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The sagas of the Norse chronicle their history and lore. Unlike most other races, they preserve the past through oral tradition rather than in written form by the tribe's Skalds. These Sagas retell stories of great feats attributed to great Norsemen of legends past. These Sagas are then attempted to be re-lived by their descendants who want to rise to the heights of their ancestors by achieving the same deeds in battle. A warrior who attempts to relive such a Saga will often fight in a manner that accentuates his natural talent, or even change his name to reflect it.

Certain characters in the Norscan army can choose one of the Sagas on this page, as detailed in the army list. No Saga may be taken more than once per army (not including Special Characters).

Saga of the Fearless Leader(Ability)35 points

Full wide was the fame of the battle they fought, ‘twas the greatest of deeds of the sons of Gjuki. Men say that the Niflungs while themselves they were living, with their swords fought mightily mail-coats they sundered. And helms did they hew as their hearts were fearless.

The character and any unit they are with roll 3D6 for all Leadership tests and discard the highest result.

Saga of the Ever-Vigilant(Ability)30 points

Then wild was their anger when all heard his words; their fingers were swift on their bowstrings to seize. Full sharply they shot, by their shields were they guarded.

Model on foot with shield only. The character gains the Parry (6+) special rule, and enemies suffer -1 To Hit the model in close combat.

Swift as a storm there smote together, the flashing blades in battle. Ever was Helgi Hunding’s slayer first in the throng where warriors fought. Fierce in battle slow to fly, hard the heart of the hero was.

The character gains +1 Attack for every enemy model in base contact with them when it is their turn to strike, up to a maximum of +3.

Saga of the Shining Hero(Ability)25 points

Triumph to some and treasure to others, to many wisdom and skill in words. Fair winds to the sailor to the singer his art, and manly heart to many a hero.

The model gains the Inspiring Presence ability with a 6" range. If this is taken by the army General, their Inspiring Presence ability range is increased by 6".

Saga of the Beastslayer(Ability)20 points

And off the heads of beasts shall hew. Die they shall, ere day has dawned. A few nights hence, and the folk shall have them.

Saga of the Eternal Warrior(Ability)20 points

The heroes all in Kharnath’s realm, each day to fight go forth. They fell each other and fare from the fight, all healed full soon sit.

Once this model is reduced to 0 Wounds, roll a D6; on a 4+ the model remains fighting with 1 Wound. This has no effect against Killing Blow or other attacks that would instantly kill the model.

Saga of the Glorious Hunter(Ability)15 points

Völund home from his hunting came, from a weary way, the weather-wise bowman. A brown bear’s flesh would he roast with fire. Soon the wood so dry was burning well.

Model on foot only. After deployment, but before the first turn begins, select a single character or monster in your opponent’s army. This is the character's primary quarry. The character may re-roll all failed To Hit and To Wound rolls against his primary quarry in close combat and with missile attacks.

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