Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Powers of Tzeentch
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The following powers may only be taken by models with the Mark of Tzeentch or Daemon of Tzeentch.

Tendrils of Tzeentch(Ability)30 points

A frond of thick, ropey, magical tentacles sprouts from the favoured one like seaweed from a drowned corpse, waving around in the air of their own volition. These tendrils can manipulate the winds of magic themselves, probing and shaping the Winds of Magic to their master's whim, making the champion an even more powerful sorcerer.

Wizards only. The character may re-roll a single power or dispel dice per player turn. This may potentially prevent a Miscast.

Conjoined Homunculus(Ability)25 points

The favoured one has a tiny homunculus sprouting from his body, a vile simulacrum that squeals the mind-numbing secrets of Chaos on command.

Wizard only. Once per turn, the character may choose to add +D3 to his casting result after attempting to cast a spell. This extra dice cannot cause a Miscast or count towards Ultimate Power.

Protean Form(Ability)25 points

The bodily form of the warrior is constantly in flux, changing from one shape to another, remoulding into ever more bizarre, alluring and horrific guises. Wounds inflicted on the warrior merely disappear as the champion's body alters into different shapes.

Third Eye of Tzeentch(Ability)10 points

A third eye opens in the favoured one's forehead that can see the shifting strands of fate.

The character re-rolls Ward Save results of 1.

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