Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Items Expansion (Skaven)
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Magic Weapons

Desolate Blade(Magic Weapon)30 points

This ancient weapon is imbued with dark power and glows with a pulsing green light.

The Desolate Blade gives the wielder +1 Strength and allows them to re-roll all failed rolls To Wound.

Blade of Black Fury(Magic Weapon)25 points

A Skaven wielding this is invigorated with sorcerous energy that pulses through his body.

The Blade of Black Fury gives wielder +2 Initiative and +1 Attack.

Languisher Sword(Magic Weapon)25 points

The Languisher Sword is a blade forged from broken shards according to a wasting dream recited by a sorcerer. It causes all opponents to become weak and sluggish when fighting the wielder.

The Languisher Sword causes all enemy models in base contact with the wielder to be subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule.

Cursed Blade of Delirium(Magic Weapon)20 points

Enemies fighting the bearer of this maddening weapon become confused and befuddled, making it hard for them to strike back.

The Cursed Blade of Delirium causes all enemy models attempting to strike the wielder in close combat to suffer -1 To Hit.

Headsplitter(Magic Weapon)20 points

The twisted runes on this sling guide its bullets invariably toward the eyes, throat or any other weak spot in the hide of huge and very tough monsters.

Clan Eschin only. Sling. Against models with Toughness 5 or more, Headsplitter automatically Wounds on the roll of 2+ with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule. This item may be taken by models that are not normally allowed to take slings.

Magic Armour

Shield of Distraction(Magic Armour)30 points

Grimy and ill-kept, this shield bears tainted hides, grisly trophies, or runes that are painful to look upon. It emphasises a natural trait in Skaven nature.

Shield. The Shield of Distraction causes all enemies in base contact with the bearer to suffer -1 Attack.


Tenebrous Cloak(Talisman)30 points

This grey cloak is made of spider-silk, magically moulded into its shifting form. It swims around the wearer with a life of its own, concealing him from view and turning aside arrows and hostile magic.

The crown is crafted from sharp barbs of corroded and tangled metal that push their way deep into the skull of the wearer, sending dark, invigorating energy through his body.

The Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat gives the wearer the Regeneration (4+) special rule.

Rival Hide Talisman(Talisman)25 points

Wearing the stitched together hides of enemies slain through treachery is believed to attract the favour of the Great Horned Rat. It also smells like victory.

The Rival Hide Talisman forces all enemies attempting to strike the wearer in close combat to re-roll successful rolls To Hit.

Shadow Magnet Trinket(Talisman)25 points

Some warpstone-contaminated veins of ore develop the strange property of absorbing light, thus a radius of shadowy darkness forms around the metal.

All missile attacks targeted at the bearer of the Shadow Magnet Trinket or the unit they are with suffer -1 To Hit.

Ring of Darkness (Skaven)(Talisman)15 points

The bearer of this ring creates an area of almost impenetrable darkness when gazed upon by a creature that makes use of magical sight.

The Ring of Darkness gives the wearer the Magic Resistance (1) special rule. In addition, if a spell or magic item that would normally force the wearer and any unit they are with to reveal any Magic Items or Hidden models, they only need to reveal the Ring of Darkness.

Warpscale Pendant(Talisman)15 points

Crafted with the deformed scales of a Warpfire Dragon, the eerily worked talismans are the product not of twisted Skaven ingenuity as some suspect but rather of some unseen agency believed to be connected to the ruling cabals of the Tilean cities-states. Ensorcelled to protect the wearer against weapons fuelled by warpstone, many Skaven wizards covet such items as a measure against assassination by their own kind - though the fear Warpfire Dragons cause amongst the warpstone-laden holds of the Skaven keeps them rare.

Arcane Items

Warpstorm Scroll(Arcane Item)25 points

As the words of this scroll are read aloud, the sky darkens, lightning charging the air with electricity.

Bound Spell, Power Level 5. One use only. The Warpstorm Scroll contains a direct damage spell that targets all units with the Fly special rule within 24". The target units suffer D6 Strength 6 Hits with the Lightning Attacks special rule.

Eye of the Horned Rat(Arcane Item)15 points

The Eye is imbued with warpstone energy which can be channelled by the bearer by holding the stone firmly to his head.

The Eye of the Horned Rat may be used at the start of your Magic Phase. Roll a D6, on a 2+, add one dice to your power dice pool. On 1, remove one dice from your power dice pool.

