Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Shiny Stuff
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most infamous, powerful and iconic sorcerous items ever used by the greenskins. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!(Magic Weapon)85 points

Rumour has it that this is the legendary axe that will start the battle that will end the world in an unstoppable orgy of fire and slaughter. According to Orc myth, this will come about when Warlord Ragna da Destroyer; Gork's (or possibly Mork's) chosen leader of the Last Waaagh! goes mad with an axe and destroys the whole world. This is the famous Orcish day of Ragnarork, and forms the basis of one of Orcdom's most popular and enduring campfire tales. It remains to be seen if the Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh! is actually the instrument that will bring about this destruction. However; there is no doubt that it is one of the most powerful magical weapons to be found anywhere in the Old World.

Roll a D6 at the start of each round of combat - the wielder of this weapon adds that number to both his Attacks and Strength in that round. However, the more attacks the wielder makes, the more difficult the axe is to control. Because of this, the bearer's Weapon Skill is lowered by an amount equal to half the dice roll (i.e. 1-2 = -1 Weapon Skill, 3-4 = -2 Weapon Skill, and 5-6 = -3 Weapon Skill).

Bashas Axe of Stunty Smashin'(Magic Weapon)50 points

This weapon is battered and stained through long years of hard use. While it shows evidence of many rough 'improvements', the core of its broad-headed blade and cutting edge is of a pure and untarnished metal, much like the expertly wrought master weapons forged by the Dwarf Runesmiths at the height of their powers. The rest of the chunky weapon is bashed and cobbled together from many metals. It is a blade that slices armour with its razor edge, before punching through it with its hefty bulk. Bathed in the spiteful magics of the Night Goblins, it is a weapon to bring home all their curses upon the stunties.

The wielder of this weapon has the Armour Piercing (1) special rule, and adds +1 to both his Attacks and Strength in close combat. This bonus is doubled if the wielder is in base contact with a model from the Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs. In addition, the wielder causes Fear in models from Warhammer Armies: Dwarf.

Magic Armour

Armour of Gork(Magic Armour)60 points

Bashed together out of the blackest metals of the underground, together with the reforged suits of slain stunties, this armour is thick and heavy. It wasn't until the blessing of Gork was bestowed upon it that the suit of armour became so formidable. Now, imbued with the brutal and aggressive spirit of the most ruthless and fightiest of greenskin gods, it is fit for a king amongst Warbosses. The Armour of Gork gives its wearer an iron belligerence that steels his resolve, even as it hardens his hide.

Medium armour. The wearer has +D3 Toughness. Roll to determine the armour's effectiveness the first time the wearer is hit each turn, and use the result for the rest of the turn. In addition, the wearer has the Impact Hits (D6) special rule.


The Collar of Zorga(Talisman)20 points

This studded collar is inscribed with ancient glyphs entwined with the shapes of mysterious beasts. The wearer can stare imperiously at any beast that dares confront him and say 'Don't even fink abart it' or something like that, and the beast cowers before him. The Collar also enables its wearer to enter the mind of monsters and overpower or bind them to his ill.

War Beasts, Monstrous Beasts, Monsters, Cavalry mounts, Monstrous Cavalry mounts and beasts pulling Chariots require 6's to hit the bearer. In addition, the wearer can attempt to take control of any one creature belonging to the above Troop Types at the start of each close combat phase. Each player roll a D6 and add the unmodified Leadership of the wearer of the Collar and the beast he is trying to control. If the Orc player scores equal or higher, he takes control of the beast who will now attack any friendly models in base contact for the remainder of the close combat phase. If the Orc player scores lower, the beast may act normally this turn.

Arcane Items

Skull Wand of Kaloth(Arcane Item)50 points

Originally captured from the Necromancer Kaloth, this staff fascinated the Goblin Shaman Kazgi, who spent long hours trying to plumb its secrets - that is until his mysterious disappearance. At first glance this skull on a stick seems like any other Shaman's fetish, at least it does until the ancient headbone's eye sockets gleam with an unearthly glow. Then the jawbone moves and a voice as dry and raspy as the ages gone rattles out. It speaks in a language long forgotten, but its words hold a fell power that even simple beasts might recognise and rightfully fear: Should you be close enough to hear it tell its dread secrets and mouth its unholy curse, then that will be the last thing you ever hear, for its words are death.

The Skull Wand unleashes a curse on a single enemy model that is in base contact with the bearer at the start of the Close Combat phase. The victim must pass a Leadership test (using its own, unmodified, Leadership) or be slain instantly, with no save of any kind allowed. In addition, the bearer of the Skull Wand causes Terror.

