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Magic Items Expansion (Vampire Counts)
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Magic Weapons

Dreadlance(Magic Weapon)35 points

The chosen weapon of the infamous Vampire knight, Varison, this lance is uncannily accurate, said to find its target even in the dark of night.

Blood Dragon or von Carstein only. Lance. All attacks with the Dreadlance Hit automatically.

Asp Bow(Magic Weapon)25 points

Tomb robbers unearthed the Asp Bow in the city of Khemri, along with several other artefacts bearing the marks of a Nehekharan snake Goddess named Asaph who claimed dominion over magic, beauty, and vengeance. When the tomb robbers returned to the Old World, a strange curse seemed to fall upon them, and all those who possessed items from the expedition died mysteriously. The Asp Bow eventually found its way into the hands of Neferata, and it is now used by her most favoured assassin. Although ornate and intricately carved with serpent imagery, this bow seems utterly mundane. It reveals its true character when a wielder notches an arrow, at which point the arrowhead assumes the character and likeness of a hissing, venomous snake. Its arrows are like poisonous serpents which eagerly seek their target's heart.

Lahmian Vampire only. Bow. All shots from the Asp Bow are resolved at Strength 4 with the Poisoned Attacks and Sniper special rules. This weapon may be taken despite Lahmian Vampires normally not being allowed to pick bows.

Sword of Kings(Magic Weapon)15 points

This accursed and ageless blade thirsts for the souls of its enemies.

Wight Kings only. The Sword of Kings makes the model's Killing Blow special rule take effect on a 5+.

The Balefire Spike(Magic Weapon)10 points

When the Vampire hunters finally captured Mangari the Old, the butcher of Hernasalia, they skewered the Undead lord with his own lance and burned him to dust. The lance endured where Mangari did not and still burns with the fires of his demise.

Blood Dragon or von Carstein only. Lance. The Balefire Spike gives the wielder the Flaming Attacks special rule.

Magic Armour

Armour of Night(Magic Armour)40 points

This black-enamelled armour swathes the wearer in an impenetrable cloud of darkness.

Model on foot only. Heavy armour. The Armour of Night causes any missile attacks targeted at the wearer or any unit they are with to suffer -2 To Hit.

Helm of Commandment(Magic Armour)25 points

An artefact of ancient Lahmia, this corroded helmet can be used to infuse Undead servants with the wearer's sentience, making them formidable fighters.

The Helm of Commandment gives the wearer a 6+ armour save. In addition, if the wearer is not in combat, one friendly Undead unit within 12" may use their unmodified Weapon Skill instead of their own in close combat.

Wailing Helm(Magic Armour)25 points

Carved with images of the screaming faces of tortured souls, this corrupt artefact constantly emits a chilling wail.

The Wailing Helm gives the wearer a 6+ armour save and the Terror special rule.

The Flayed Hauberk(Magic Armour)20 points

The design of this virulent crimson armour makes the wearer appear disturbingly similar to a flayed and abused cadaver.

Medium armour. The Flayed Hauberk gives the wearer a 2+ armour save that cannot be improved by any means.

The Accursed Armour(Magic Armour)15 points

Some strange flaw in the enchantment of this armour renders the wearer considerably more resilient whilst robbing them of dexterity.

Heavy armour. The Accursed Armour gives the wearer +1 Toughness, but makes them suffer -1 Weapon Skill and Initiative.

Armour of Bone(Magic Armour)15 points

A product of ancient and twisted sorcery, this construct offers considerable protection to Undead wizards.

Medium armour. The Armour of Bone armour can be chosen by Wizards even though they are not normally allowed to wear armour. When the wearer fails their first armour save (or if they are wounded by an attack which ignores armour saves), the Armour of Bone crumbles to dust and is destroyed, but the Wound is ignored.

The Cadaverous Cuirass(Magic Armour)15 points

The Vampire's exposed heart is protected by a cage of enchanted gold.

The Cursed Shield of Mousillon(Magic Armour)10 points

Bretonnian legends speak in contempt of these accursed shields which carry the symbol of the Black Grail and were used by the Unholy Knights at the Battle of Mousillon.

Blood Dragon only. Shield. The Cursed Shield of Mousillon causes one enemy model in base contact of your choice to lose 1 Attack. In addition, all models in Warhammer: Bretonnia has the Hatred special rule against the bearer of the shield.


Wristbands of Black Gold(Talisman)30 points

These ancient ornaments are capable of deflecting arrows, darts and even cannonballs directed against the bearer.

The Gem of Blood(Talisman)25 points

An ancient relic from Nehekhara, this cursed gem is extremely dangerous for the bearer's opponents, but it is said that it will eventually be the undoing of its master.