Scrying Stone(Arcane Item)10 points

An orb made of the polished gallstones from the dreaded Blindwyrm of the underworld with a chunk of warpstone at its heart is said to be able to glimpse the future. At least on occasion, it seems to be true!

One use only. The bearer of the Scrying Stone gains a Ward Save (2+) against their first Wounding Hit suffered. However, if this Wound is saved the model gains the Stupidity rule for the remainder of the game in their next turn as they await further helpful instructions from the mysterious globe.

Enchanted Items

Pipes of Piebald(Enchanted Item)25 points

When Warlock Engineer Skrrik Piebald attempted to build a death-ray he failed miserably, but instead succeeded in creating a helmet that allowed a minor form of mind control. Sometimes. Thrumming and hypnotising vibrations rise out of the pipes atop the odd device, mesmerising all within range.

All enemies within 12" of the bearer of the Pipes of Piebald are subject to the Stupidity special rule.

Portents of Verminous Doom(Enchanted Item)20 points

Portents of Doom take many forms, although most often they are back-banners festooned with the skulls of the enemy, clan symbols, and runes of the Horned Rat.

The Portents of Verminous Doom give the bearer the Fear special rule.

Warpstone Charm(Enchanted Item)10 points

Jewels of pure warpstone are often worn by wealthy Skaven as lucky charms.

One use only. The Warpstone Charm allows the bearer to re-roll any one single dice roll that directly affects them.

Magic Standards

Umbranner(Magic Standard)35 points

A writhing black cloud hangs over the unit bearing the Umbranner, turning arrows in mid-flight away from their intended targets.

The unit carrying the Umbranner gains the Ward Save (4+) special rule against non-magical missiles with Strength 4 or less.

Grand Banner of Clan Superiority(Magic Standard)30 points

These banners take as many forms as there are Warlord clans. Some are colossal totem-like trophy racks of enemy skulls, others rune-etched hide, or ragged shrouds magically emblazoned with clan signs.

The unit carrying the Grand Banner of Clan Superiority gains +D3 combat resolution bonus if they have more ranks than each enemy unit in base contact.

Banner of Burning Hatred(Magic Standard)25 points

This banner of flayed skin is covered in the powerful runes of the Skaven deity.

The unit carrying the Banner of Burning Hatred gains the Hatred special rule.

Shroud of Dripping Death(Magic Standard)25 points

This horrid banner seems little more than a rag on a totem pole, yet closer inspection reveals foul stains that drip and splash as the bearer moves. The whole of the vile hide throbs, oozing a greenish tinted fluid...

Clan Pestilens only. The Shroud of Dripping Death causes all enemy models in base contact with the unit carrying it to suffer a Strength 2 Hit which Ignores Armour Saves at the start of every Close Combat phase.

Banner of the Under-Empire(Magic Standard)20 points

A brown tide of rats scurries along with the unit bearing this unholy icon of the Great Horned Rat.

The Banner of the Under-Empire causes all enemy units in base contact with the unit carrying it to suffer 3D6 Strength 1 Hits at the start of every Close Combat phase.

Dwarf-hide Banner(Magic Standard)20 points

These banners are an affront to the eyes (and noses) of any Dwarf. They are made from Dwarf-skin soaked in warp-infused urine decorated with scalped beards.

The unit carrying the Dwarf-Hide Banner gains the Hatred special rule against all units from Warhammer: Dwarfs.

Banner of the Swarm(Magic Standard)15 points

This rotting banner deludes the enemy into thinking that they are being overwhelmed by a chittering horde of untold numbers.

The unit carrying the Banner of the Swarm gains +2 to their combat resolution bonus from outnumbering their enemies, rather than +1.

Banner of the Four Black Winds(Magic Standard)10 points

Magical winds howl around this dark, tattered banner, forcing flying creatures to the ground.

Enemies cannot use the Fly special rule to charge the unit carrying the Banner of the Four Black Winds.

Banner of Verminous Scurrying(Magic Standard)10 points

Rituals of skittering urgency allow this banner to deliver a surge of energy to the unit carrying it.

The unit carrying the Banner of Verminous Scurrying can march three times their Movement value. However, if they do so, the unit suffers 2D6 Strength 3 Hits with no saves allowed after making their March move.

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