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Magic Items Expansion (Warriors of Chaos)
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Magic Weapons

Aethersword(Magic Weapon)30 points

The Aethersword flickers and swirls between a hundred dimensions every second. Be the enemy's faith in steel, ithilmar or gromril, there is no shield that can halt this blade's wrath.

The Aethersword gives the wielder the Ignores Armour Saves special rule. In addition, no Parry saves from shields may be taken against it either.

The Berserker Sword has the essence of a Bloodthirster of Khorne bound within. It fills those who carry it with an unquenchable battle fury that is stoked by the fires of adversity.

Mark of Khorne only. Model on foot only. The Berserker Sword gives the wielder +1 Attack for every enemy model in base contact. In a challenge, it only confers +1 Attack.

Blade of Blood (Warriors of Chaos)(Magic Weapon)30 points

The Blade of Blood was forged by evil sorcerers and quenched in the blood of vampires. It retains a vampiric ability to sap the strength of its victims by draining their essence.

For every unsaved Wound caused by the Blade of Blood, the wielder may take a Strength test. If passed, the wielder regains 1 Wound previously lost during the game. However, if the test is failed, the wielder loses 1 Wound with no saves allowed instead.

Whip of Pleasure(Magic Weapon)30 points

This long whip writhes with its own power, its crack sounding out like a peal of thunder. The Whip of Pleasure lashes ahead of thewielder to strike the enemy at a distance, rasping flesh from bone.

Whip of Subversion(Magic Weapon)25 points

The Whip of Subversion is a snaking strap of spiked leather soaked in the spittle of a hundred she-daemons. It can turn a champion into a traitor or a priestess into a whore with but a single caress.

Mark of Slaanesh only. If an enemy character or monster takes an unsaved wound from the Whip of Subversion and that model has not yet made its attacks for that round, then you may force it to allocate its attacks upon other models from its own side. Wounds caused count towards your combat resolution.

The Father of Blades(Magic Weapon)20 points

It is rumoured that this ancient and filth-encrusted blade was the first sword ever to be forged. It seems to have an uncanny power over other weapons.

All To Hit rolls of 1 directed against the wielder of theFather of Blades in close combat instead hit the attacking model.

Glaive of Putrefaction(Magic Weapon)20 points

Heavy with the weight of aeons, this rusted but powerful weapon ages its prey at an incredible rate, granting the kiss of centuries to anything touched by its time-blackened blade.

Mark of Nurgle only. Polearm. Every unsaved Wound caused by the Glaive of Putrefaction makes the victim suffer -1 to their Strength and Toughness for the remainder of the game.

Soul Cleaver(Magic Weapon)10 points

This blade was forged over a fire of starving souls. Its edges are worked into a thousand tiny mouths, each studded with spiny teeth and rasping tongues. When it strikes a victim, their vitality is drained away by the Soul Cleaver's dark magic.

Any model that suffers an unsaved Wound from the Soul Cleaver must pass a Toughness test or suffer an additional wound with no saves allowed. This additional wound does not cause an additional Toughness test.

Magic Armour

Armour of Morrslieb(Magic Armour)35 points

This artefact was not forged but hewn from rock; rock that was once part of theChaos moon Morrslieb.

The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk(Magic Armour)25 points

Zhrakk was the scourge of the Empire in its foundling days. When Zhrakk was finally laid low his all-enclosing armour was found to be empty but for an overpowering stench of brimstone.

Heavy armour. The Bronze Armour of Zhrakk gives the wearer the Animated Construct special rule (though they may still march). However, no other model may use the model's Leadership.

Skinhidden Plate(Magic Armour)25 points

Over time this armour has sank beneath the skin of thewearer, giving him a terribly distorted appearance but dramatically increased resilience.

Heavy armour. The Skinhidden Plate confers +1 Toughness upon the wearer.

Armour of Tortured Souls(Magic Armour)15 points

This suit of armour is fully enclosed. Nothing remains of thewearer except his spirit and the spirits of those who wore the armour before him.

Heavy armour. The Armour of Tortured Souls gives the wearer +1 Toughness against non-Magical Attacks.


The Champion has bested a Flesh Hound of Khorne in unarmed combat and won the right to wear the beast's rune-etched collar around his own neck.

Gaze of the Gods(Talisman)30 points

This wrought iron pendant straws that the wearer is particularly favoured and watched by the gods of Chaos. They will protect him if he serves them well, but if he fails them, he will be punished.

The Gaze of the Gods gives the wearer a Ward Save (4+). However, if the model flees for any reason, the wrath of the Chaos gods is visited upon him. After working out the Flee move, the model is turned into a Chaos Spawn, with the same number of wounds remaining as the character had. If you do not have a Spawn model to replace the character then he simply counts as slain. For Victory Points purposes, the character is not counted as slain or below half Wounds unless the Spawn he has turned into is slain or is below half Wounds.

Arcane Items

The Staff of Change is a symbol of Tzeentch, Lord of Magic. It focuses Chaos energy, allotting the wielder to control the winds of magic with more precision than any normal sorcerer could ever hope for.

Mark of Tzeentch only. The bearer can re-roll any number of the dice rolled to cast or dispel a spell. This can effectively negate any effects of a Miscast and cause Ultimate Power. However, if the bearer casts a spell with Ultimate Power using the staff's re-roll ability, the staff will exhaust its power and cease working for the rest of the battle.

Infernal Puppet(Arcane Item)35 points

Dancing on the Winds of Magic like a marionette upon its strings, this eldritch homunculus draws upon wild magic and channels it to his master's whim.

Whenever any Wizard on the battlefield miscasts while casting a spell, the bearer of the Infernal Puppet may choose to modify any rolls on the Miscast Table made by that Wizard by up to D3 each time.

