Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Items Expansion (The Empire)
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Magic Weapons

Sword of Sigismund(Magic Weapon)40 points

This sword, wielded in the crusades by the Grand Master of the Knights Panther, once belonged to Emperor Sigismund and has been passed down through all the Princes of Altdorf since then.

Daemonslayer Blade(Magic Weapon)35 points

A Daemonslayer Blade is enchanted against Daemons. Its touch sears their flesh and causes agonising Wounds.

Against models with the Daemonic special rule, all attacks made with the Daemonslayer Blade gain +1 To Wound with the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.

Spear of the Hierophant(Magic Weapon)35 points

This silver-headed spear was forged in the Pyramid of Light during the Great War Against Chaos. Blucher, the captain of Magnus the Pious' personal guard, carried it into battle, where the spear proved most effective against Daemons. When the war was won, Blucher returned to his home village and a hero's welcome.

Spear. Against models with the Daemonic special rule, all attacks made with the Spear of the Hierophant gain +1 Strength and any successful Ward Saves must be re-rolled.

Sword of Fate(Magic Weapon)35 points

The blade of this enchanted weapon was forged beneath a spiteful moon and has been enchanted with bitter tears to be the undoing of one specific foe.

Sword of Power(Magic Weapon)35 points

Forged from the hardest star metal, the wielder of this weapon is bestowed with supernatural strength, his every blow is able to smash through the thickest of armour with ease.

Sword of Righteous Steel(Magic Weapon)30 points

Swords made of the purest steel can be blessed by a priest of Sigmar to greatly enhance the fighting skills of their wielder. Each swift blow seeks out the enemy's vitals and is almost impossible to parry.

The Sword of Righteous Steel makes the wielder always Hit any opponent on roll of a 2+. In addition, any successful Parry saves must be rerolled.

Blessed Sword(Magic Weapon)20 points

A blade of purest meteoric iron mixed with ground diamonds and carrying the blessing of a Dwarf Runepriest. Such weapons are made under the supervision of Dwarf smiths in lands throughout the Old World. It makes the wielder a superior fighter to virtually any opponent they are likely to encounter and can hit their foes more easily.

All failed To Hit rolls made with the Blessed Sword may be re-rolled.

Cold Iron Blade(Magic Weapon)20 points

Ancient lore claims that only iron weapon shaped without the use of fire can harm the spirits that infest certain regions of the world. Only the strongest of smiths can perform such a feat, hammering the metal into shape with brute strength before such artefacts are enchanted. Though the results are always crudely shaped, their potency against ephemeral creatures is unquestionable.

The Cold Iron Blade gives +1 Strength to the wielder. Against models with the Ethereal special rule, it automatically Wounds.

The Griffon Claw(Magic Weapon)20 points

The Griffon Claw is an exquisite weapon. It has a slender Dwarfen forged gromril blade with a hilt fashioned to look like a claw. The weapon has a keen intelligence, moving on its own accord to strike its opponent's more vulnerable spots. Griffon Claws, of which there are but a few, are awarded to the best swordsmen in the Empire, and warriors who gain these weapons are loath to part with them, passing them down, generation after generation.

The Griffon Claw gives the model +1 To Hit in close combat as well as the Armour Piercing (1) special rule.

Hammer of Judgement(Magic Weapon)20 points

This mighty hammer was said to have been carried into battle by Frederick the Bold, great-grandfather of Emperor Karl Franz. Its mighty strikes not only crush flesh and bone, but evil spirits are cast to ruin as well.

Models hit by the Hammer of Judgement must take a Toughness test for every Hit suffered. If the test is failed, the Hit Wounds automatically with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule. If the test is passed, roll to Wound and take armour saves as normal.

Wyrmslayer Sword(Magic Weapon)10 points

The blade of Ulfdar the Berserker, who fought alongside Sigmar at Black Fire Pass, the Wyrmslayer Sword has been the doom of many a monster that has menaced the Empire.

The Wyrmslayer Sword makes the wielder Wound on a 4+ or better, and ignores Natural Armour.

Magic Armour

Armour of Tarnus(Magic Armour)35 points

This armour was worn by the warrior wizard Frederick von Tarnus. Such was the power invested in the armour's forging that von Tarnus' own magic was unaffected by its protection.

