Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Vampiric Powers (Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast)
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Note: Vampiric Powers for a Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast army ignore Bloodline restrictions.

Vampires originate from the ancient land of Lahmia, where the first of them actually reigned as kings and queens. Here they followed a corrupted form of the death cult of Khemri. When Lahmia was overthrown and destroyed and its necropolis was ransacked, only seven of the blood drinking nobility escaped. They fled to different parts of the known world and hid among mortal society.

Of these seven original Vampires, five are known to the men of the Old World. All the Vampires recorded in history are their descendants and so have inherited common family traits. The oldest Vampires have the purest blood and the most direct line of descent. Their powers are greater and therefore their influence and standing among the Vampire kind is also greater.

In this section you will find powers that can be bought for your Vampires. You cannot buy multiples of the same power for a single Vampire, but different Vampires in the same army can have the same powers if you wish.

Red Fury(Ability)35 points

The Vampire enters the melee, as it has always done in centuries past, with a savage and unstoppable blood-lust. It won't stop until all its enemies lie dead on the ground.

Blood Dragon or Strigoi only. For each enemy model slain by the model in close combat, it can immediately make an additional Attack, to a maximum of +5 Attacks. These additional Attacks do not benefit from Red Fury.

Curse of the Revenant(Ability)30 points

So strong is the desire for some to continue living that they defy death. But this has a price - the eternal thirst for the blood of the living.

Fear Incarnate(Ability)20 points

This Vampire has a dread reputation. It is said that it has slaughtered thousands of would-be heroes over the centuries, and no right-minded warrior will seek battle with such a foe. The mere presence of such an unnatural creature is enough to stop the heart of weak beings and to cast despair in the strongest of souls.

Von Carstein, Necrarch, Blood Dragon, Strigoi only. Enemy units in base contact with the model must take a Leadership test at the start of each round of close combat. If failed, the unit will only Hit on 6's this round.

Flying Horror(Ability)20 points

This Vampire soars through the stormy skies, kept aloft with Dark Magic or bat-like wings, often transforming into a bat or whirl of mist. In doing so, they gain all the advantages of the new form and become exceedingly fast.

Von Carstein, Necrarch, Strigoi or Lahmia on foot only. The model gains the Fly (10) special rule.

Supernatural Horror(Ability)15 points

This Vampire is hideous to look upon, having long since forsaken the trappings of nobility and beauty. The revulsion it causes in mortals vindicates their decision to embrace the beast within. The appearance of this Vampire reflects the evil in its veins a thousand fold; the true horror is open for all to see.

Von Carstein, Necrarch or Strigoi only. The model gains the Terror special rule.

Transfix(Ability)15 points

The entrancing gaze of the Vampire traps the weak-willed. Mesmerised, the Vampire's victim can do nothing to ward away the inevitable deathblow.

Von Carstein or Lahmia only. At the beginning of the Close Combat phase, select one model in base contact with the Vampire. The victim must pass a Leadership test or be unable to attack in that Close Combat phase and all attacks directed against the victim will hit automatically.

Unbending Willpower(Ability)10 points

Some of these immortal hunters have crossed the oceans of time, commanded armies and ruled kingdoms in their everlasting undeath. There are few creatures that can avoid being overcome with awe and falling on their knees before them and the obedience they obtain from their servants is absolute.

Von Carstein or Necrarch only. Units of Undead within 6" of one or more models with this power suffer one less Wound than they normally would due to the Unstable special rule or following the death of the army's General. Note that this is not cumulative with the Battle Standard.

Honour or Death(Ability)5 points

Many mortal champions have quickly changed their attitude after the proud challenge they issued was accepted by a dark creature whose eyes were the eyes of death.

Von Carstein or Blood Dragon only. At the start of a challenge, the enemy character selected to take on the Vampire must take a Leadership test before any blows are struck. If failed, the enemy model will fight with Weapon Skill 1 for the remainder of the turn.

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