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Magic Items Expansion (Wood Elves)
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Magic Weapons

The Dawnspear(Magic Weapon)35 points

When the Wild Hunt rides from Athel Loren, the Elven prince chosen as Orion's equerry carries the Dawnspear, a powerful talisman as old as the alliance between the Asrai and Athel Loren. Each time the Dawnspear tastes blood, it unleashes a pulse of brilliant light, blinding the wielder's foes with its brilliance.

Spear. If the wielder of the Dawnspear causes an unsaved wound on an enemy, then all enemy models in that unit that have not yet attacked suffer -1 To Hit in this round of close combat.

The Callach's Claw(Magic Weapon)25 points

The Callach is a crone figure from Asrai folklore, an aged and twisted spirit whose great delight is in suffering. This magical blade wails in dozens of insubstantial voices, each an echo of one of her victims.

Any unit suffering one or more unsaved wounds from the Callach's Claw suffers a -2 penalty to their Leadership for the remainder of the Combat phase.

The Hunter's Talon(Magic Weapon)25 points

Originally crafted for Altathir, a master of the Waywatchers in ages past, this longbow has a gnarled and twisted appearance that belies the uncanny precision of which it is capable.

Blades of Loec(Magic Weapon)20 points

The swirling and delicate patterns inscribed into these matched swords assume a life of their own when sunlight falls upon them, dazzling and distracting the bearer's opponent.

Shadowdancer only. Two hand weapons. The Blades of Loec allow the wielder to re-roll failed rolls To Wound.

The Spear of Twilight(Magic Weapon)20 points

When this spear strikes, the fury and rage of the wielder is channelled into the body of the foe with appalling and destructive force.

Spear. The Spear of Twilight gives the wielder the Killing Blow special rule.

The Sword of a Thousand Winters(Magic Weapon)20 points

An unnatural chill resides within the steel of this sword, a terrible cold that burns flesh and freezes the blood - only the strongest of warriors can endure its touch.

The Sword of a Thousand Winters gives the bearer the Ice Attacks special rule. In addition, Characters and Monsters must take a Toughness test for each unsaved wound suffered by the Sword of a Thousand Winters. For every test failed, they suffer -1 Strength, Initiative and Attacks for the remainder of the game.

Rageth's Wildfire Blades(Magic Weapon)10 points

When drawn, the blades of these swords burn with a magical flame that cannot be extinguished.

Magic Armour

Armour of the Fey(Magic Armour)30 points

In Bretonnia, there are tales of a solitary Elf knight who, when brought to battle, could not, be slain for his armour kept him safe against the lances and magical blades of his foes. Ultimately, so the tale recounts, this knight was slain by a peasant woman whom he had lured away from her family - his throat cut by a simple knife.

The Oaken Armour(Magic Armour)30 points

Said to have been crafted by Daith himself, this armour binds the lifeforce of its bearer to that of Athel Loren, keeping them safe from harm.

Railarian's Mantle(Magic Armour)20 points

Woven and bound by the oldest of Branchwraiths for the first Elven guardian of the sacred trees, this armour is only gifted to one chosen by Athel Loren itself.

Briarsheath(Magic Armour)15 points

The writhing thorns and brambles of this armour work their way into the bearer's surroundings, rendering him invisible to all but the most observant foe.

Model on foot only. Light armour. The Briarsheath causes any missile attacks targeted at the wearer to suffer -1 To Hit, or -2 To Hit if the wearer is in a forest.


Glamourweave(Talisman)35 points

The air around the bearer of this brooch is permeated with hypnotic colours and patterns. Only a being of exceptional willpower can fight its allure.

The Glamourweave gives the bearer the Ward Save (4+) special rule against missile attacks. In addition, any model attempting to strike the bearer in close combat must first pass a Leadership test or require 6's To Hit the bearer during that Combat phase.

Amaranthine Brooch(Talisman)30 points

Fashioned from the petals of a flower that endures throughout all the seasons, the magic of this brooch can sustain the wearer no matter how grievous his wounds.

Stone of the Crystal Mere(Talisman)30 points

The stone is a beautiful, faultless crystal that was plucked from a deep river bed and gifted to the warrior hero Naithal. It protects the bearer from harm, but is fragile and will shatter into a million pieces should it fail in its purpose.

The Stone of the Crystal Mere gives the bearer the Ward Save (3+) special rule. However, if this Ward Save is ever failed, then the stone shatters and the Ward Save is lost for the rest of the game.

Amber Pendant(Talisman)25 points

This mysterious artefact exists not only in the physical dimensions, it also creates a distortion in the flow of time, slowing any creature who would cause harm to the bearer.

The Amber Pendant causes all enemy units in base contact with the wearer to be subject to the Always Strikes Last special rule.

The Fimbulwinter Shard(Talisman)25 points

The very air itself is chilled by the presence of this ancient talisman whose runes proclaim a time in which all life is lost beneath a blanket of ice.

The Fimbulwinter Shard causes enemies attacking the bearer in close combat to suffer -1 To Hit. However, all models with the Forest Spirit special rule (including the bearer) suffer from Stupidity while the bearer is within 6".

Waystalker's Cloak(Talisman)25 points

Woven from the hair of Elf maidens with the living leaves from sacred trees, a Waystalker's Cloak is a wondrous object. Quite rare, they are never for sale and can only be recovered from the corpses of Wood Elves or more commonly, they are bestowed onto a hero who has done a great service to the Elves of Athel Loren.

Merciw's Locus(Talisman)15 points

Merciw was an eccentric noble who held the concepts of personal honour and fairness in unusually high esteem. This gem is an undying extension of his beliefs.

Merciw's Locus causes the bearer and any model attacking them to lose all Strength bonuses from any weapon they might carry.

