Screaming Sword gives the wielder +1 Strength and +1 Attack for each enemy character model within 12".

Fumpa's Club of Fumpin'(Magic Weapon)35 points

Since the dawn of last Thursday, Fumpa's club has been the traditional symbol of leadership among the Blacknose tribe. of course, to start with there were a few who didn't see it that way, but they've all since been, er, convinced.

Fumpa's Club of Fumpin' gives the wielder +1 Strength and the Quell Animosity special rule.

Basha's Big Axe of the Bashin'(Magic Weapon)30 points

This legendary axe is all that is left of the once mighty Basha, Warboss of the Iron Skullz, after he stood rather too close to a drunken giant at the Battle of Grim's Crag.

Basha's Big Axe of Bashin' gives wielder +1 Strength and Attacks.

Kleeva's Cleaver of Cleavage(Magic Weapon)30 points

Even for a simple instrument of hacking, Kleeva's Cleaver is a brutal looking weapon.

All hits with Kleeva's Cleaver of Cleavage Wound automatically. Armour saves are modified by the Strength of the bearer.

Martog's Best Basha(Magic Weapon)30 points

Old Warboss Martog the Mauler had a vast collection of weapons - most of which were stolen from other owners. His most favouritist of all was a massive Dwarven axe, heavy with runes and (since Martog's possession of it) Dwarven blood.

Martog's Best Basha gives the wielder +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength and +1 Initiative.

Sneaky Skewerer(Magic Weapon)30 points

Though crude enough to be readily recognisable as being born of Goblin craftsmanship, this sword has an unerring ability to find the vulnerable spot.

Goblins (of any type) only. The Sneaky Skewerer gives the wielder +1 To Hit and the Killing Blow special rule.

Duffa's Club of Duffin'(Magic Weapon)25 points

Duffa was Wollapa's sidekick until he was eaten by a squig. Waking up inside the Squig's stomach was a bit of a shock and although he fought his way out he was never quite the same afterwards. It is said this club retains some of his frenzy to escape even now.

Duffa's Club of Duffin' gives the wielder +3 Attacks in the first round of close combat.

Hacka's Sword of Hackin'(Magic Weapon)25 points

It was said, mostly by Hacka, that he fought alongside Azhag, and was the one who first proclaimed him 'the Slaughterer'. He also mentioned single-handedly killing Sigmar and being a drinking buddy of Gork (or possibly Mork). Whatever the truth, Hacka acquired this slender and rather Elven looking sword from somewhere strange and nobody ever felt much like asking where. Not after the last time, anyway.

Hacka's Sword of Hackin' makes the wielder always Hit any opponent on roll of a 2+.

Krumpa's Club of Crumpin'(Magic Weapon)25 points

This sacred weapon has been passed dozen the generations for more years than an Orc can count. Handed down from Boss Orc to Bigger-Orc-that.could-take-it-off-him, this rather well-worn, spiky club punches through armour with no problem.

Porko's Pigstikka(Magic Weapon)25 points

Most of the many spears that have been used by Porko's Boar Boyz lie shattered on the battlefields of the Old World, but not this one. In battle the gleaming point of the Pigstikka pierces enemy armour with ease, skewering several foes with one strike; "ready for later" as Porka used to say, referring to the traditional after-battle barbecue.

Orcs (of any type) only. Mounted characters only. Spear. On any turn that they charge, Porko's Pigstikka gives the wielder +1 Attack for each rank that the unit they are attacking has.

Ulag's Ak'rit Axe(Magic Weapon)25 points

This axe looks suspiciously clean for a greenskin item, which gives away its magical nature. In battle it writhes in the hands, seeming always to have a better idea than the wielder of how to hit the enemy.

Ulag's Ak'rit Axes allows the wielder to re-roll any failed To Hit rolls.

Kurbog's Curmudgeonly Clobbera(Magic Weapon)20 points

The spite and lust for vengeance that oozes from this weapon leaves those struck by it utterly dumbstruck and unwilling to attack lest they incur its wrath once more.

Any model Wounded (but not slain) by Kurbog's Curmudgeonly Clobbera may not attack this close combat phase. If they have already attacked this close combat phase, they may not attack in the next close combat phase.

