Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Spoils of the Herdstones
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Beastmen. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Axes of Khorgor(Magic Weapon)60 points

One of the greatest Champions of the Beastmen ever to walk the Old World was a vicious brute named Khorgor. A vile thing, it's said he butchered hundreds of Humans. So wanton was he in his killing, he decorated his horns with the entrails of the dead. Whilst a great warrior in his own right, he was aided by a pair of blasphemous axes that could hew through armour and flesh with ease. So powerful was he when armed with these axes, no other Beastman could stand against him. But as with all things, Khorgor passed from this world, his body consumed by his followers, and ownership of these terrible weapons changed hands many times, moving from successor to successor, passed down through the centuries. His half-sentient axes became trophies that have been fiercely fought over by the warherds ever since. These Axes are identical, with have wooden hafts stained with sweat, grime, and old blood. Each axe head is shaped like a crescent moon and attaches to the haft at the midpoint of the blade. Though obviously old, the blades are incredibly sharp and reflect all light as red.

The Black Maul(Magic Weapon)50 points

This large-hafted weapon ends in a spiked head. Stained black from having bathed in the blood of thousands of victims slain on the field of battle, it seems alive with violence. The spirit of the heavy, unsubtle weapon hungers for blood, and any who carries this weapon for long finds their thoughts ever drifting towards carnage and bloodshed, and eventually find themselves obeying the weapon's longings. The Black Maul is an old weapon, believed to have been wielded by either an ancient Beastman Warlord or perhaps by some primitive Human in ages past. What is known is that the weapon defies all attempts to destroy it. Neither fire, acid, nor consecration by a Priest of Sigmar has had any success. So, to contain its evil, a monastery in Reikland buried it in a vault. However, after the place was sacked by Beastmen, the weapon went missing once more.

The Black Maul adds +2 to the bearer's Strength and gives him the Frenzy special rule. In addition, the weapon ignores any rules that would otherwise destroy the weapon.

Great Fang(Magic Weapon)35 points

This pale sword is crude but sharp. It is clearly made from something other than steel, perhaps bone or ivory. Torn from the maw of a monstrous Shaggoth, it was sharpened by Bray-Shamans for generations until it gained a razor edge. Marked with blasphemous runes of the Beast Tongue, it's noted for its ability to sheer through armour, bone, and flesh.

The wielder of Great Fang gain +1 To Wound, and enemies must re-roll successful Armour Saves.

Stonecrusher Mace(Magic Weapon)35 points

This massive, heavy club is ringed with bands of cursed iron, and carries enchantments of shattering and destruction. A great blunt weapon with an iron beast-head at its tip, the Stonecrusher Mace has become a symbol of the Beast men's eternal desire to unmake that which Man has made, and to cast down his civilisation so that no stone is left standing upon another. Though it lacks an edge with which to penetrate armour, those struck by it find their bones turn to powder under the sheer brute force of the blow. Even castle gates have fallen to this weapon in its long and bloody history.

Magic Armour

Fur of Sharrgu(Magic Armour)40 points

This hide is a filthy mess of matted and stinking fur. The Beastmen waste nothing. When a Chaos Spawn dies, they butcher it for meat. The larger the spawn, the more flesh it provides. On occasion, these beasts are far greater and more powerful, thanks to the burden of countless corruptions, and they gain a name for themselves for the destruction they deal. Such was the case of Sharrgu. An enormous Spawn, it was the great despoiler. When the towering beast-spawn known as Sharggu was slain, its hide was roughly cut and ripped from its body to make a heavy, shaggy cloak. It was said that Sharggu was impervious to arrows and javelins hurled against it, and so it was believed that the fur could make a champion invulnerable to missiles.

Ramhorn Helm(Magic Armour)15 points

This ornate headdress has two great curving ram horns that spiral and tighten around the wearer's own horns, allowing the bearer to deliver a devastating headbutt to any enemy that lowers his guard.

6+ Armour Save. For every armour save the wearer passes, the bearer may immediately make a bonus attack at his basic Strength.

Arcane Items

Shard of The Herd Stone(Arcane Item)50 points

A sliver of strangely glowing stone, the shard is cast to the ground and an instant later a mighty, fagged herdstone will burst from the writhing soil.

After deployment zones have been agreed, but before the armies have been deployed, place an appropriate terrain piece to represent the herdstone in your deployment zone, no more than 3" in diameter. At the start of your Magic phase, each friendly Bray-Shaman or Great Bray-Shaman within 6" of the herdstone generates an additional power dice.

Chalice of Dark Rain(Arcane Item)35 points

Made from the skull of a geomancer, when filled with soil the Chalice of Dark Rain can summon a deluge of mud that ruins the bright uniforms of the foe and fouls their delicate machineries of war.

One use only. At the beginning of the enemy Shooting phase, the bearer can summon a storm of mud and worms with which to blind his enemies. For the rest of the phase, all enemy missile units are at -1 To Hit. Weapons or attacks that do not use Ballistic Skill may only fire on the roll of a 4+.

Enchanted Items

The Dark Heart(Enchanted Item)30 points

This fist-sized dark red gemstone pulses with scarcely-contained power and throws beams of crimson light in all directions. The Dark Heart is aptly named for a Beastman Warlord who tore it from the chest of an Elven Wizard before the Coming of Sigmar. So violent was the Elf's death that Khorne crystallised the heart and filled it with the Beastman's wrath. Now the item is in the possession of one of the rampaging Warherds still active in the wake of the recent war, though which one none can say. Those under the influence of its power are filled with a longing to kill, and will charge recklessly at the foe, filled with hatefuelled invigoration.

The character and any unit led by him adds +D3" to their charge move. Roll after declaring charges - if the charge is failed, the models move their normal failed charge distance.

Magic Standards

The Beast Banner(Magic Standard)60 points

This ancient banner is stitched together from pieces of hide hewn from literally hundreds of defeated enemies. Only the flayed skins of the most powerful foes are honoured in such a manner, for the Beastmen believe that they themselves have become imbued with the powers of these defeated enemies.

The bearer and any unit he has joined have a +1 bonus to their Strength.

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