Light armour. The Armour of Tarnus gives the wearer a Ward Save (5+). In addition, this armour can be chosen by Wizards even though they are not normally allowed to wear armour.

Shield of the Medusa(Magic Armour)15 points

The image on this shield represents the head of a Medusa, a hideous monster said to dwell in the harsh lands of Naggaroth. Enemies try to avoid its gaze, for the eyes of a Medusa are rumoured to turn living creatures to stone.

Shield. At the start of each round of close combat, the Shield of the Medusa causes one enemy model in base contact of your choosing to suffer a -1 penalty to their Attack characteristic for the remainder of the close combat phase.


After killers failed to assassinate the Emperor in 1499 IC, a merchant from distant Cathay presented the monarch with this amulet. It was a small disk of copper carved with strange sigils. While the Emperor gratefully accepted the item, he had no love for magic or anything of the sort, and so, he promptly had the merchant executed and ordered the Amulet destroyed. But the guard tasked with the duty kept it instead, selling it for a tankard of ale. It changed hands many times, finally resurfacing briefly during the Great War Against Chaos, when a Captain who, after a failed poisoning by a Cultist, noticed its change of colour when it came close to the poisoned wine. It was lost again shortly after the Captain was stabbed to death on the night following.

All enemy attacks targeting the model wearing the Amulet of Thrice-Blessed Copper suffer -1 To Wound. In addition, the bearer gains the Immunity (Poisoned Attacks) special rule.

Holy Relic(Talisman)25 points

The most famous holy relic in the Empire is the icon of Sigmar carried by the Arch Lector of Nuln, a token which is said to grant the bearer great fortitude.

The Crimson Amulet(Talisman)20 points

Originally possessed by a tribal chieftain at the time of Sigmar, legends say that the bearer of this rough-hewn pendant is capable of performing exceptional displays of strength and agility.

The Crimson Amulet gives the wearer the Ward Save (6+) special rule. In addition, they automatically pass any Characteristic tests they have to take.

Jade Amulet (The Empire)(Talisman)20 points

Many favoured priests of the Order of the Silver Hammer in the Sigmarite cult bear Jade Amulets. Most are ancient, and have been passed from priest to priest for centuries. It is believed that Jade Amulets contain fragments of the Jade Griffon, an artefact of extreme power and importance to the Sigmarite cult. They are typically carved into the shape of twin-tailed comets or a griffon claws, and some are permanently attached to intricately carved breastplates. Jade Amulets are occasionally presented by the Grand Theogonist as a reward for great services to the Empire and the Cult of Sigmar.

The Jade Amulet allows the wearer to ignore the first wounding Hit they suffer.

Sigil of Sigmar(Talisman)10 points

The symbol of Sigmar may take many forms such as a twin-tailed comet, hammer, crown or griffon. Regardless of form, each has the power to protect the wearer from the ravages of hostile magics.

The Sigil of Sigmar gives the bearer a Ward Save (4+) against all enemy spells.

Arcane Items

Grey Wand(Arcane Item)40 points

The Archmage Ptolos of the Grey College won this wand at the Battle of Blood Keep.

The Grey Wand gives the wielder a +D3 bonus to the result of their spell casting attempts.

Chalice of Fate(Arcane Item)30 points

This beautiful golden chalice was created by three mighty Empire Wizards, who enchanted it to attract the winds of magic. The chalice draws the winds of magic towards itself, allowing the bearer to control and channel the magical energy that swirls above the battlefield.

The Chalice of Fate allows the Wizard to re-roll failed Channelling rolls.

Seal of Destruction(Arcane Item)15 points

Seven of these seals were originally crafted under Elven tutelage, each capable of draining the knowledge of a spell from the mind of an enemy Wizard.

One use only. After the bearer of the Seal of Destruction manages to successfully dispel an enemy spell, they may choose to use the Seal. If they do so, roll a D6. On a 4+, the spell cannot be used by that Wizard for the rest of the game.

Crystal Ball(Arcane Item)5 points

Nothing is hidden from the inquisitive gaze of Wizards using this powerful scrying device.