Backstabber's Blade(Magic Weapon)15 points

Whilst Orcs are happy to fight anyone, anywhere, anywhen, Goblins are much happier if they can wait until their target is facing the other way.

Goblins (of any type) only. The Backstabber's Blade gives the wielder the Poisoned Attacks special rule. In addition, they get +1 Strength if they attack the enemy to their flank, or +2 Strength if they attack the enemy in their rear.

Lucky's Dirk(Magic Weapon)10 points

An unusual magic is bound into this blade, growing stronger the more magical items there are nearby.

Goblins (of any type) only. Lucky's Dirk gives the wielder +1 Strength for each enemy Magic Item in base contact.

Sword of Bork(Magic Weapon)10 points

Though gnarled and bitten with centuries of fighting, the magic of the Sword of Bork is still effective and its serrated edge glints with power. Orcs will follow any leader who carries the sword.

Any unit joined by the bearer of the Sword of Bork that fails their Animosity test may roll 2D6 on the Animosity Table and discard the lowest result.

Wollopa's One Hit Wunda (Magic Weapon)10 points

Around the campfire, after the Orcs have drank too much fungus beer to clout them, the Gobbos will talk in hushed tones of the rebellious Wollapa, of his tremendous weapon and his even more tremendous ability to outrun even the fastest boar when he missed his target (which happened more often than not).

One use only. Wollopa's One Hit Wunda may be used at the start of any close combat phase when it is the wielder's turn to attack. The wielder may replace all their normal Attacks with a special attack that is resolved at +3 Strength with the Heroic Killing Blow special rule.

Owzat's Club of Smackin'(Magic Weapon)5 points

Owzat was an unpredictable warrior, keen to experiment with new and better ways to beat up his many enemies. Usually these went disastrously wrong for Owzat, but once in a while...

An Infantry Character model which suffers an unsaved Wound (but is not slain) by Owzat's Club of Smackin' is immediately knocked clean out of combat and suffers a Strength 4 Hit. Move the model D6" backwards, stopping at least 1" away from other units or impassable terrain.

Magic Armour

Ironskin Shield(Magic Armour)35 points

This ancient iron-bound shield is rusty and battered, but its experience in battle gives the bearer much protection.

Armour of Mork(Magic Armour)25 points

Armour made with the aid of a Shaman (as one of the ingredients) is a strong defence against enemy magic.

Armour of Protectyness(Magic Armour)25 points

It's not often that Gobbos get to name magic items, and this is the reason why. The Armour of Protectyness was quenched in the blood of a Troll and has gained some of its regenerative powers.

Drog's Dead 'ard Armour(Magic Armour)25 points

Drog was one of the first Black Orcs to be seen to the west of the World's Edge Mountains, and his battle-scarred armour was made to an unusual design by unknown hands.

Nobbla's 'Elmet(Magic Armour)20 points

Given that it was made by Goblins, Nobbla's 'Elmer is a fantastic piece of workmanship - given that it was made by Goblins.

Ugbrag's Lucky Shield(Magic Armour)20 points

Ugbrag had this shield made for him by a captured Dwarf smith, but the smith "forgot" to tell him that the enchantment only worked once in each battle...

Shield. Ugbrag's Lucky Shield enables the wearer to ignore the first Wounding Hit (after saves) suffered in the game.

Spiteful Shield(Magic Armour)10 points

This shield has razor-sharp teeth that snap and bite against unwary foes, making its bearer noticeably more dangerous and amused in equal measure.

Shield. For each To Hit roll of a 1 against the bearer in close combat, the Spiteful Shield inflicts a Strength 5 Hit against the model that struck the blow.


Amulet of Protectyness (Talisman)25 points

The best form of attack is defence, and the best form of defence is the kind you can 'borrow' from your opponent, particularly if it's better than yours.

Whenever the bearer of the Amulet of Protectyness suffers a Wound, they count as having the same armour and Ward save as the model that caused the Wound.

Sizzla's Shiny Baubles(Talisman)25 points

Sizzle was one of the less lucky Orc Shamans of Azhag's army and was turned to amethyst by an Empire Battle Wizard at the Battle of Osterwald. All that survived the transformation was a small pouch containing Sizzki's most treasured possessions: his Shiny Baubles.

