Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Ogre Big Names
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There are certain names that indicate great status in an Ogre army – buying your Ogre character a 'big name' from the list below will allow him to use special abilities on the battlefield that reflect his illustrious history.

Ogre Tyrants, Bruisers and Hunters are able to spend points on a Big Name, as detailed in the army list. No big name may be taken more than once in the same army.

Deathcheater(Ability)20 points

Sometimes an Ogre will suffer a horrible mishap during his rite of passage, but succeed nonetheless. An Ogre that has escaped certain doom is seen as being blessed by the Great Maw. How else could an Ogre live through a Rhinox stampede or survive a major avalanche. Not surprisingly, Ogres with the Deathcheater big name tend to have impressive scars.

Starting from the end of the phase in which a character with a Deathcheater is down to their last Wound, he receives a 3+ Ward Save.

Kineater(Ability)20 points

Having achieved Tyranthood by killing and eating a member of their own family in a pit fight, Kineaters are considered ruthless even by their own tribe. These vicious killers are always the first to issue a challenge to the death in any dispute. When fighting alongside a Kineater; it is unwise to flee. After all, it doesn't pay to get on his bad side...

Tyrants only. Any friendly unit within 12" of a Kineater roll 3D6 for their Panic tests and discards the highest dice rolled.

Mountaineater(Ability)20 points

Mountaineaters have dared to scale to the top of a dangerous (and at least partially sentient) mountain. Mountaineaters are invariably strong in tendon and tusk. After such a trial, they ritually consume part of the mountain to mark their conquest.

A Mountaineater will never be wounded on a score better than a 3+. Hits that cause automatic Wounds are unaffected.

Beastkiller(Ability)15 points

A Beastkiller has slaughtered an entire pack of cave-beasts or has stalked and slain an especially large and notorious creature. As a sign of his massive accomplishments, the Beastkiller will invariably wear impressive tusks and fangs about his person.

Hunters only. When making attacks against War Beasts, Monstrous Beasts or Monsters, the Beastkiller gains +1 on his rolls To Wound. If the character is using a magic weapon, then he does not get this bonus.

Daemonkiller(Ability)15 points

A Daeomonkiller has slain one of the most formidable foes in existence, thus proving his superior fighting skill and spirit and intimidating his foes with either an aura of supreme confidence or a mad glimmer in his eyes, for nobody slays a Greater Daemon and walks away unscathed. The remains of the Chaos' daemons is then bled into a lead jar. This acidic ichor is then applied as warpaint, capturing some of the ferocity of the daemon and giving the Tyrants a truly terrifying appearance.

Tyrants only. A Tyrant with the Daemonkiller name causes Terror.

Giantbreaker(Ability)15 points

An Ogre that has led a Giant Hunt and successfully broken one of the towering brutes in hand-to-hand combat is hailed as a great warrior. Naturally, a Giantbreaker is an extremely strong Ogre and also one that is supremely confident in his own abilities.

A character with the Giantbreaker name has +1 Strength on his profile. He may never refuse challenges, and neither he nor a unit he is with may choose to flee as a charge reaction.

Mawseeker(Ability)15 points

The devout Mawseekers have not only completed the pilgrimage to the Great Maw but also managed to find their way back. None who have seen the Maw come back unscathed, though, and even those tough enough to survive that deadly trip often return with part of themselves eaten away.

A character with the Mawseeker name has +1 Toughness on his profile. It also suffers from the Stupidity special rule.

Brawlerguts(Ability)10 points

An Ogre with the Brawlerguts big name has earned a reputation for throwing his weight around. Combining brutish strength with a devastating bulk, this Ogre enters combat like an avalanche.

Wallcrusher(Ability)10 points

Some Tyrants perform their rites of passage in a very literal way; they are renowned for feats of brute smashing such as bludgeoning their way through a skycastle wall using only their own formidable bulk and series of gut barges and headbutts. A Wallcrusher's gut bears many similarities to a boulder - as does his intellect.

Wallcrushers do one additional Impact Hit on a successful Ogre Charge. In addition, Wallcrushers ignore all the effects of obstacles when attacking units that are defending them - he is likely to barge through or smash it down on top of the foe. This does not benefit a unit he joins.

Longstrider(Ability)5 points

An Ogre with the big name Longstrider has hunted on the slopes of the mountains for decades, and is even capable of running down a sprinting ice elk. The first Hunter, Jhared the Red, was known as Jhared Longstrider until he slaughtered his own tribe.

A character with the Longstrider big name gains +1 to its Movement value.

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