Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Powers of Nurgle
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The following powers may only be taken by models with the Mark of Nurgle or Daemon of Nurgle.

Stream of Corruption(Ability)40 points

The favoured one can spew forth a great torrent of disease and sentient filth.

Massive Bulk(Ability)20 points

Hugely obese and bloated with foulness, the champion is almost immune to pain. His armour has split under the strain of holding his enormous bulk, and puss and slime seeps from his body cavities.

The character gains +1 Wound.

A swarm of Nurglings live on the warrior, climbing into warm crevices in his armour and getting up to mischief. They swarm from the host's dripping orifices to attack any enemies who happen to be nearby.

Each model that attacks the character in close combat suffer an automatic Strength3hit after the attacker's hits have been worked out. This hit occurs even if the character with the Nurgling Infestation is slain and any wounds caused count towards combat resolution.

Secondary Jaws(Ability)15 points

The champion has a snapping, drooling maw that shoots out of his own mouth to gift his foes with the plagued kiss of Nurgle.

Nurgle's Rot is the most dreaded and contagious of all diseases, for it gnaws at the victim's soul as well as his mortal body.

At the start of every close combat phase, every enemy model in base contact with the character suffers a single Strength 1 hit with the Ignores Armour Saves special rule.

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