Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Treasures of the Sands
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Arabyans. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook.

Magic Weapons

Blade of Holy Wrath(Magic Weapon)60 points

This is a famed weapon that was wielded by Abakukh the Mighty. His lust for battle was such that he was overcome by the sword after slaying every enemy that stood against him on that fateful day.

The bearer gains a Strength Bonus equal to the Wound characteristics of any enemy model he Hits in close combat. In addition, he is also subject to the Hatred and Frenzy special rule.

Martyr's Shard(Magic Weapon)50 points

Forged by Alik the Fanatic, the Martyr’s Shard gained its power as Alik lay dying, still clutching it to his bleeding chest. His readiness to give his life to his cause infused the dagger with divine power. The dagger now allows its wielder to strike horrifying wounds, if they are prepared to offer their lives in the process.

If the wielder causes an unsaved wound on an enemy model, he may choose to lose D3 of his own wounds to instantly kill the opponent. No kind of saves may be taken by either side.

Bow of Seeking(Magic Weapon)25 points

This bow was a gift to Princess Shah’Razad from the Elven merchants that frequent Araby as a gift for her enchanting story-telling. Made from hardest ebony, this magical bow has been the death of many monsters in Araby. Any arrow shot using this magic bow will pursue the target and hit it even if it is behind cover.

Bow. Shots fired with this bow are resolved at Strength 5 and ignore all To Hit penalties.

Magic Armour

Shield of Faith(Magic Armour)50 points

A long-forgotten smith, unswerving in his faith, created this shield. It was once held by the hero Amir Bakir who was slain as he bravely charged into an overwhelming number of heretics during the Crusades. The shield is imbued with the power of the divine and may destroy any weapon that touches it.

Shield. The bearer gains the Ward Save (5+) special rule. If the bearer is wounded by an enemy with a magical weapon but passes his Ward save, the enemy’s weapon is destroyed.

Armour of the Scorpion(Magic Armour)15 points

This armour gives the wearer the abilities of a scorpion. It was last worn by Atabeg Zankhri, who travelled from the centre of the desert after a failed assassination attempt which resulted in the deaths of all his companions. He made it back to Khalibon, only to remove his armour and become the victim of a final dagger thrust by a shadowy assailant.


Ring of Divine Healing(Talisman)40 points

The ring is an heirloom from a line of great warriors who fought for their faith. The finger that wore it was severed during battle, resulting in the warrior’s demise. The ring has the power to mend the worst damage, even otherwise fatal wounds.

At the start of each player’s turn, the ring will bestow one lost wound suffered earlier in the game. This cannot be used to increase the Characters Wounds above its starting value.

Arcane Items

Sandstorm Staff(Arcane Item)60 points

Carved from the petrified wood of ancient, wind blasted trees, the Sandstorm Staff contains the very essence of the desert. Arabyan script, etched so minutely as it can barely be read by human eyes, follows the grooves of the staff up to the emerald amulet of power contained in its wooden claw. With the help of the elves, the greatest Arabyan elementalists bound the power of the desert into this staffs, which were once thought lost to the sands.

Bound Spell, Power Level 5. The Sandstorm Staff contains the Sand Storm spell from the Lore of the Desert. In addition, when using spells from this Lore, the wielder of the staff may re-roll one Power Dice for every spell cast.

Enchanted Items

The Golden Carafe(Enchanted Item)25 points

When filled with pure water and the special rites of blessing are passed over it, anyone who pour the contents of the Carafe over the blade of his weapon will soon find no magic can resist his blade. It was used by a small band of knights known as the Monks of the Serpent, who were excommunicated by the Grand Theogonist for heretical symbology.

Enemy armours lose all magical bonuses against any close combat attacks made by the bearer; they count as mundane armours of their type. In addition, any successful enemy Ward Saves must be re-rolled.

Lamp of Ala ud-Din(Enchanted Item)25 points

The legend of this relic tells of a fisherman that caught this bottle in his net. A great Genie poured out of it when the seal was broken and went to slay the fisherman for not rescuing it earlier. The Genie was bitter and sought vengeance on the human race. However, the fisherman outsmarted the Genie by claiming it was too large to fit within the bottle. The Genie’s pride got the better of it and it went back into the bottle to prove it could, only to be trapped again by the fisherman. The fisherman threatened to throw the Genie back into the sea, but the Genie promised to mend its ways and now willingly helps any new master for a short time.

One use only. At the start of any of his turns, the bearer of the Lamp of Ala ud-Din may choose to summon a Genie of any type. The Genie must be placed within 6" of the bearer, at least 1" away from any units or impassable terrain. This Genie lasts until the start of the bearer's next turn.

Rope of Kadizar(Enchanted Item)20 points

Tales are told of daring thieves performing extraordinary feats throughout the land of Araby. The secret to their success is the magical ropes which they acquire from far away Ind, or the Land of a Thousand Gods as it is known in some areas of Araby. When thrown in the air this rope appears to rise straight into the sky and disappear.

Model on foot only. As long as he is not in base contact with an enemy model or has moved previous this turn, the character may climb up the rope and disappear into the ether at the start of his Remaining Moves phase. He reappears in any location on the battlefield, but must be placed at least 1" away from enemy units. This counts as moving that turn.

Magic Standards

Banner of the Desert(Magic Standard)50 points

This beautiful banner rides at the head of the army. It was first carried by Abdul al-Khattab, who was always in the vanguard of the army, charging into battle. Calling up the sand to envelop those that surround the standard, their enemies find themselves unable to hit their mark.

Enemies firing at the unit must re-roll successful To Hit rolls with their missile weapons. In addition, enemy units in base contact with the unit carrying this standard suffer -1 to their Weapon Skill.

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