Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Treasures of the Necropolis
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Magic Weapons

Blade of Antarhak(Magic Weapon)50 points

Forged for the Tomb Prince Antarhak of Numas, this magical weapon draws the life energy from the slain and suffuses the wielder with the stolen essence. Those whose bodies are pierced by this cursed blade age decades in mere seconds, their once powerful frames reduced to withered husks in the span of a few heartbeats. As the foe's vitality is sapped, the wielder's wounds heal, and a semblance of youth returns, if only temporarily, to their time-ravaged features.

For every unsaved Wound inflicted by the Blade of Antarhak, the wielder immediately regains a single Wound lost earlier in the battle. If the bearer is already at his starting number of Wounds and inflicts another unsaved Wound with this weapon, he gains the Regeneration (4+) special rule until the end of the next player turn.

Destroyer of Eternities(Magic Weapon)40 points

The bloodthirsty King Nekhesh was the first to wield this massive, ornate blade in battle, smashing his foes in all directions and severing limbs and heads with every sweeping blow. Imbued with powerful incantations, the blade of this weapon is impossibly sharp. The sword was also used to ritually execute captured foes of the king, and it can cleave through armour, muscle and bone with equal ease. Furthermore, this weapon is said to destroy the souls of its victims, thereby denying them any hope of reaching the afterlife. The Destroyer of Eternities was thus greatly feared in ancient Nehekhara, and to be slain by its cursed blade was considered a fate infinitely worse than mere death.

Tomb King on foot only. Great weapon. Attacks made with the Destroyer of Eternities have the Heroic Killing Blow special rule. The wielder can choose to exchange all of his Attacks to make a special 'Sweeping Attack'. If he does so, all enemy models in base contact with the wielder suffer a single automatic hit (with Heroic Killing Blow). In a challenge, only the models engaged in the challenge count as being in base contact with the Tomb King.

Magic Armour

Scorpion Armour(Magic Armour)40 points

This armour is decorated with designs of the Scorpion God, and is infused with protective energies.

Light armour. The character can never suffer more than one wound due to combat resolution. If the wearer is with a unit, up to half the wounds suffered due to combat resolution can be allocated against the character, which are then ignored save for the first one.


Collar of Shapesh(Talisman)25 points

This was created by a High Priest of Osir in ancient Ka-Sabar. Its powerful charm protects the wearer from harm, although the god of the Underworld, not to be thwarted, will duly steal the life from another.

For each unsaved Wound the bearer suffers (before calculating any Multiple Wounds), roll a D6: on a 4+ the Wound is transferred to any friendly model in base contact of the bearers choosing, with no saves of any kind allowed. These Wounds still counts towards combat resolution as normal. If there are no friendly models in base contact, then this rule has no effect.

Arcane Items

Neferra, High Priestess to King Khutef committed her lifetime of knowledge to eight enchanted scrolls so that it would never be lost. The ink with which the hieroglyphs were inscribed was mixed with the blood of sacrificed slaves, each drop being individually blessed in a week-long ritual. Each scroll took over a decade of painstaking work to complete, but the raw power imbued within them can transform the simplest incantation into an unstoppable hurricane of power. Neferra was so paranoid that a rival might steal her sacred scrolls that she also wrought powerful curses onto the parchments that would bring about an unwitting thief's destruction.

One use only. A Wizard can declare that he is using Neferra's Scrolls of Mighty Incantations immediately before casting a spell. If he does so, the Wizard must add a number of extra bonus dice, equal to his Wizard level, to the power dice he is going to roll (you still need to roll at least one dice from the power pool). The bonus dice do not count as power dice. However, a roll of any double (except 1's) when initially casting a spell using them will counts as rolling a 6 for the purpose of Ultimate Power.

Enkhil's Kanopi(Arcane Item)15 points

Within this inauspicious clay vessel is the ancient heart of High Priest Enkhil, removed from his corpse when he was embalmed and entombed within the great necropolis of Mahrak. Enkhil was a jealous and powerful priest when alive, and his undying essence is contained within his shrivelled heart to this day. When the vulture-headed lid is opened, this canopic jar sucks the swirling magical energy from the air, drawing the power into the vessel itself. Enkhil's Kanopi is much sought after, as it can not only thwart the sorceries of enemy wizards, but also strengthen a Liche Priest's own incantations.