One use only. The Gem of Blood activates when the bearer of the Gem of Blood suffers their first Wound in close combat (before saves). Roll a D6; on a roll of a 1 the wearer suffers the Wound as normal, and an additional Wound with no armour save allowed. On a 2+ the Wound is saved, and is rebounded onto the model that caused it with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule.

Ring of the Night(Talisman)25 points

This magic jewel has the power to draw a cloud of concealing darkness around the bearer.

All missile attacks targeted at the bearer of the Ring of the Night or the unit they are with suffer -1 To Hit.

Arcane Items

Sceptre de Noirot(Arcane Item)25 points

A novitiate Necromancer, de Noirot suffered a terrible demise when be invoked the power of this sceptre and raised more of the Undead than he could control.

The Sceptre de Noirot makes the bearer roll an additional D6 when determining the number of Zombies or Skeletons raised with the Raise Dead spell from the Lore of Necromancy.

Crimson Gem of Lahmia(Arcane Item)15 points

Nourished with tainted blood, this amulet protects the wielder from the fickle nature of the winds of magic.

Lahmian only. At any time in the Magic phase, the bearer of the Crimson Gem of Lahmia may sacrifice one of their Wounds to gain one power dice.

Enchanted Items

Talon of Death(Enchanted Item)35 points

The touch of the Talon of Death can drain all life and vitality from mortals, leaving them as dry husks.

All enemy models in base contact with the bearer of the Talon of Death suffer a Strength 5 Hit at the start of each round of close combat.

The Casket of Ages(Enchanted Item)25 points

The casket is said to contain the mummified hand of the Supreme Lord of the Undead.

One use only. Bound Spell, Power Level 3. The Casket of Ages contains a direct damage spell that targets one enemy model in base contact. The target model suffers one Wound which Ignores Armour Saves. If the Wound is not saved, the victim must pass a Toughness or get removed as a casualty, with no saves of any kind allowed.

Talisman of the Lycni(Enchanted Item)10 points

The energy of this amulet allows the bearer to unleash the power of the beast that lurks deep inside its soul.

Vampires only. Model on foot only. The bearer of the Talisman of the Lycni gains +4 to their Movement value and the Swiftstride special rule.

Magic Standards

The Drakenhof Banner(Magic Standard)75 points

Unwilling to expend his power to endlessly replenish his armies, Count Vlad von Carstein had thrall Necromancers enchant his household standard to sustain his bodyguard.

Hell Banner(Magic Standard)40 points

Encrusted with the filth of ages the Hell Banner inspires horror in the hearts of all those who gaze upon it.

Cursed Pennant of Mousillon(Magic Standard)35 points

This banner was taken by the Undead from where it flew above the keep of Duke Maldred of Mousillon. Legends claim the curse of Mousillon goes with it and all who are near it suffer from constant ill-fortune.

Any enemy unit that is in base contact with the unit carrying the Cursed Pennant of Mousillon must re-roll 6's when rolling To Hit, To Wound and when taking armour saves.

Banner of Doom(Magic Standard)25 points

The Undead warriors carrying this ancient icon of death are invigorated by its power and can rise again to rejoin the ranks after having been shot down by the enemy.

Banner of the Dead Legion(Magic Standard)25 points

This banner makes the enemies see the Undead they are fighting as a numberless, unstoppable horde.

The unit carrying the Banner of the Dead Legion counts as having twice its actual Unit Strength in close combat.

Royal Standard of Strigos(Magic Standard)25 points

Infused with the last magic of this vanished kingdom, this banner bestows a portion of the Strigoi's legendary hatred upon those who carry their colours.

The unit carrying the Royal Standard of Strigos gains the Hatred special rule.

Banner of the Endless Nightmare(Magic Standard)15 points

Dating back to Nagash's invasion of Sigmar's empire, this banner is infused with Dark Magic that binds the Undead to its location and fills them with strength.

The unit carrying the Banner of the Endless Nightmare counts as having one more rank than normal for the purpose of combat resolution, up to a maximum of +4. Note that the unit still needs to have at least one complete rank of 5 or more models for this rule to have any affect.

Standard of Everlasting Death(Magic Standard)15 points

The magic of the Standard of Everlasting Death imbues the regiment with enduring Unlife.

The unit carrying the Standard of Everlasting Death suffers one fewer Wound than they normally would due to the Unstable special rule.

Standard of Hellish Vigour(Magic Standard)15 points

The insane Vampire Melkhior created this standard from the flayed skin of one of his Vampire acolytes. The Vampire's essence is still bound to the tattered rags of flesh and invigorates the Undead nearby.

Banner of Hellfire(Magic Standard)10 points

The magic exuded from this banner enchants the weapons of its bearers so that they burn with a magical green fire.

Icon of Vengeance(Magic Standard)10 points

Infused with Dark Magic, this standard sustains the power of the Undead even when their master has been slain.

The unit carrying the Icon of Vengeance never takes casualties as a result of the General's death.

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