Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Vampiric Powers (Lahmia)
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Lightning Reflexes(Ability)25 points

The body of a Vampire looks Human, but is capable of reactions so fast that even the quickest swordsman would look clumsy in comparison.

Enemies must re-roll successful rolls To Hit in close combat against this model.

Seduction(Ability)25 points

How can a mortal resist the lure of a creature who has preyed on warm-blooded males since the dawn of time? Who can refuse to become her willing slave?

At the beginning of the Close Combat round, after challenges have been issued and/or accepted, select a model in base contact with the Vampire. The selected model must take a Leadership test with a -1 modifier. If the test is failed, the victim is controlled by the Vampire player in that Close Combat phase. The model will direct its attacks against his own side. The model cannot be attacked by either side in that Close Combat phase but, after combat resolution has been worked out, it reverts immediately to the original player's control and can therefore use his Leadership for any Break tests and can be broken and pursued as normal. If the model has no friendly models in base contact, counts as being Transfixed instead. If the Vampire was in a challenge with a model that it takes control of, the challenge ends and both models may attack other targets as normal.

Innocence Lost(Ability)20 points

One defence of these deceptive creatures is to look so inoffensive and vulnerable that the enemy lowers his own defence. That is when they strike with all their supernatural strength, ripping apart armour and bodies with their seemingly innocent hands. The sword-strikes of even the most skilful men are but clumsy and childlike before the preternatural speed of the Vampire.

Night Creature(Ability)20 points

Sometimes, in the uncertain light of the forest, a hunter can see a beautiful pale girl, but in the blink of an eye she disappears. If he is wise, he should realise that he is now the prey.

Model on foot only. Whenever an enemy unit attempts to shoot or charge a model with this power, they must first roll a D6. On a 4+, they may shoot or charge as normal. On a 1-3, they must choose another target. This only applies to lone characters.

Quickblood(Ability)20 points

Is it possible to dart aside and avoid a cannon ball? Is it possible to grab an arrow in flight with one's hand? It certainly is for a Lahmian Vampire.

Beguile(Ability)10 points

The Vampire is so beautiful that a mere mortal's will to fight immediately disappears before her. What brute would dare to attack such a vulnerable lady?

At the beginning of the Close Combat round, after challenges have been issued and/or accepted, select a model in base contact with the Vampire. That model must take a Leadership test with a -3 modifier; if the test is failed, the model must re-roll successful To Hit rolls that phase.

Swiftness(Ability)5 points

How swift and sure is the tread of these beautiful and arrogant maidens of Undeath!

Model on foot only. The model gains the Swiftstride special rule.

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