Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Powers of Slaanesh
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The following powers may only be taken by models with the Mark of Slaanesh or Daemon of Slaanesh.

Hellshriek(Ability)50 points

The warrior can emit a screech that blurs reality and opens a tiny crack to the Realms of Chaos for a split second, bringing forth a sudden wave of magical energy that overpowers even the mightiest of sorcerers.

One use only. The character can use this ability at the start of any Magic phase, immediately after rolling for the Winds of Magic. All enemy Wizards within 18" must immediately roll 2D6 on the Miscast Table.

Word of Agony(Ability)30 points

Slaanesh has gifted the favoured one with the ability to speak one of the true words of agony. When whispered to a foe, the recipient finds himself wracked with crippling pain.

Once per game, at the beginning of the Close Combat phase, the bearer of the Word of Agony can choose a model in base contact. That model takes D6 Strength 4 hits which Ignores Armour Saves.

Serpent Body(Ability)15 points

The Champion's lower body is mutated into the form of a gigantic snake, and they are able to travel across the battlefield at great speed.

Model on foot only. The Champion gains +2 Movement, +1 Initiative and the Swiftstride special rule. This mutation cannot be combined with Cloven Hooves.

Soporific Musk(Ability)15 points

The favoured one exudes a beady and unnatural scent that ensnares the mind and slows the limbs.

When a unit flees from a character with this gift or the unit they are with, the fleeing unit rolls an extra D6 and discards the highest dice roll.

Slaanesh's favoured champions are so attractively captivating that few can find the will to raise a blade against them.

Any opponent wishing to strike the character in close combat must first pass a Psychology test before rolling To Hit. If the test is failed, that model cannot make any close combat attacks that phase. This does not affect Attacks that do not roll To Hit.

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