The Crystal Ball allows the wearer to pick one enemy unit anywhere on table at the start of each of your turns. Your opponent must reveal all Magic Items, Hidden models and the like that unit might have.

Enchanted Items

Blessed Silver Hammer(Enchanted Item)30 points

Few unnatural creatures endure long in the presence of this relic.

Any enemy model with the Daemonic, Undead or Vampiric special rule in base contact suffers a Strength 4 Hit at the start of each round of close combat.

Doomfire Ring(Enchanted Item)30 points

Forged by the first Bright Wizards, the Doomfire Ring circulated among the Apprentice and Journeyman Wizards to better serve the Empire in the Great War Against Chaos. The Doomfire Ring, made of dark iron carved with arcane sigils and set with a cluster of flame rubies, contains a powerful spell that allows its master to cast fire upon his enemies.

Helsturm's Staff(Enchanted Item)30 points

Contrary to its name, Helsturm's Staff was never actually wielded by Johann Helsturm, the first Theogonist. Instead, it contains a fragment of his robes. It served as the symbol of office for almost a thousand years, but vanished during the upheavals following the Black Plague of 1111 IC. Once some semblance of stability was restored, the cult of Sigmar created a facsimile of the original to serve in its stead.

Arch Lector only. The model carrying Helsturm's Staff and any unit they join roll 3D6 for all their Leadership tests and discards the highest result.

Arabyan Windglass(Enchanted Item)25 points

By shattering the windglass, the bearer can upset the proper course of the Winds of Magic.

One use only. The bearer can use the Arabyan Windglass immediately after your opponent has rolled the dice for the Winds of Magic. If they do so, your opponent, must re-roll the result.

Icon of Magnus(Enchanted Item)20 points

The presence of this revered relic among their ranks fills the soldiers with faith and strengthens their resolve. They will fight on even against the most dreadful of enemies.

The Icon of Magnus gives the bearer and any unit they are with the Immunity (FearTerror) special rule.

Ring of St. Horst(Enchanted Item)20 points

St. Horst, who lived during in the century following the foundation of the Empire, was an early proponent of Sigmar's divinity. He walked the roads, preaching the words of the Heldenhammer and promoting the unity of the Empire. After many years of wandering, Horst came to Middenheim, the centre of the cult of Ulric, and proclaimed Sigmar's divinity. A riot ensued and Horst was slain. When the flesh had rotted away, the faithful of Ulric smashed his bones with their warhammers. It is said his remains were powdered so completely that only a single tooth survived. That tooth was recovered by one of Horst's followers, who encased it in a brass ring inscribed with a twin-tailed comet.

The model carrying the Ring of St. Horst and any unit they join may re-roll any failed Leadership test.

Skull Charm(Enchanted Item)20 points

Skulls are a popular device and charm for soldiers of the Empire, for everyone knows the soul resides in the head. And, what better way is there to learn from your enemies than to capture their spirits? Often little more than a reflection of a people's obsession with death, a few of these skulls become magical over time, enhanced by the concentration of belief and veneration of the people about them. Priests of Morr ritually enchant the skulls to improve the resolve and skill of the soldiers who use them. The most remarkable Skull Charms are those that retain the capacity for speech, offering good (or bad) advice to their owners. When such a Skull speaks, it is only to its owner.

At the start of the game, roll a D6 and consult the chart below to determine which effect the Skull Charm has on the wearer.

1-2+1 Weapon Skill
3-4+1 Leadership
5-6+1 Weapon Skill & Leadership

Boots of Bovva(Enchanted Item)15 points

Bovva was the apprentice of Rathnugg, the most famous boot maker of all time. Charged with cobbling a set of footwear suitable for a Count, Bovva worked hard to produce the finest boots of his career. He worked for two weeks, striving for both comfort and durability, believing he had achieved his life's work upon finishing. But when the Elector Count of Stirland saw the pair, he was unimpressed, believing Bovva was making a fool of him. The noble had poor Bovva hung from the shop's rafters and gave the boots to the stable boy, who had much success throughout the rest of his days.

Model on foot only. The model wearing the Boots of Boova gains the Stomp special rule, but it only inflicts D3 hits rather than D6.

