Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Toxins (Gifts of Khaine)
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Many of these poisons contain mystical ingredients, making them deadly even to creatures not of mortal flesh.

All of a model's mundane weapons may be coated with one type of toxin in addition to its Poisoned Attacks. These toxins have no additional effect against models with Immunity (Poisoned Attacks).

Dark Venom(Ability)25 points

Extracted from the poisonous reptiles of the bleak land of Naggaroth, Dark Venom is a deadly toxin. A weapon treated with Dark Venom will cause a mortal wound if it merely scratches the skin, causing the poisoned victim to die in the most grotesque manner imaginable.

Manbane (Ability)10 points

Manbane is one of the most lethal venoms ever devised, causing even the tiniest wound to bleed openly and profusely.

A model with Manbane will automatically Wound on the To Hit roll of 6.

Black Lotus(Ability)5 points

Black Lotus contains a powerful narcotic that has a terrifying effect on living flesh, driving victims delusional and insane.

For each unsaved Wound a character suffers from a model equipped with Black Lotus, that character suffers a -1 penalty to their Leadership for the rest of the game.

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