Sizzla's Shiny Baubles can be used against any successfully cast enemy spell that targets the bearer or the unit they are with. Roll a D6; on 1-3 nothing happens; on a 4+ the spell is reflected back at the caster and their unit and affects them instead, following all the normal rules for the spell. The original caster may then attempt to dispel their own spell using any remaining power dice.

Originally this rune-encrusted and rather squashed looking helmet belonged to a Dwarf king, or so legend tells. Although it is a boon in combat it is far from infallible, as its change in ownership attests.

Warboss Umm's Best Big Boss's 'At gives the wearer the Ward Save (4+) special rule. However, if the wearer fails its Ward save at any point, it will no longer have any effect from the start of the next player turn.

Magical Warpaint(Talisman)15 points

Some of the more reclusive, and frequently madder, Savage Orc Shamans know the secret of preparing magical warpaint that is much more effective than the coloured mud that the warriors usually daub themselves with.

Savage Orcs only. The wearer of the Magical Warpaint may re-roll failed Ward Saves.

Glowy Green Amulet(Talisman)10 points

As it absorbs the force of incoming spells, this small and unimposing amulet begins to glow ever more brightly. To most creatures this might be seen as a warning, but not to the Orcs who regard it as increasingly interesting. Eventually the power will be too much and it will burst, immolating the bearer, though the amulet itself will be unharmed.

Instead of making a normal dispel attempt, the wearer of the Glowy Green Amulet may attempt to nullify any enemy spell cast at the bearer or the unit they are with by a rolling a number of dice equal to the number of dice used to cast the spell. As long as no 1's are rolled, the spell is dispelled. However, if one or more 1's are rolled, the spell gets through as the Amulet overloads and explodes, killing the wearer outright (with no saves of any kind allowed).

Arcane Items

Staff of Sneaky Stealin'(Arcane Item)50 points

Goblins are well known for their ability to treat other people's property as their own and this generous trait even extends to magical power - as the seemingly Dwarfen workmanship of this staff would attest.

Goblins (of any type) only. At the start of each of your Magic phases, the Staff of Sneaky Stealin' allows you to remove one dice from the opponent's Dispel dice pool and add it to your own Power dice pool.

Idol of Mork(Arcane Item)30 points

Mork loves nothing so as seeing Orcs smashing their foes to the ground in a bloody melee. It is no surprise therefore that this Idol channels extra power to its bearer when the Waaagh! is breaking heads, and dissipates it when the greenskins are in retreat.

Orcs (of any type) only. At the start of your magic phase, the Idol of Mork adds one power dice to your power pool for every friendly Orc unit (any type) with 10 or more Unit Strength in combat within 24" if the bearer. However, it removes one power dice from your power pool for every friendly fleeing Orc (any type) with 10 or more Unit Strength unit within 24" of the bearer.

Dangly Wotnotz(Arcane Item)25 points

This necklace made up of gnarled and splintered teeth, bits of broken hone and shattered beads is riddled with sorcerous power.

One use only. When casting a spell, the bearer of the Dangly Wotnotz may use it to add +1 to the result of one of the dice rolled. This may cause Ultimate Power or prevent a Miscast.

Ditto's Double Doin' Doodahs(Arcane Item)25 points

Rumour has it that the aged and half-blind Ditto wasn't a very successful Shaman and had to cast everything twice to make it work. At least, work on the right target.

The bearer of Ditto's Double Doin' Doodahs may choose to attempt to cast one of their spells twice per Magic phase.

Buzgob's Knobbly Staff(Arcane Item)20 points

One day Buzgob the Orc Shaman went into the Great Green and never came back, leaving only his staff behind. Tradition has it that his spirit lives on and can aid other Shamans who carry his knobbly staff.

Buzgob's Knobbly Staff allows the wielder to re-roll all power dice used to cast a spell once per Magic phase (before rolling any Ultimate Power dice). This cannot be used if a miscast is rolled.

Staff of Baduum(Arcane Item)15 points

Shaman Baduum was a rebellious Savage Orc who messed with raw Waaagh! power once more than was healthy for him. The result was one of the most spectacular explosions of a Shaman ever recorded in Orc legend. His charred staff still retains an aura of power.

