Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Magic Items Expansion (Tomb Kings)
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Magic Weapons

Blade of Setep(Magic Weapon)30 points

This highly ornamented curved sword belonged to King Setep of the 5th Khemrian Dynasty, and its edge shimmers with blue energy that can shatter armour.

The Blade of Setep gives the wielder the Ignores Armour Saves special rule. If the enemy model wears magical armour, the first Hit against this model is ignored, but the magical armour is destroyed for the remainder of the battle.

Serpent Staff (Tomb Kings)(Magic Weapon)5 points

Crafted in the shape of a cobra, the Serpent Staff can come to life and strike its foe with a venomous bite. It is only wielded by Liche Priests and High Liche Priests.

Wizards only. The Serpent Staff gives the wielder the Poisoned Attacks special rule. In addition, they may re-roll failed rolls To Wound.


Amulet of Pha-stah(Talisman)30 points

Shaped like the rising moon over the dunes, the Amulet of Pha-stah projects a disruptive magical energy that counters the defences the foe.

All enemy Magic Armour and Talismans have no effect while they remain in base contact with the wearer of the Amulet of Pha-Stah. Magic Armour are treated as mundane versions of the same type.

Blue Khepra(Talisman)20 points

Fashioned from exotic sapphires and crafted in the shape of the flesh-eating, skull-carapaced Khepra beetle, this ornate brooch protects the wearer from baleful magical energy.

The Blue Khepra makes the bearer immune to the effects of all enemy spells.

Arcane Items

Staff of Ravening(Arcane Item)35 points

This staff unleashes the power of the famine-bringing locusts of Nehekhara, and they descend on the foes of the Tomb Kings in a frenzied cloud.

Bound Spell, Power Level 3. The Staff of Ravening contains a magic missile spell with a range of 18" that causes 3D6 Strength 2 hits.

Hieratic Jar(Arcane Item)15 points

This earthenware container is sealed and bound with glyphs of power. Inside are the remains of a Liche Priest who has finally succumbed to the march of time, and it is a potent source of magical energy.

One use only. The Hieratic Jar may be used at the start of any of your Magic phases. The bearer immediately gains +D3 Power dice. Only they may use these extra Power dice.

Staff of Mastery(Arcane Item)15 points

Wielded by Amon-Shapa in the time before the Great Awakening, this copper staff draws magical energy from the Wind of Light to power the Liche Priest's spells.

The Staff of Mastery gives the bearer a +1 bonus to the result of their spell casting attempts when using the Lore of Light.

Enchanted Items

Crown of Kings(Enchanted Item)25 points

Worn by the rulers of Zandri since the city was founded, the Crown of Kings instils the undying will of the wearer into all those nearby.

Tomb King only. The Crown of Kings makes the Tomb King's My Will Be Done special rule affect all friendly Undead units within 6" rather than just the unit they are with (including allowing them to March).

Chariot of Fire(Enchanted Item)20 points

The wheels and scythes of the mighty hero's chariot blaze with mystical flames.

Icon of Rulership(Enchanted Item)20 points

The hero's chariot carries a mighty' totemic pole proclaiming his victories over the enemies of the Tomb Kings, that pulses with an aura of greatness.

Model in Chariot only. The Icon of Rulership gives +1 Combat Resolution bonus.

Brooch of the Great Desert(Enchanted Item)15 points

Inlaid with gold and lapis lazuli, this brooch was first used against the foul necromancy of Nagash, hampering the effectiveness of his dark magic. Each time it is used, its powers are drained, requiring careful incantations from the Liche Priests to restore it to full effect.

One use only. The Brooch of the Great Desert can be used against any enemy spell cast against it, before attempting to dispel. When used, the bearer and any unit they are with gain the Magic Resistance (5) special rules for the remainder of the turn.

Magic Standards

Standard of the Sands(Magic Standard)60 points

Created for the famed general Amenemhetum the Great, this banner summons a raging storm of sand that sweeps over the battlefield. With screaming winds and biting sand assaulting then, the enemies of the Tomb Kings become momentarily disorientated and confused.

One use only. The Standard of the Sands may be activated at the beginning of any enemy Movement phase. For the remainder of the turn, no models within 36" of the banner may March, and all units attempting to rally suffer -1 to their Leadership.

Icon of Rakaph(Magic Standard)50 points

King Rakaph II was an unparalleled tactician. Troops fighting under his banner are instilled with unmatched discipline.

Tomb Guard or Tomb Herald on foot only. The unit carrying the Icon of Rakaph may make a Swift Reform at the start of their Movement phase. The unit may then move as normal (including declaring charges).

Icon of the Sacred Eye(Magic Standard)40 points

The arcane power of this stylised icon of the unblinking eye infuses the unit that carries it within their ranks, making their blows strike true.

The unit carrying the Icon of the Sacred Eye (including any mounts) may re-roll failed rolls To Hit in the first round of close combat.

Mirage Standard(Magic Standard)40 points

Imbued with the curses of a hundred Nehekharan widows, this banner leads the enemies' minds astray, rendering them almost blind to where the unit bearing the banner actually is.

The Mirage Standard forces all Hits from missile attacks targeting the unit carrying it to be re-rolled.

Standard of the Cursing Word(Magic Standard)25 points

This magic icon contains a powerful curse similar to that which protects the Tomb Kings and Princes in their eternal slumber.

All enemy units in base contact with the unit carrying the Standard of the Cursing Word must pass a Leadership test or suffer D6 Wounds which Ignores Armour Saves at the start of each round of close combat.

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