Bound Spell (Power Level 3). If cast successfully, roll a D6 for every remains in play spell on the tabletop: on a 2+ that spell is automatically dispelled. For each spell that is ended in this way, add D3 power dice to your power pool.

Enchanted Items

Golden Death Mask of Kharnut(Enchanted Item)50 points

According to Nehekharan beliefs, in the afterlife the gods would bestow each king with a body of gold. Thus, when Prince Kharnut awoke from his death-sleep he was horrified at his withered, skeletal visage and demanded the Mortuary Cult fashion for him a magnificent golden death mask. However, when the mask was being sealed around Kharnut's head, a drop of molten gold fell upon the Prince's embalmed body, immolating him in a fiery blaze. The Prince's spirit was not destroyed, but was mystically bound within the expressionless mask. The golden Death Mask of Kharnut has witnessed the doom of thousands over the centuries, and the taint of death hangs heavy upon it, gripping the hearts of all who gaze upon it.

Cloak of the Dunes(Enchanted Item)35 points

This fabled cloak is said to have been created by Khsar the Faceless, the god of the desert who took on the form on the elemental wind. The Cloak of the Dunes is infused with the magic of the deserts, enabling the wearer to transform himself into a whirling cloud of sand and move rapidly across the battlefield. As the bearer moves across the desert, a cone of sharp sand follows in his wake that can strip flesh from bone.

Infantry character on foot only. The wearer of the Cloak of Dunes has the Fly (10) special rule. In addition, if the bearer moves over an unengaged enemy unit in the Remaining Moves sub-phase, that enemy unit immediately suffers 2D6 Strength 2 hits, resolved as for shooting attacks. The bearer can move over several enemy units in the same turn if you wish, causing damage to every unit. The same target unit cannot be affected more than once in the same turn.

Magic Standards

Banner of the Hidden Dead(Magic Standard)60 points

Belonging to the fabled Hawk Legion, the elite army who guarded Settra before his mummification, the Banner of the Hidden Dead summons the souls of one of their regiments from their honoured place in the Underworld. Wrought with powerful incantations, the ancient dead are called to this banner like moths to a flame. The magic of the banner then binds these souls into the skeletal remains of warriors who have long lain buried and forgotten beneath the sands. At a wordless command, skeletal soldiers punch through the desert surface, forming into perfect ranks or long-dead charioteers burst forth from the dunes for the first time in millennia, ready to wage war once more for the glory of Nehekhara.

Nominate one of your units of Infantry, Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry or Chariots with the Undead rule that has yet to deploy, whose total points value is no greater than 200 points. That unit gains the Entombed Beneath the Sands special rule. When this unit arrives on the battlefield you must place its 'Entombed Beneath the Sands' marker within 12" of the Banner of the Hidden Dead. If the bearer of this banner is destroyed before the hidden unit emerges, the entire hidden unit is destroyed and removed as casualties.

In addition, every unit with the Entombed Beneath the Sands special rule that attempts to emerge whilst its marker is within 12" of the Banner of the Hidden Dead (including your nominated hidden unit) can re-roll the scatter and artillery dice when emerging. Note that you must either re-roll both, or neither of the dice.

Standard of the Undying Legion(Magic Standard)30 points

This great standard was once the ornamental decoration above the tomb of King Lahmizzar's Jackal Legion, the elite Tomb Guard of Quatar. Every one of these warriors, the fiercest of all the king's army, swore their oath of eternal servitude under the shadow of this banner; slitting their palms and daubing the standard's top - a likeness of Djaf, the jackal-headed god of the dead - in their own blood The spirits of Lahmizzar's legion live on within this ancient icon to this day. Whenever the Standard of the Undying Legion is taken forth into battle, these warrior-spirits restore the fallen and inhabit their bodies to fight again and fulfil their undying pledge.