Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Ninjutsu (Poisons)
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The use of poison as a weapon is an extremely dishonourable practice generally associated with Ninja. However, poisons can be quite an effective tool. All too often the results of poison resemble a natural death, so investigators cannot spot foul play. When properly applied, a poison can remove enemies without suspicion.

The Hattiga are the undisputed masters of poison lore, and in their gardens bloom a variety of beautiful and deadly herbs. Naturally their interest in the matter is purely academic, at least as far as the rest of Nippon is concerned.

Fauntei Shi(Ability)30 points

The deadliest poison in the arsenal of the Shinobi, a trace of Fauntei Shi can kill even the most robust victim. The poison is a secret held dearly by the Shinobi, and few ktow the methods by which it is crafted. Fauntei Shi is employed only when the Shinobi need to be absolutely certain their target will die.

A model wounded (after saves) by Fauntei Shi must pass a Toughness test or lose all remaining wounds.

Snake Venom(Ability)20 points

Snake venom may be inflicted by a serpent's bite, gathered and administered internally, or synthesized by crafting a poison with similar effects. The venom attacks the victim's motor skills, lowering his agility and reflexes.

A model that takes a wound (after saves) from snake venom will lose one Attack and gains the Always Strikes Last special rule for the remainder of the game.

Spider Venom(Ability)20 points

Not as deadly as snake's toxin, a spider's bite can nonetheless create significant problems if left untreated. Most spiders are so small that their bites are harmless, but some larger or deadlier varieties are able to kill children and even grown men.

A model wounded (after saves) by spider venom must pass a Toughness at the start of their turns for the rest of the game, or lose 1 Wound with no saves allowed.

Night Milk(Ability)10 points

One of the first poisons developed by the Hattiga Clan, Night Milk foregoes devious and disabling effects for sheer brutality.

Any To Hit roll of 6 made by a model with their weapon coated in Night Milk automatically Wounds.

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