Lucky Shrunken Head(Arcane Item)25 points

Small and gruesomely shrivelled, like some over-ripened fruit, only a powerful enemy can be turned into the right kind of Shrunken Head. There are few charms as potent, but it can be made stronger still by the application of the correct rituals, shuffling dances and chants. Orcs have known this magic for as long as there have been Orcs. Some have forgotten, but the Savage Orc Shamans have not. When the crude stitches that keep the mouth sewn shut quiver, and the long-closed eyelids twitch, then the spell has worked. It is no minor charm, but a Lucky Shrunken Head. The old ways are best.

Savage Orc Shamans and Savage Orc Great Shamans only. Any unit joined by the bearer of the Lucky Shrunken head may re-roll failed Ward saves from their Warpaint special rule.

Enchanted Items

The Horn of Urgok(Enchanted Item)25 points

The Horn of Urgok is a twisted ram's horn with bands of rune encrusted red copper, and contains a potent spell. It has the power to panic enemies with feelings of dream and doom and fill friendly troops with courage with a single blast. When sounded, all enemy regiments within earshot may flee and all fleeing friendly regiments within range will rally themselves. If truth be known, most of Urgok's victories can be ascribed to the terrifying sound of this enchanted horn rather than his own generalship.

One use only. The horn can be used at the start of any of your turns. When this horn is sounded, all friendly units within 24" receive +1 Leadership and all enemy units within 24" suffer a -1 penalty to their Leadership until the end of the turn.

Magic Standards

Mork's Spirit Totem(Magic Standard)50 points

Mork's Spirit Totem drips with the raw Waaagh energy of the great god Mork. While the ladz march beneath its awesome shadow they enjoy the protection and favour of Mork. After powerful rituals and plenty of Shaman mumbo-jumbo, this banner was left leaning against an idol of Mork. There, under the totem's stony gaze, the banner has absorbed a fraction of the great Mork's mighty and indomitable spirit. This great green blessing drifts over and protects any that march under the banner's aura. The puny spells of enemy Wizards will be confounded - 'outclevered' by Mork's cunning. So strong is Mork that the enchanted weapons and items of foes become feeble in his merest presence. Good ol' Mork.

A unit with Mork's Spirit Totem has Magic Resistance (D6). Roll to determine the effectiveness of the banner every time a spell is cast on the unit carrying it. For example, if a 5 is rolled, the unit with have Magic Resistance (5) against that spell. In addition, all magic items belonging to enemy models that are in base contact with the bearer of Mork's Spirit Totem do not work and will count as mundane versions of the same type.

Spider Banner(Magic Standard)50 points

Covered in skulls and the webbed and dried husks of many offerings, this banner oozes with an evil aura. From out of the great webbed void, multiple-eyes gaze down upon the battlefield, with slaughter reflected in their blackness. When the wind moves the tattered banner; it flutters soundlessly, like so much webbing. Yet, ever so faintly, the furtive noise of scuttling can be heard, or perhaps the clicking and chittering of steel-hard mandibles. The divine blessings of the great Spider-god have been bestowed upon this banner and those who march beneath it visibly seethe with a black and deadly venom. Under the gaze of their Spider god's magic the Forest Goblins fill with Waaagh! energy, their eyes glint with power and anticipation of the slaughter.

Forest Goblin Big Boss only. Models in a unit with the Spider Banner, including the bearer, have Poisoned Attacks. Models that already have Poisoned Attacks will also automatically wound on To Hit rolls of 6.

The Bad Moon Banner(Magic Standard)40 points

The Bad Moon Banner is a creation of the Night Goblin shamans. When the leering, yellowed face of the Bad Moon Banner rises, all Night Goblins swell with an insane blend of daring and pure battle-madness. The very air about the banner seems to thicken into an inking gloaming. In the shadowy murk, the much-revered moon seems to shine more fully and more sickly still. As the light seems to get sucked away from their surroundings, the Night Goblins cackle and screech their glee. For those nearby, it feels for all the world like the damp and confined air of some darksome tunnel has materialised around them. Just the thing to fill a Night Goblin full of renewed bravery. of a sort.

Night Goblin Big Boss only. Night Goblin models in a unit with the Bad Moon banner are Stubborn. In addition, the banner shrouds the unit in darkness. Enemies suffer -1 To Hit with missile weapons against the bearer and any unit he joins. In addition, any enemy model that charges into base contact with the bearer or the unit must take a Dangerous Terrain test.