The Staff of Baduum gives the bearer a +1 bonus to the result of their spell casting attempts. However, in case a Miscast is rolled, add 1 to the result rolled on the Miscast table.

Waaagh! Paint(Arcane Item)15 points

The crude Orc glyphs with which the Shaman has covered his holy body call upon the favour of Gork and Mork but only bestow aid upon the Shaman when wetted with blood.

Savage Orc only. If the wearer of the Waaagh! Paint is in close combat at the start of your Magic phase, they receive +2 to the result of their spell casting attempts.

Enchanted Items

The Pipes of Doom(Enchanted Item)35 points

A particularly fearsome set of squig-pipes, the ululating scream they emit when played can put cavalry to flight in a desperate attempt to escape the awful wail.

Bigged's 'Ed Kickin' Boots(Enchanted Item)30 points

Bigged - an old and boastful Orc - made his last boast in front of an Empire cannon. Only his boots were recovered - though his vengeful spirit (and the odour of his feet) lingers on in iron-shod unpleasantness.

Orcs (of any type) on foot only. The wearer of Bigged's 'Ed Kickin' Boots gains the Stomp special rule.

Ironback Boar(Enchanted Item)30 points

A bizarre mechanical contraption created by Chaos Dwarf engineers, an Ironback Boar weighs even more than its living cousins and is just as evil-tempered.

Common Orcs and Black Orcs only. War Boar. The Ironback Boar has Strength 4 and the Impact Hits (D3) special rule.

'Eadbuttin' 'At(Enchanted Item)25 points

'Eadbuttin' contests are an old Orc favourite for resolving disputes, and the greenskins aren't above a bit of magical cheating to help them win.

Orcs (of any type) only. The 'Eadbuttin' 'At gives the wearer +1 Attack with the Always Strikes First and Killing Blow special rules in challenges. This attack does not benefit from any other weapon rules the wearer might have.

Effigy of Mork(Enchanted Item)25 points

This ancient and slightly crumbly statue of Mork was formed from his own dung (or so they say) in some distant age, though it has undoubtedly received several home-grown additions in more recent times. It has been credited with many different magical effects over the years, but whatever its power enemy warriors with a sense of smell recoil from its intense Orcyness.

Savage Orcs only. All close combat attacks made against the bearer of the Effigy of Mork suffer -1 To Hit.

Tricksy Trinket(Enchanted Item)25 points

If there's anything Goblins hate more than a fair fight, it's a fair fight where the other guy has some kind of magic wotnotz shielding him from a perfectly acceptable stab in the back. The bearer of this trinket finds no trouble bypassing such protection.

Goblins (of any type) only. No units in base contact with the wearer of the Tricksy Trinket may take normal Ward Saves (Dodge, Regeneration and Parry are unaffected).

Mad Cap Mushrooms(Enchanted Item)20 points

Many kinds of fungus grow in the dark, dank caves of the Night Goblins, including the rare and treasured Mad Cap Mushrooms. These form part of the deadly brew that sends the Fanatics wild, but only a small part. If they get a whole one each they go really mad...

Night Goblins only. One use only. If the model bearing the Mad Cap Mushrooms is in a unit containing one or more Night Goblin Fanatics, they may choose to give them each Mad Cap Mushroom before they are released. Each Fanatic from this unit inflicts an additional D6 Hits on any unit they move into base contact with this turn.

Nibbla's 'Itty Ring(Enchanted Item)20 points

This crudely made gold ring has a huge green gemstone stuck to the top and glows even in full daylight. It is possible to harness the power within the ring to call upon the favour of Gork and Mork, but it is not always safe to do so...

Bound Spell, Power Level 4. Nibbla's 'Itty Ring contains the 'Eadbutt spell from the Spells of da Big Waaagh! Roll a D6 each time it has successfully been cast; on the roll of a 1, the spell is resolved against the caster itself.

Warboss Imbad's Iron Gnashas(Enchanted Item)20 points

A huge metal jaw plate that belonged to the infamous Imbad. Such is the excessive bloodlust displayed by any Orc who dons this artefact, many believe that Imbad's psychotic spirit lives on within, urging the wearer on.

Common Orcs and Black Orcs only. The model wearing Imbad's Iron Gnashas gains +1 Attack with the Killing Blow special rule. This attack does not benefit from any other weapon rules the wearer might have.

