Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Vampiric Powers (Strigoi)
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Hunter in the Dark(Ability)15 points

Who knows what terrors lurk in the dark places of the world, biding their time until the moment to strike has come?

Iron Sinews(Ability)15 points

After death the Vampire's muscles grow far greater than they ever could have in his mortal life. The Strigoi becomes a beast of pure muscular power.

The model has +1 Strength.

Massive Monstrosity(Ability)15 points

Such is the size of some of the more ancient Strigoi that a blow which would kill a normal creature is but a mere scratch to these gigantic beasts.

The model has +1 Wound on their profile.

Ghoulkin(Ability)10 points

This Vampire has a strong kinship with Ghouls, using them as its eyes and ears in the wider world.

One unit of Crypt Ghouls may be deployed as Scouts.

Infinite Hatred(Ability)10 points

The Strigoi know no love; shunned by all, they brood in their solitude vowing death upon all they meet. Driven by bloodlust beyond mortal comparison, the Vampire fights with an intensity that turns aside the most skilled parry or stoutest shield.

The model's Hatred special rule applies in every close combat round, not just the first.

Summon Ghouls(Ability)10 points

The Vampire bellows a guttural cry which can be heard by his flesh-eating minions. These creatures are slaves to the authority of the Ghoul Kings. Easily dominated by a stern master, Crypt Ghouls worship this Vampire as a living god of death.

The model allows up to 3 units of Crypt Ghouls to deploy as Ambushers.

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