Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Vampiric Powers (Blood Dragon)
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Doomrider(Ability)25 points

A knight and his horse share a very strong bond - so strong that sometimes it can continue even after death.

Model on Nightmare only. The model and any Cavalry unit it is with can re-roll failed charge distances.

Dread Knight(Ability)20 points

This Vampire has followed the path of the warrior to its ultimate conclusion, taking up arms in dark mockery of a knightly vow.

While fighting in a challenge, the model will gain +1 To Hit and To Wound.

Heart Piercing(Ability)20 points

Using a combination of his great strength and amazing speed, it's easy for the Vampire to create a gap in his opponent's guard.

The model can re-roll failed rolls To Wound in close combat.

Master Strike(Ability)20 points

So strong is the lord of the night, that a well-placed blow from his sword can sever a limb from the toughest of creatures.

Might of Arms(Ability)20 points

The Vampire has trained for centuries in the use of his favourite weapons, acquiring a skill that is rarely matched, even by the best of mortals.

The model can re-roll failed rolls To Hit in close combat.

Warrior Pride(Ability)20 points

A Blood Dragon High Lord will be buried with his finest and most precious suit of armour. A true knight will never abandon his armour and sometimes the steel skin becomes part of his own body.

The model can re-roll failed armour saves.

Blademaster(Ability)10 points

Trained by the best swordsmen of different periods and cultures, a Blood Dragon Vampire can easily deflect the blows from his puny enemies.

Strength of Steel(Ability)10 points

Such is the Vampire's martial prowess that it is able to strike at the precise moment when it will cause the most carnage.

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