Sceptre of Domination(Arcane Item)35 points

The bearer can seduce the minds of his foes, manipulating them to his will.

The Rod of Corruption seethes with the foul energies of Nurgle's Rot. Its touch brings corruption and almost certain death.

Enchanted Items

Blasphemous Amulet(Enchanted Item)35 points

The Blasphemous Amulet surrounds the wearer with a seething nimbus of magic that warps and mutates those close by.

At the start of every close combat phase, all enemy models in base contact with the bearer of the Blasphemous Amulet must pass a Toughness test or suffer one Wound which Ignores Armour Saves. This has no effect against Animated Constructs.

Rod of Torment(Enchanted Item)35 points

This pitted iron rod bums with malefic energy. When pointed at the foe it can cause crippling pain.

Bound Spell, Power Level 3. The Rod of Torment contains a magic missile with a range of 18" and causes 2D6 Strength 3 hits.

Faithless Charm(Enchanted Item)30 points

The degenerate Ettin hill clans have been known to hang these small craven charms in the dismal northern woods, warding away those who would trespass on the Ettins' miserable existence. Each is an embodiment of the unholy curse that afflicts the very souls of the Ettins. Those foolish enough to carry one with them for any length of time find their senses sharpened - until they lose control and the curse consumes them too.

Bindings of Slaanesh(Enchanted Item)25 points

This set of dark chains and black leather straps fitted with hooks and sharp blades is every bit as sinister as it looks. To use it, the wearer must fit the loops over his body as if he were wearing a harness. As soon as they are properly placed, the chains and straps tighten, burrowing painfully into the flesh. The hooks and razors ensure that the wounds remain open for all to see. The Bindings of Slaanesh were first encountered in the Great War Against Chaos. Though the first encounter dates some 200 years ago, the reports were very detailed. Worn by a Mutant who was the essence of beauty, she strode naked through the battlefield wearing only the Bindings and wielding a jagged sword. She seemed to become thrilled by her injuries, and those she inflicted. She would rush up to a soldier, and the hooks and barbs would lash out from her skin and hold her enemies in place while she carved them up. She was finally brought down by a squad of archers who peppered her with scores of arrows. Even as black blood seeped from innumerable wounds, she writhed with pleasure.

Mark of Slaanesh only. Enemies cannot refuse challenges issued by the wearer of the Bindings of Slaanesh. In addition, they are subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule in challenges (including mounts).

The Black Tongue(Enchanted Item)10 points

Cut from the head of Aekold Helbrass, when coated in the user's blood this withered tongue comes to life, babbling in the tongue of Daemons and disrupting the spellcasting of even the most powerful mage.

Mark of Khorne only. One use only. The Black Tongue can be used whenever an enemy Wizard fails to cast a spell. When used, the spell counts as having been Miscast. The model bearing the Black Tongue then suffers a wound with no saves allowed.

Favour of the Gods(Enchanted Item)5 points

The bearer carries an obsidian pendant that marks him as truly chosen by the Dark Gods.

After rolling on the Eye of the Gods Table the bearer may add or subtract one from his roll. This may not affect a result of 2 or 12.

Magic Standards

Doom Totem(Magic Standard)40 points

A collection of ragged skins strung over a framework of Trollbone, the Doom Totem exudes a potent magic that demoralises and appals all who look upon it.

All enemy units with Line of Sight to the Doom Totem suffer a -1 penalty to their Leadership. This standard has no effect on models with Immunity (Psychology).

Banner of Rage(Magic Standard)25 points

Sewn from strings of congealed gore, this banner radiates bloodlust so strong that those beneath it are goaded into a state of permanent rage. There is a prophecy written in the Tome of Blood of a great champion who will carry the Banner of Rage across a river of blood and be granted the gift of Daemonhood. To date, no mortal has been rewarded so, for none have lived long enough. The promise of immortality draws Khorne's followers from across the world, each challenger believing that they alone are the one the prophecy speaks of, each ready to pluck the banner from the dead fingers of its current bearer.

Blasted Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

Woven from threads of pure magic, this standard is inscribed with runes that constantly writhe, and surrounded with the coruscating fires of change. These magical flames shield Tzeentch's followers, leaping out to intercept enemy missiles and transforming them according to the Lord of Fate's whim. Volleys of arrows might be transformed into clouds of feathers, shoals of fish or puffs of multi-hued smoke whilst falling rocks and hurtling cannonballs may be altered into snowballs or piles of toads. However, such is Tzeentch's fickle nature that these flames occasionally change a spent shot into a bolt of lightning or a spinning shard of crystal that punches into one of his followers with devastating - and often fatal - force.

Mark of Tzeentch only. Each time the unit carrying the Blasted Standard suffers a hit from a shooting attack, roll a D6 immediately before rolling To Wound. On the roll of 2+, the Strength of that hit is halved. However, if the result is a 1, the Strength of that hit is instead doubled. Attacks that do not roll To Wound, or that wound automatically, are not affected by the Blasted Standard.

Festering Shroud(Magic Standard)25 points

This putrid, rotting standard constantly seeps with a horrendous gruel of pus and mucus, infecting all around with debilitating plagues.

Mark of Nurgle only. All models in base contact with the unit carrying the Festering Shroud suffer -1 to their Strength. This standard has no effect on models with the Mark of Nurgle or Animated Constructs.

Rapturous Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

This banner is fashioned from the flensed skin of a dozen hysterical maniacs. Imprisoned within the Rapturous Standard are the souls of Slaanesh's most ardent worshippers. It drives those beneath it into a euphoric state that even the fear of death cannot mar.

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