Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Talismanic Runes
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Talismanic runes can he inscribed upon amulets, belts, crowns, helms and other ornamental pieces, although they are most often found on rings. Every character is assumed to have the relevant item in his possession.

Master Rune of Balance(Talisman)50 points

Forged in the embers of a captured book of spells, this rune hungers after the magical power of the Winds of Magic, stealing it from the enemy.

Runesmiths/Runelords only. During the enemy's Magic phase, this rune allows the owning player remove one power dice from his opponent's pool and add it to his own dispel pool.

Master Rune of Kingship (Talisman)40 points

Gotrek Starbreaker was the first great Dwarf lord to have his crown adorned with this rune. Such a crown is a priceless artefact and the loss of one is dearly mourned as it absorbs the wisdom of its former master and passes this on to the next crown bearer.

Dwarf Lord only. The Master Rune of Kingship gives the Lord and the unit he is with the Stubborn and Immunity (Fear/Terror) special rules for as long as he remains with the unit. If he joins a unit of Hammerers, the unit becomes Unbreakable instead. If the model is not in a unit, it has no effect.

Master Rune of Spellbinding(Talisman)30 points

This rune allows a Runesmith to channel away the winds of magic with greater ease, thwarting the magical attacks of their foes.

A model with the Master Rune of Spellbinding gets a +2 bonus to all attempts to channel dispel dice.

Master Rune of Spite(Talisman)30 points

Created to protect the gates of Karaz-a-Karak and other strongholds, this rune has since been transferred onto other devices.

Every time a model with the Master Rune of Spite is Hit in close combat, the model that struck the blow suffers a Strength 4 hit.

Rune of Spellbreaking(Talisman)25/35 points

It is said that Grungni and Valaya worked together to form this potent rune. Once a Runesmith has mastered the Rune of Warding he will learn this more complex rune.

Runesmiths/Runelords only. One use only. When a spell has been cast, a Runesmith or Runelord can use this rune to dispel it automatically, without the need to roll dispel dice. This rune cannot be used to dispel Remains in Play spells other than at the moment they are cast.

A second Rune of Spell breaking maintains the previous effect and, after the spell is dispelled, roll a D6; on a 4+, the enemy spell is lost to the Wizard casting it and cannot be cast by him for the rest of the game. A third Rune of Spellbreaking has no further effect.

Master Rune of Challenge(Talisman)15 points

A foe that bears this rune is suddenly aware of the challenge issued by the Dwarf sounding it as well as the indomitable will that powers it. The only options that remain are fight or flight.

One use only. The rune is used during the enemy turn before they declare charges. Nominate one enemy unit within 12" of the rune user. The unit must be able to charge and reach the rune user or the unit he is with according to the normal rules. The enemy unit must either declare a charge against the rune user (and any unit he is with) or must flee in the Compulsory Movement phase as if it had failed a Panic test. The rune user (and any unit he is with) can only elect to Hold or Stand and Shoot. Any Terror tests are taken as normal. This rune has no effect on units that have Immunity (Psychology).

Rune of Fate(Talisman)15 points

A Dwarf possessing this rune will dream portents of the future the night before a battle, and we will know each blow that the enemy will strike at him.

One use only. The model has a Ward save (2+) against the first unsaved Wound suffered. Multiples of this rune have no further effect.

Rune of Warding(Talisman)15/30/45 points

Apprentice Runesmiths are taught the techniques necessary to create this rune early in their studies. However, striking three Runes of Warding correctly is a difficult task, even for experienced Runesmiths.

A model with a Rune of Warding has a Ward save (6+).

A model with two Runes of Warding has a Ward save (5+).

A model with three Runes of Warding has a Ward save (4+).

Master Rune of Passage(Talisman)10 points

This rune causes rocks, vegetation, snow and mud to become easily passable.

A model with the Master Rune of Passage, and any unit he joins, automatically pass any Dangerous Terrain tests.

Rune of Brotherhood(Talisman)5 points

This rune allows a Dwarf to quickly assimilate skills possessed by his closest comrades.

May not be used by a character with an Oath Stone or Shieldbearers. A character with this rune may either be deployed with a unit of Rangers utilising the Scouts special rule or join a unit of Miners utilising the Ambushers special rule. Multiples of this rune have no further effect.

Rune of Luck(Talisman)5 points

First inscribed on a ring worn by Magnund Hammerson, who then went on to acquire a fortune through gambling.

One use only. A model with a Rune of Luck can re-roll a single To Hit roll, To Wound roll, armour save, ward save or characteristic test during the game. Multiples of this rune have no further effect.

Rune of the Furnace(Talisman)5 points

First designed to aid Dwarfs working hot forges, this rune has been adapted for use in battle.

A model with the Rune of the Furnace has the Immunity (Flaming Attacks) special rule. Multiples of this rune have no further effect.

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