Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Vessels of the Kami
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This section contains the rules and background for some of the most iconic and powerful magical artefacts used by the Nipponese. These may be used in addition to the magic items found in the Warhammer rulebook. In addition, all Magic Weapons in it follow the rules for Katanas.

Magic Weapons

Dragon Claw Katana(Magic Weapon)55 points

According to legend, the Dragon Claw Katana was a blade crafted by a Dragon from one of its own claws, before it withdrew from the mortal realm to allow mankind to realise its own destiny. Before departing, the enigmatic Dragon gave the blade to Agasha Ashiko, a pious and introspective woman with a latent talent for magic. Ever the dutiful wife, Ashiko gave the blade to her husband, Daidoji Kedamono. He, in turn, gave it to his Daimyo.

Katana. When fighting in challenges, the wielder gains the Killing Blow special rule and may re-roll all failed rolls To Hit and To Wound. In addition, for every point of basic Leadership that the wielder exceeds that of any one enemy model in base contact, he gains one additional Attack.

Heavenly Naginata(Magic Weapon)35 points

The naginata appears to be an unremarkable weapon, but when the wielder is threatened, its blade begins to glow as brightly as the sun. This acts as a sort of alarm, as well as a rallying point for any friendly troops in the vicinity. During times of crisis, the naginata will be removed from the Imperial chambers and typically used by the most powerful Samurai into battle.

Polearm. This weapon gives the wielder +1 to Hit in close combat and Flaming Attacks. In addition, on the To Hit roll of a 6, that attack is multiplied into D3 hits.

Magic Armour

Armour of Imperial Rule(Magic Armour)40 points

This distinctive armour was designed for Nippon's imperial family and their highest-ranking and most loyal Samurai. This intricate suit of heavy armour is made of various pieces of different shades of blues and greys, trimmed with black and gold leather, silk, and steel pieces. Although the suit itself offers a fine display with all the complex designs that decorate its torso, it is the kabuto that completes it, which looks most impressive. The dark blue helmet covers almost the entire face, masking it with the dreadful visage of a mighty warrior. From the front of it, a wide pair of ivory horns protrudes, forming strange, white Wings that stand above the helm.

Heavy armour. Enemies must re-roll 6's when rolling To Wound against the wearer. Enemies who fail their rolls To Wound suffer a Strength 4 hit.

Mempo of Honour(Magic Armour)20 points

This golden mask takes the form of an Oni's jaw, elaborately tooled and covered in small mirrors that catch the sun and shine it back into the enemy's eyes. On the field of battle, the mempo shines brightly, enabling anyone, including enemies, to find the wearer. Only the boldest Samurai have ever been granted the right to wear the mempo into battle.

The Mempo gives the wearer a 6+ armour save that may be combined with other armour as normal. Enemies attacking the wearer in close combat must re-roll successful rolls To Hit. However, if the wearer flees for any reason, spirits will return from the Realm of the Ancestors with the express purpose of killing him to remove the stain of his delinquency. Remove the model as a casualty.


Bronze Token(Talisman)35 points

These items, known as Tokens of Bronze or simply Bronze Pendants, are simple-looking yet very impressive magical items. Each Token is a small round plate of bronze with strange magical designs on one side and holy symbols on the other. Typically, the Tokens are tied around their wearers' necks with lengths of silk.

Arcane Items

Candle of the Void(Arcane Item)30 points

Initiates of the Shugenja Schools learn to craft these items as part of their regular training. They take the form of candles, imbued with faint but very practical elemental magic. Although they outwardly appear to hold only the power of Fire, each Candle of the Void actually incorporates all of the Elements. These magical candles are made of black wax. They are extremely thick and usually about one foot long when newly created. Imbued with faint but very practical elemental magic, it can greatly aid the Shugenja in casting.

The Candle of the Void may be placed within 12" of the caster at the start of the game (use a small marker on a round 25mm base), but it may not be moved during the game and counts as impassable terrain.

The caster can choose to cast any spell through the candle rather than themself. If they do so, measure the spell's range from the candle. The candle can draw Line of Sight in any direction and have a Line of Sight value of 1. The caster can use this to cast any spell type even if they are engaged in close combat. If a spell cast through the candle is miscast, the result of the miscast is applied to the caster as normal.

Enchanted Items

Fan of Command(Enchanted Item)35 points

Discovered long ago by a merchant, the Fan of Command is a war fan of exquisite quality. No one knows who created this item, but the Fan of Command has passed through many hands since it was originally found - especially ronin hands. The Fan of Command appears as a typical fan made of steel and overlaid with dark red lacquer. Fifteen branches, build like small dark spears, cut the lacquered steel of the fan, giving the item a sombre look.

Once per game, the bearer and any unit they are with may make a free reform in the beginning of the Movement phase. In addition, they automatically pass any test to reform, march and restrain from pursuit.

Dragon Pearl(Enchanted Item)25 points

The Dragon Pearl is one of many dangerous artefacts collected during the period after the Clan War, when the clans scoured Nippon for potentially dangerous nemuranai. It is presumed to be a remnant of some sort of the dragon P'an Ku, an entity whose purpose in the Celestial Order is unknown because it was driven mad and eventually destroyed, in the time before man came to exist in Nippon.

At the start of the close combat phase, the bearer may transform the Dragon Pearl into an exact replica of any magic item carried by an enemy character in base contact, retaining all of its abilities for as long as it stays in base contact.

Magic Standards

Imperial Standard(Magic Standard)65 points

The Imperial Standard is an ancient artefact. Many believe it holds a small portion of the essence of Amateratsu. The standard is made of the purest white silk and can never be soiled by normal means, so it is always clean and vibrant. The Chrysanthemum flower of the Imperial Families is woven upon it in golden threads. The item remains one of the most cherished possessions of the Imperial Court, for not only is the Imperial Standard imbued with potent magic, but it is also a distinctive symbol the Emperors of Nippon.

The bearer's Hold Your Ground! ability is increased by 6". In addition, the unit carrying it is gains +D3 to their combat resolution.

Mirumoto's Battle Standard(Magic Standard)50 points

The battle standard of the Mirumoto Family is an imposing flag made from layers of white silk, decorated with a golden dragon coiled inside a narrow ring of gold upon a night blue sky. This nemuranai is always attached to a pole shaped as an inverted L. This allows the standard to be tied on one of its sides as well as on its top, ensuring it remains open and visible even when there is no wind.

The unit carrying this standard adds +1 To Hit and to Wound in the first round of close combat.

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