Brimstone Bauble(Enchanted Item)15 points

Originally taken from the charred corpse of a Dark Elf corsair, this gemstone unleashes furious magical energy on anyone foolish enough to strike its bearer.

Goblins only. If the bearer of the Brimstone Bauble is slain in close combat, all units (friends and foe) in base contact suffer D6 Strength 6 Hits, distributed as Hits from shooting. Any Wounds caused count towards combat resolution.

Guzzla's Battle Brew(Enchanted Item)15 points

Brewed with dangerously narcotic mushrooms and all manner of other, less identifiable, ingredients, this pungent liquid can rouse a Greenskin to prodigious feats, or rot his innards into an unmentionable state.

Roll a D6 for the bearer of Guzzla's Battle Brew at the start of the game and consult the table below to see what effect it has:




The model gains the Stupidity special rule.


The model gains the Hatred special rule.


The model gains the Hatred and Frenzy special rules.

Maad's Map(Enchanted Item)15 points

A Goblin explorer without peer, Maad discovered many uncharted passes through the Worlds Edge Mountains - sometimes the same one several times in a single day. When utilised, this map can either improve one's skill as a scout, or get you lost.

Model on foot only. Before deployment, roll a D6. On 4+, the bearer of Maad's Map and one unit they must join gains the Scouts special rule. On a 1-3, the unit has gotten lost and gains the Ambushers special rule instead.

Magic Standards

Gork's Waaagh! Banner(Magic Standard)50 points

On the eve of battle the Greenskin shamans invoke the spirit of the great god Gork before the tribe's mighty Waaagh! banner. The banner is liberally daubed with vast quantities of Orc dung, blood and spittle which will serve to absorb the battle-thirst of Gork. The shamans whirl and dance insanely; howling and gabbling in spirit-talk all night long as the Waaagh! banner slowly grows in power. It also acquires a unique odour which is an unmistakable mark of tribal recognition. As the ladz stride beneath Gork's own war banner their hearts swell with pride. When they charge they launch themselves upon the foe with deadly vigour, tearing and rending at their helpless enemy.

Orcs (of any type) only. The unit carrying Gork's Waaagh! Banner adds D6" to its charge distance. If the charge is failed, the unit will move forward its normal failed charge distance.

Rowdy Grott's Big Red Raggedy Banner(Magic Standard)35 points

The big, red raggedy banner belonged to the rabble rousing Rowdy Grott. Rowdy was an uppity Orc runtling who led a revolt of grotty Gobbos, Snots and litl'uns against his biggers and betters.

Common Goblins only. All Common Goblins within 12" of Rowdy Grott's Big Red Raggedy Banner may roll 3D6 for their Break Tests and Panic tests and discard the highest result.

Guff's Flag(Magic Standard)25 points

The lads that fight under the proud banner of Guff do not quail in the face of defeat nor slacken their resolve when all about them run for the hills. Or so they say anyway. Some say this is because the flatulent Guff was such a valiant fighter, others that the lingering smell of the banner simply addles the brain.

Nogg's Banner of Butchery(Magic Standard)25 points

Nogg's notorious Banner of Butchery has been around so long it has absorbed a great deal of primal Orcishness as well as huge quantities of blood.

One use only. Nogg's Banner of Butchery may be used at the start of any close combat phase. All models in the unit (except mounts) carrying the Banner of Butchery gain +1 Attack for the remainder of the close combat phase.

The Evil Sun Banner(Magic Standard)15 points

Troops carrying the Evil Sun Banner are guided carefully by its strong magic, turning aside any thoughts of petty vengeance and dissension.

The unit carrying the Evil Sun Banner may re-roll any failed Animosity tests.

The Bashin' Flag of Bork(Magic Standard)10 points

Once carried beside Savage Orc Warchief Bork Crazy-Bear at the infamous Blood River massacre and barbecue. A little of the old chief's legendary savagery lingers on in the blood-soaked fabric. His ancient spirit drives the greenies onwards and in their eagerness to get at their enemies they forget about attacking each other... for a while at least.

The carrying the Bashin' Flag of Bork ignores their first failed Animosity roll of the game - it passes the test instead.

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