Stone of Rebirth(Talisman)15 points

Blessed by the wardens of Athel Loren's inner groves, the Stone of Rebirth bestows its bearer with the promise that life shall spring anew from death.

One use only. If the bearer of the Stone of Rebirth is killed, roll a D6. On a 2+, the model is brought back to life with one Wound remaining. This has no effect if the wearer was killed as a result of being pursued down.

Arcane Items

Ranu's Heartstione(Arcane Item)40 points

Focusing upon the ancient gem can help a mage calm their inner thoughts and so focus their hold upon the winds of magic.

Once per Magic phase, the bearer of Ranu's Heartstone may re-roll one of the dice when casting or dispelling a spell. This can be used to prevent a miscast or to cause Ultimate Power.

Divination Orb(Arcane Item)25 points

A careful mage can read the skeins of the future in the twisting and swirling mists contained within this sphere, enabling them to better anticipate opposing wizards.

If an opponent uses more than three power dice (from any source) when casting any spell, the bearer of the Divination Orb may add an extra free Dispel dice into the attempt to dispel that spell.

The Deepwood Sphere(Arcane Item)20 points

This twisted and thorny orb of ebony wood speaks to the trees in the bitterest words of vengeance and spite, exhorting them to strike down all who intrude upon them. Only the bravest or most foolhardy ever venture into a forest under the influence of the Deepwood Sphere.

Any enemy unit that enters a forest within 18" of the bearer of the Deepwood Sphere suffers D6 Strength 4 Hits as soon as they have finished their move. They continue to suffer D6 Strength 4 Hits at the start of any of their Movement phases for as long as they remain in the forest.

Elf Charm(Arcane Item)20 points

The Elf Charm appears to be nothing more than an acorn. However, when held to the purifying rays of the light, faint Elven script appears all over its surface. A particularly foolish Bretonnian Peasant somehow survived an adventure into the heart of Athel Loren, reputedly venturing into the secret King's Glade where Orion resides. Somehow, the Peasant escaped, but was killed by a passing Knight for some terrible perceived impropriety. The Knight claimed the acorn for himself and carried it with him to his Keep, only to lose it along the way.

When casting spells from the Lore of Life, the wizard carrying the Elf Charm may add D3 to their casting value once per Magic phase.

Enchanted Items

The Horn of the Asrai(Enchanted Item)25 points

The beautiful sound of this fabled horn lays a glamour upon those who hear it winded, eroding their will; the better to lure them to their doom.

One use only. The Horn of the Asrai can be used at the beginning of any enemy Movement phase. When used, all enemies able to declare a charge against the bearer of this item must take a Psychology test. If they fail, they must declare a charge against the bearer this turn.

Wraithstone(Enchanted Item)25 points

This crystal emits the ghostly screams of all those who met with their death within the waystone fence that bounds Athel Loren.

All enemy units within 6" of the bearer of the Wraithstone suffer a -1 penalty to their Leadership. This has no effect on models with Immunity (Psychology).

Elynett's Brooch(Enchanted Item)20 points

This intricate treasure retains a portion its original owner's strength of character, filling the wearer with resolve.

Elynett's Brooch allows the wearer and any unit they are with to re-roll failed Psychology tests.

Arrows of Potency(Enchanted Item)10 points

Thorkund Axe-Crazy, a famous Dwarf treasure hunter of pre-imperial times, recovered these arrows just after the War of the Beard. Noted for liberating many magical items to be sent back to his hold to be "broken" by the Runesmiths, he was said to have disappeared after venturing into Athel Loren in search of Wood Elf treasure. The truth is, his body was recovered, but it was pin cushioned with twenty of these arrows.

Dragontooth Arrows(Enchanted Item)5 points

The tips of these arrows are fashioned from the teeth of a great Forest Dragon and contain much of the poison that lingers upon its breath.

Gwytherc's Horn(Enchanted Item)5 points

No purer sound is there than a single note from this great horn, a perfectly crafted musical instrument, capable of emboldening the faint of heart and rousing the timid to action.

All friendly units within 12" of the bearer of Gwytherc's Horn gain +1 to their Leadership when attempting to Rally.

Magic Standards

Faoghir, The Banner of Dwindling(Magic Standard)25 points

Woven by Elven maidens from the last, crimson leaves of autumn, this enchanted banner saps the impure of their energy, allowing the Asrai to strike them down, never to return to their lands.

Enemies that attempt to charge or flee from the unit carrying Faoghir, the Banner of Dwindling roll one dice fewer than normal to determine their charge/flee distance.

Gaemrath, The Banner of Midwinter(Magic Standard)25 points

A standard of gnarled and impossibly ancient Oak, Gaemrath bears life still; a symbol to all that even in the most dormant heart can be found the will to stand and never to break before the foe, or indeed, the ages.

One use only. Gaemrath, the Banner of Midwinter may be used at the start of any close combat phase. Until the start of your next Movement phase, the unit carrying the banner may not move and gains the Unbreakable special rule.

Saemrath, The Banner of Zenith(Magic Standard)25 points

The Banner of the Zenith is said to reflect a portion of the radiance of the Lady Ariel, for it shines with such purity that none who mean harm to the Asrai may approach it.

Enemy units within 12" of the unit carrying Saemrath, the Banner of the Zenith at the start of their Movement phase may not March.

Aech, The Banner of Springtide(Magic Standard)10 points

Decorated with symbols of fertility and fecundity, the Banner of Springtide fills the Asrai with the energy and passion of spring, enabling them to react to threats with an uncanny speed.

The unit carrying Aech, the Banner of Springtide gains the Quick to Fire special rule and may fire Multiple Shots with their bows when choosing Stand & Shoot as a charge reaction.

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