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Treasures of the Old Ones
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On the following pages are magic items available to Lizardmen armies. These can be taken in addition to any of the magic items listed in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Blade of Realities(Magic Weapon)55 points

Brought to the world by the Old Ones, this weapon shimmers with unnatural power. Legends carved on ancient stone claim the blade exists on every plane of reality simultaneously, and that its edge can sever a creature's soul. No earthly force can stop this deadly blade – it penetrates granite and steel as easily as it slices through flesh and bone.

No armour or ward saves can be taken against Wounds caused by the Blade of Realities.

The Piranha Blade(Magic Weapon)40 points

The Piranha Blade gained its name for its ability to shred its victim into bloody tatters. It is shaped in the form of a vicious, ravenous carnivorous piranha fish. Like its namesake, this weapon has thousands of tiny barbed teeth that rip and tear anything they touch. The teeth of this fish are set along the edges of the blade, and the hilt is decorated with inlaid fish eyes. The weapon mimics the action of the piranha fish and bites into the flesh of the victim devouring it. Just as the many-toothed fish saws through the hardened scales of a Stegadon, so too does the Piranha Blade rasp through armour to carve up opponents.

Magic Armour

Sacred Stegadon Helm of Itza(Magic Armour)40 points

Any Lizardmen wearing a helmet made from a Stegadon skull is accorded due respect, for it is a potent symbol of power. However, any adorned with the Sacred Stegadon Helm of Itza is accorded the reverence due to a Slann. The horns of the helm came from the mighty Xelbalbia, a divinely huge Stegadon whose heroics in the Defence of Itza during the Great Catastrophe were overshadowed only by the defence of the Bridge of Stars.

The wearer of the Sacred Stegadon Helm counts his armour save as being one point higher than normal. Furthermore, the Sacred Stegadon Helm grants the wearer +1 Toughness and the Impact Hits (D3) special rule.

Arcane Items

Cube of Darkness(Arcane Item)30 points

Found in the metal ark beneath Xhotl, the Cube of Darkness is as alien as it is powerful. Viewed up close, this small black cube contains millions of tiny pin-pricks of blinking light, each circling a sphere of pure darkness. By implementing the correct pattern of thoughts, the cube may be opened for a fraction of a second, inexplicably drawing the very Winds of Magic into its depths.

One use only. When an enemy spell has been cast, a Wizard with the Cube of Darkness can use it instead of attempting to dispel the spell using dispel dice. If he does so, roll a D6; on the roll of a 2+ the spell is automatically dispelled - otherwise the spell is resolved as normal. In either case, roll a separate D6 for every Remains in Play spell currently in effect; on a 2+ that spell automatically ends.

Plaque of Dominion(Arcane Item)15 points

The Lizardmen prize the ancient knowledge of the Old Ones above all else. They will go the ends of the earth to recover even the most eroded or splintered plaques in the hope of uncovering a piece of cosmic knowledge. One such tablet is the Plaque of Dominion, an ancient stone relic carved before the second spawning of the Slann that contains elements of the Old Ones' own, indecipherable, language. The unfathomable power contained within these graven images is enough to cause the unwary to go mad, and simply by glancing at the glyphs, unprepared minds can be shocked into a bewildering stupor as the insignificance of their puny lives on the cosmic scales of the Old Ones is relentlessly forced into their minds.

Bound spell (power level 3). The Plaque of Dominion contains a hex spell that targets all enemy Wizards within 18". The targets of this spell have the Stupidity special rule until the start of the caster's next Magic phase.

Enchanted Items

The Cloak of Feathers(Enchanted Item)35 points

This finely woven cloak is made from hundreds of shedfeathers gathered over the centuries from one of the most rare creatures to inhabit Lustria – the mysterious Coatl. These fabled monsters sport long, sinuous, serpentine bodies, Dragon-like heads and massive feathered wings. They are said to be the manifestation of the Old One Tepok, and are venerated by Skink Priests as guardians of the air, magic and sacred places. The Coatl are highly intelligent and powerful mages, and a portion of that mystic power infuses every shed feather. The Cloak of Feathers thus shimmers with a power that not only wards away evil sorcery, but allows the wearer to soar into the air whenever he extends his arms.