The Powders of the Thrice-Damned Ossk(Enchanted Item)15 points

The bearer can cast these powders on the air when a wizard's plans go awry, transforming misfortune to disaster.

Witch Hunter only. One use only. The Powders may be used immediately when an enemy Wizard miscasts. The Wizard must roll twice on the Miscast Table, and you pick which result is used.

Reliquary of Lector Ostranald(Enchanted Item)15 points

This bone shard absorbs harmful sorceries, leaving potential victims unscathed.

Each time the bearer's unit suffers unsaved Wounds from a spell, the first D3 unsaved Wounds are absorbed by the Reliquary and have no effect (unsaved Wounds with the Multiple Wounds special rule still only counts as one).

Sanctified Shard of Lichebone(Enchanted Item)15 points

Ancient Necromancers can bypass the most stringent protections – as can those who bear their remains.

Witch Hunter only. No Ward Saves may be taken against close combat Attacks made by the bearer.

The Silver Horn(Enchanted Item)15 points

The Horn of Defiance is an elegant long and curved hunting horn which contains the magical energy of its maker, the great silversmith van Estregal. When blown, all who hear the horn's musical tones are filled with courage and empowered with a bitter defiance of the enemy.

Bound Spell, Power Level 3. The Silver Horn contains an augment spell that targets all fleeing friendly units within 24". The target units will automatically Rally.

Von Mecklenburg's Enchanted Shot(Enchanted Item)15 points

These arcane bullets burst into swirling energy when fired.

Witch Hunter only. Any shots fired from a missile weapon that the bearer carries have the Magical Attacks special rule and automatically Wounds.

Dazh's Flint(Enchanted Item)5 points

This odd wedge-shaped piece of volcanic rock was uncovered in the Dark Lands by Grugni Goldfinder - a famous Dwarf treasure hunter. He believed he found a tooth of Dazh, the Kislev God of Fire and the Sun, for it ignited whatever it touched. Dropping it into his pack, he travelled back to his home, but once he arrived and looked inside of his pack, he discovered to his dismay that the Flint had burned its way through his clothes, making a hole in the bottom of his pack. Though long lost, it is still highly sought by the Bright Wizards and word is, they'll pay a handsome reward for those who can safely bring it to them.

The Fang of Orska(Enchanted Item)5 points

The Kraken Orska ruled the seas for many hundreds of years – even now his remains hold power over other beasts.

Any Monster attempting to strike blows against the bearer must first pass a Leadership test or automatically forfeit any attacks directed against the bearer.

Sheen of Truesilver(Enchanted Item)5 points

Applied properly, truesilver can break the bindings that trammel a monster’s will.

At the end of any close combat in which a Monster suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from the bearer's close combat attacks, it must take a Toughness test for each such Wound inflict, and loses a Wound (with no saves allowed) for each test failed.

Magic Standards

Banner of Sigismund(Magic Standard)50 points

Emperor Sigismund, the hero of the Siege of Altdorf, held this banner aloft from the roof of his palace. It survived the siege and was never touched by the Orcish invaders - which is more than can be said for Sigismund.

The unit carrying the Banner of Sigismund gains the Stubborn special rule. If the unit is already Stubborn, they instead become Unbreakable.

Black Skull of the Caliph(Magic Standard)25 points

The Black Skull of the Caliph was enchanted with ash taken from the book pyres of the Caliph of Ka-Sabar, when he ordered the destruction of thousands of copies of Prince Abdul ben Raschid's forbidden Book of the Dead. A soldier later recovered it during the crusades into Araby during the 16th century. Deeply devoted to Morr, the young man claimed the Skull for his own, believing, the blackened bone with the yellowed cuneiform script was a sign of the god's favour. The Black Skull since served as the standard for the soldier's unit up until his death. After, it's believed the priests of the Death God claimed it.

The unit carrying the Black Skull of the Caliph, and all friendly units within 6" of it, gains the Immunity (Fear) special rule.

Steel Standard(Magic Standard)20 points

Enchanted by the wizards of the Golden Order, this standard affects the heavy metal barding of Knights' warhorses, making it lighter.

Knightly Orders only. The unit carrying the Steel Standard ignores the Movement Penalties from barding.

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