Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Quirks of Character
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Mercenaries frequently have some dark secret, quirk in their character or particular skill which explains how they have become renowned sellswords. Models can spend points on Quirks of Character, as detailed in the army list. The points costs below refer to the cost for characters. One character and one unit may take the same Quirk of Character, but each Quirk may otherwise only be taken once per army (not including Special Characters).

Grizzled Warrior(Ability)35 points

The mercenary is covered in battle scars, having survived more strikes and blows than they can count.

Character only. All successful To Wound rolls against this model must be re-rolled.

Charismatic Leader(Ability)25 points

The mercenary inspires exceptional trust and devotion from his troops. They will follow him to the ends of the earth and beyond!

Eagle Eye(Ability)20 points

The mercenary's sight is exceptionally keen, allowing him to pick out targets from a crowd with ease.

Character only. The model gains the Sniper special rule.

Rich & Greedy(Ability)20 points

The mercenary is immensely rich and always demands the highest price for his services or keeps the lion’s share of the plunder. The result is that the pay chest is exceptionally big and full to overflowing. This inspires even more loyalty from his troops.

Blood Feud(Ability)15 points

The mercenary has a long-standing grudge or blood feud against the enemy. This is probably because they once double-crossed or treacherously betrayed them.

The model has the Hatred special rule.

Defiant(Ability)15 points

The mercenary refuses to flee even in the most desperate situations.

The model gains the Stubborn special rule.

Ranger(Ability)15 points

The mercenary has adept knowledge of the terrain and often scouts ahead of the main army.

Berserker(Ability)10 points

The mercenary is a frothing madman in the heat of battle, striking blows left and right with reckless abandon.

The model gains the Frenzy special rule.

Crushing Blow(Ability)10 points

The mercenary focuses all their strength into a massive strike with their weapon in the initial clash.

Cunning(Ability)10 points

The mercenary is the master of low cunning and always uses tricks in hand-to-hand combat.

Character only. The model may re-roll one failed To Hit roll each close combat phase.

Poisoner(Ability)10 points

The mercenary is adept with all kinds of deadly poisons covering their blades, which they use to deadly effect against the foe.

Character, Duellists, Hobgoblins or Elves only. The model gains the Poisoned Attacks special rule.

Veteran(Ability)10 points

The mercenary is a grizzled veteran of so many battles that they have superior fighting skill.

The model gains +1 Weapon Skill.

Ambusher(Ability)5 points

The mercenary circumvents the battlefield and attempts to attack the enemy in the flank or rear.

Fearless(Ability)5 points

The mercenary laughs death in the face, completely unfaced by monstrous creatures and fleeing comrades.

Vanguard(Ability)5 points

The mercenary itches to get into combat and marches ahead of the rest of the army to face the foe head on.

The model gains the Vanguard special rule.

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