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Vampiric Powers (Necrarch)
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Master of the Black Arts(Ability)55 points

What challenge do the winds of magic present to a being who sits outside the loop of time? What mortal creature can match the magical prowess of one so ancient that its teacher might have been the Great Necromancer himself?

A player using a model with the Master of the Black Arts power can re-roll one of the dice when it is determining the strength of the Winds of Magic.

Spectral Form(Ability)40 points

By shifting its physical form into a vaporous state, the Vampire becomes invulnerable to mortal weapons and is almost impossible to destroy.

Model on foot only. The model gains the Ethereal special rule. However, it may not join non-Ethereal units or take any magic items.

Dark Acolyte(Ability)20 points

All Undead creatures are steeped in Dark Magic, and Vampires are no different. Some increase their powers through years of study and practise. The Necrarch bloodline carries with it the lust for knowledge and even the lowliest in its ranks follow the long and difficult path of the Necromancer. Some Vampires have an affinity for necromantic magic beyond that of their peers, which only increases with age and practice.

The model adds +D3 to the number of Wounds healed whenever it successfully casts Invocation of Nehek.

Forbidden Lore(Ability)20 points

Long must one study to gain knowledge of the netherworld, but time is no worry to an undying scholar.

Nehekhara's Noble Blood(Ability)20 points

The only thing the Necrarchs could take from their land was their necromantic lore. These dark secrets can now be found in the cursed scrolls hidden in the lairs of the oldest Vampire Lords of the Necrarch family.

The model gains +1 to cast spells.

Unholy Cynosure(Ability)10 points

The Necrarch can focus his power into a different plane to foresee the future and change the present.

Once per game, the model can re-roll one of the dice rolled to cast a spell. This can be used to negate a Miscast result or could cause an Ultimate Power result.

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