Skink character on foot only. The wearer of the Cloak of Feathers has the Fly (10) special rule. In addition, the wearer has the Magic Resistance (1) special rule.

The Egg of Quango(Enchanted Item)30 points

It was the great Mazdamundi himself who unearthed the last remaining egg of the mysterious Quango. Since the time of the Old Ones, this relic had been held in a secret, underground chamber, and it was only discovered as Mazdamundi rebuilt the pyramid-temple of Pahuax. Before its discovery, only the name of the creature was known and its existence was mere legend. No one knows exactly what will hatch from the egg or why it was held in stasis. However, as the armies of the Lizardmen prepare once more to meet the threat of their terriblefies, Lord Mazdamundi has decreed that the egg can finally be cracked open and its dread contents exposed.

One use only. The Egg of Quango can be cracked open at the start of any Close Combat phase. Nominate one enemy unit in base contact with the bearer or his unit, roll a D6 and consult the table below to find out what happens. Any Wounds inflicted count towards combat results.




The egg opens and a withered Quango hatchling bites the enemy feebly before dying of old age.

The enemy unit immediately suffers D6 Strength 3 hits.


Quango hatchling emerges to bite the enemy with vigour before succumbing to its extreme age.

The enemy unit immediately suffers D6 Strength 4 hits.


The heavens resound to thunderous peals as a Quango bursts forth in full glory and casts its radiant hues upon the world. After smiting its foes, it flies off, taking no further part in the battle.

The enemy unit immediately suffers 2D6 Strength 5 hits.

The Horn of Kygor(Enchanted Item)30 points

The legendary Saurus Kygor, the first and greatest to have been raised to the position of Sacred Caller, could bellow a mighty roar that eclipsed that of a hungry Carnosaur, and cause herds of Stegadons to stampede in fright. Though Kygor's kingly status ended in a ritual sacrifice, the deep bass note that now emits from his magical, gold-banded warhorn is an echo of his own battle cry. It has the power to spur the great lizards of the jungle into a berserk rage, raising their own voices to meet that of the Sacred Caller as they stamp the enemies of the Old Ones into a thick red paste.

One use only. The bearer of the Horn of Kygor can sound it at the start of any of his Movement phases. If he does so, all friendly monsters, monster mounts, monstrous beasts, monstrous cavalry mounts, cavalry mounts, chariot beasts and war beasts within 12" of the bearer have the Frenzy special rule until the start of their next Movement phase.

Magic Standards

Skavenpelt Banner(Magic Standard)30 points

Throughout the tumultuous Age of Strife, the armies of Tehenhauin, the Prophet of Sotek, marched to war against the Skaven hordes of Clan Pestilens. Many were the totems of that great war, but the most famous relic of that era is beyond a doubt the loathsome Skavenpelt Banner of Pogenichi. Cut from the plague-ridden hide of a Plague Pontifex personally slain by Chief Poqenichi himself it was crafted when the fork-tailed comet lit even the daytime sky, and many blessings of the Serpent God have been put upon the vile hide. Ever since, Poqenchi's standard has been flapping in the wind above the unit, its fetid stench driving the Lizardmen warriors into a murderous frenzy, stirring their reptilian blood to great heights of bloodlust. Many victories have been won beneath the Skavenpelt Banner and with each triumph, post-battle sacrifices furnished further fresh pelts to adorn the powerful icon of the wrath of Lustria unleashed. The rat-kin have grown to particularly loathe the standard, for its appearance has heralded the doom of so many of their kind.

All models in a unit with the Skavenpelt Banner gain the Frenzy and Hatred (Skaven) special rules. However, all models from Warhammer: Skaven gain the Hatred special rule against the unit carrying the banner.

The Jaguar Standard(Magic Standard)25 points

The fleet jaguar was a bodily form said to have found much favour in the eyes of the Old Ones and many totems and temples around Lustria bear the beast's careen image. None amongst these, however, are as famous as the sacred Jaguar Standard. Originally from the temple-city of Xlanhuapec, the Jaguar Standard has been borne to battle by countless victorious armies across all of Lustria and beyond. Those who fight beneath the shadow of this fabled jungle beast's totem are known to move with the preternatural swiftness of the creature itself, and to hunt down their enemies with relentless fury.

All models in a unit with the Jaguar Standard adds D3" to their charge or pursue distance.

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