Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The Pirates' Booty
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Pirates of Sartosa. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

The Bloody Nora (Magic Weapon)40 points

Order is often maintained aboard the ship with the threat of the lash. In battle the long barbed whip of the Cat oÕ Nine Tails is also seen, but this time dealing out punishment to the enemy! The vicious Bloody Nora is crueller than any other, lashing out at the pirateÕs enemies. In the hands of a skilled wielder, it will tear at a multitude of foes with a single stroke.

The wielder of this weapon gains D3+2 Extra Attacks on any turn he charges, and gives him +2 Extra Attacks in subsequent rounds.

Pistols of King Death(Magic Weapon)40 points

Legend says that Black-Wyrd himself carried the Pistols of King Death. Whether he has somehow lost them or this set is a copy is unknown; whatever their origin they are an unassuming pair of pistols of Estalian make, shod in iron with a stylised skull as the only makerÕs mark. Thought lost when his lifeless body was thrown into the dark sea, they seem to make their way to any pirate lord who is destined for great thingsÉ or destined for an eternity in hell. This brace of pistols fires without recourse to powder, although they still need shot, thus they are unaffected by being wet. The pistol shows signs of wear and exposure to the elements, but its walnut stock, nickel plated barrel, and gold accents are of fine craftsmanship, and its mechanisms still move with precision.

Brace of pistols. All failed To Hit and To Wound rolls with these Pistols may be re-rolled. This includes both close combat and shooting attacks.

Lucky Levi's Hook Hand(Magic Weapon)35 points

Pirates who have lost a hand or arm due to injury can be fitted with a sharpened metal hook. One such pirate was Lucky Levi, so called for the many wounds he had survived during his career. But while he had lost a leg, an eye, and most of his wits, it was the hook replacing his lost hand that would become the most famous of his possessions. This crude but effective piratical prosthetic allows its wielder to strike with inhuman strength, telling of its magical powers.

The Prince of Trantio awarded this cutlass to Sloppy Cruickshank, the Admiral of the Royal Navy at the time, for his skill in battle. Immediately after receiving this great boon, Cruickshank set the palace ablaze, stole the fastest ship in the fleet, and began his life of piracy on the high seas. Being Sloppy CruickshankÕs favourite weapon, this cutlass made the pirate captain the toast of a hundred drinking dens.

The first attack directed towards the wielder in each round of Close Combat automatically misses. In addition, he gains +1 to Hit and the Armour Piercing special rule.

Magic Armour

Bloody Bill's Buckler(Magic Armour)35 points

Bloody Bill's rampage was successful if short-lived, no doubt thanks to his famous enchanted buckler that he always carried into battle. This small shield allowed him to counter almost any attack made by either axe or blade with little effort. Unfortunately for Bill, it didn't save him from the cannon ball that tore his head clean off...

Buckler. The wielder gains the Parry (6+) special rule, and any enemy attempting to strike him in Close Combat suffers -1 To Hit.


Whalebone Charm (Talisman)30 points

Superstitious inhabitants of the Old World often bedeck themselves with various lucky charms and trinkets, and sailors are no exception. Sailors particularly prize Scrimshaw charms formed from Whalebone, paying Hedge Wizards to enchant them or seeking a Priest of a nautical god, such as Manann, to bless them. Carved from the remains of a mighty whale, the charm is whittled with care and said to bring luck to anyone who wears it. Who knows, there might be something to it.

One use only. When used, enemies must re-roll successful rolls To Wound against the wearer for the duration of the turn. In addition, when the wearer would normally lose his last Wound, this is automatically negated on a 2+.

Polly the Parrot(Talisman)20 points

Squawk! Pieces of Eight! Pieces of Eight! A well trained parrot is excellent at distracting opponents, either by shouting out loud at them or flying around getting in their way. How this old parrot has survived so long only the gods know, but it has been the lucky mascot for many a pirate captain over the years.

All enemies attempting to strike the owner must re-roll 6's To Hit in close combat. In addition, the owner gains a Ward Save (3+) against War Machines.

Enchanted Items

Dead Man's Chest(Enchanted Item)65 points

Who knows what treasures are locked away within the Dead Man's Chest? Presumably the Pirates do, for they rally to it like the Reiksguard to the Imperial colours. It is said however, that its contents are cursed, and will damn anyone that takes from it with the curse of Undeath until its contents are returned...

One use only. The Dead Man's chest can be opened at the start of any Sartosan turn as long as the model carrying it is not in close combat. When used, the character and the unit he with gains the Animated Construct, Fear, and Unstable special rules; for all intents and purposes, the unit is now Undead for the remainder of the battle. In addition, it adds +1 to their Combat Resolution.

Gentleman Jenkin's Trusty Compass(Enchanted Item)30 points

Built hundreds of years ago in the far off land of Cathay, the thin needle almost always points south. On some occasions, however, it spins like a top, landing on a single point. Does it point towards the holder's fortune, or his doom? Gentleman Jenkins was said to have voyaged the length (and depths) of the six seas, all thanks to his trusty compass. The privateer captain Gentleman Jenkins carried his trusty compass of wizard manufacture with him everywhere, relying on its ability to give him a heading. None knows what exactly the compass pointed to, but often it would lead Jenkins to dive deep under the seas until one day, only the compass floated back.

The character, and one unit of his choice that he may join, may deploy as Scouts. In addition, they may re-roll all failed rolls to Reform during the Battle.

Magic Standards

The Jolly Roger(Magic Standard)50 points

Ah, the sight of the Jolly Roger waving in the wind is enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest old salty dog. The vessels of the Pirate fleet fly a bewildering array of flags, but pirates aren't the most original of artists. Thus, each tends to display some variation on the skull and crossbones device. This white-and-black naval ensign displays the grinning skull and crossed manacles of King Death. While the flag feels as sleek as silk, the material is stronger than the toughest sail canvas.