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Spites of Athel Loren
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Athel Loren is infested with all manner of capricious and unpredictable nature spirits that exists to protect the forest collectively known as Spites. In their truest form, these spirits appear as shining spheres of light or ghost-like auras. However, they can change form at will, and such is the array of shapes that they can take that it is almost impossible to categorise them. There are as many different kinds of Spite as there are trees in the wood, each kind having different abilities and favoured shapes. Some appear as tiny Elves riding beetles or miniature, skeletal horses, others as beautiful winged humanoids or woodland animals with slightly unnatural features.

They are wilful and highly unpredictable beings, as likely to help a lost traveller out of the forest as to lead him to his doom. In times of peace they may take the forms of benevolent helpers and caretakers of Athel Loren, and appear friendly and harmless even if generally mischievous. The Wood Elves often leave small offerings of food or shiny baubles for the Spites in an effort to distract them from mischief-making, although this is an almost impossible goal. They often associate themselves with a particular household or individual, and routinely steal food and coin, tie hair in knots and play practical jokes. Only Elves and Wizards have any real hope of dealing with them, and even then the history of the Wood Elves is filled with instances in which Spites have turned on them or abandoned them in times of need.

However, Spites are swift to anger and easy to offend, and are quick to shift to more aggressive and vicious forms. Spites are present everywhere in Athel Loren, and often attach themselves to certain places, Elves or creatures. They may occasionally play tricks or malicious practical jokes on that person or residents of the area they are attached to. They are very protective of their hosts, and will lash out with any powers they have at any who wish harm on them or have evil intent. Should the person or area to which they are attached come into trouble, the Spites react violently, with a malicious streak that rivals creatures many times their size.

Choosing Spites

Spites are chosen in the same manner as Magic Items, and count towards the maximum number of points a character is allowed to spend on Magic Items. Therefore each particular Spite choice may only be chosen once in an army. For example, you cannot have two models with A Murder of Spites in the one army. In addition, each character can only choose one Spite from the list below. However, models with the Forest Spirit special rule may have any number of Spites, to the limit of their allowance (100 points and 50 points respectively).

A Blight of Terrors(Ability)25 points

Terrors are malicious spites that dwell in the dark places of Athel Loren. They delight in terrifying unsuspecting intruders into Athel Loren. They take great mirth in the horrified and frightened expressions of their prey, and even greater hilarity if their target dies of shock. They often hide secreted on a host, and when that host comes near an enemy, they loom out, screaming and wailing, taking on their most fearsome aspect.

A model with a Blight of Terrors causes Terror.

A Cluster of Radiants(Ability)25 points

Radiants are unusual glowing Spites that usually manifest as little more than a blurred shape of pure light, though they appear in all manner of colours. They are often seen circling the most ancient of trees, and will shy away from Elves or other mortal creatures. Sometimes they will take more solid form, and appear like small Elven figures. They act as sponges for magical energy, sapping the power of enemy mages.

Forest Spirit only. A character with a Cluster of Radiants adds one extra dice to their Dispel pool in their opponent's Magic phase.

An Annoyance of Netlings(Ability)20 points

These spites commonly take the form of spider-like creatures, scurrying over their host with feverish abandon. Any enemy that attempts to strike a being that is under the protection of Netlings is likely to find weapon snagged in a web of magical filaments.

Any enemy attempting to strike a character with an Annoyance of Netlings in close combat will suffer -1 To Hit.

A Befuddlement of Mischiefs(Ability)15 points

Mischiefs sometimes appear as glowing spheres of light, or tiny elves that seem to glow from within, with large staring eyes and tattered wings. They befuddle the minds of mortals and send them into sleep-like trances.

Innate Bound Spell, Power Level 3. A Befuddlement of Mischiefs is a hex spell with a range of 18". The targeted unit must take a Stupidity test using 3D6 in their next Movement phase.

A Lamentation of Despairs(Ability)15 points

These three inseparable sister-spirits are much feared within Athel Loren, for they only appear to announce the demise of an individual. Often appearing as withered old crones with twisted twigs for hair and empty eyes, red-eyed ravens, or a triumvirate consisting of a crone, a beautiful woman and a girl-child, those who feel their gaze upon them know their time has come.

A Muster of Malevolents(Ability)15 points

Malevolents appear in countless guises and are aggressive defenders of Athel Loren, utilising poisoned darts and needlelike arrows, known as Elf-shot to the Bretonnians, to bring down their enemies. Some say that to be wounded by a Malevolent is to suffer a long and painful death, others that their darts can make their victims fall into a nightmarish sleep that can last for centuries.

A Muster of Malevolents is a shooting attack that can be used in addition to the models other shooting attacks. It has the following profile:

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

A Pageant of Shrikes(Ability)15 points

Shrikes are malicious Spites that often reveal themselves as diminutive red-capped creatures borne upon the backs of black birds, though they also appear as owls with a fey light in their large eyes. Some take the form of vicious, razor winged pixies or small knights riding upon the backs of insects. They move like quicksilver, darting through the forest to strike at their enemies, targeting vital arteries and eyes. Some say they are able to reach within the bodies of their foes to attack vital organs and the mind, causing great pain and sometimes death.

A Pageant of Shrikes is a shooting attack that can be used in addition to the model's other shooting attacks. It has the following profile:

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

A Murder of Spites(Ability)10 points

Spites are vicious manifestations that take countless varied forms. Some have barbed, thorn-like limbs and razor sharp talons, others take the form of diminutive winged figures armed with tiny weapons. Some seem to be all teeth and talons, while others may hide their viciousness behind a facade of innocence and beauty. They hide within the cloaks of their hosts, or within the cracks and hollows of ancient Treemen, peeping out maliciously and ready to attack any who draw near.

A Murder of Spites is a close combat attack that can be used in addition to the models other attacks. It has the following profile:

RangeStrengthSpecial Rules

As they bound from branch, to bow, to cloak, Luminescents leave behind a magical spoor. Should they alight upon a weapon of any kind, their presence bestows a minor' enchantment that can prove lethal to magical beings.

A Resplendence of Luminescents give the character and any unit they join Magical Attacks.

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