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Virtues of the Chivalric Knight
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The history of Bretonnia is replete with tales of honour and glory, and none are more glorious than those of Gilles and his knightly Companions. Together, they freed their land from the depredations of Orcs, Chaos and the Undead before founding the kingdom of Bretonnia. Each of these knights represented the pinnacle of martial achievement and nobility; and throughout Bretonnian history every knight since then has held them up as virtuous examples of all that is best about their code of honour. Each of the Companions of Gilles exemplified a particular virtue of battle and later knights would seek to emulate the virtue of one of these knights in battle.

As a Knight undertakes his vows he takes the first step upon a path of martial and spiritual accomplishment which will lead him into many adventures, and bring him to the threshold of countless perils. As he confronts and overcomes the enemies or chivalry he becomes a more confident and better warrior, he learns skills which enable him to excel in combat, and, even more importantly, he rises ever higher in the ranks of chivalry.

Choosing a Virtue

More than one character can have the same Virtue, but to represent the rarity of this, any character that takes a Virtue another character already has must pay double the points listed below. If a third character takes the same Virtue they must pay triple, and so on.

Virtue of Heroism(Ability)35 points

'Known as the Slayer of Monsters, Gilles fought and killed many of the great beasts that stalked the Massif Orcal, mounting their heads on the walls of his fastness.'

Virtue of Stoicism(Ability)35 points

'Tales are still told of how Lambard stood alone against hordes of Orcs and saved his dukedom of Carcassonne. Steeled by his bravery, those around him fought with the courage of the Breton himself.'

The Knight (and any unit he has joined) rolls 3D6 for all Leadership tests and discards the highest.

Virtue of Audacity(Ability)30 points

'A master of the feint and riposte, Agilgar's skill at turning an enemy's strength against him is legendary. Many a powerful foe met his demise on the end of Agilgar's lance.'

Against enemies with a higher Strength than himself (before modifications from weapons etc), the Knight may re-roll any failed rolls to hit and to wound.

Virtue of the Ideal(Ability)30 points

'Unmatched was Landuin of Mousillon's skill and prowess. His finesse with blade and lance were beyond compare and his bravery, horsemanship and chivalry above all others. Alas, Mousillon bath faded... '

The Knight gains the following bonuses to his profile: +2 Weapon Skill, +1 Initiative, +1 Attack. He may not be the army's General and any friendly unit (including other Knightly characters, or units using a Knight's Leadership) taking any form of Leadership test within 6" of this model suffers a -1 penalty to their Leadership.

'In the glory of the charge was Balduin most alive, and though others more tempered by the fires of war better controlled their ardour, he was ever in the forefront of battle.'

The Knight, and any mounted unit he is with, adds +D3" to their charge distance.

Virtue of Confidence(Ability)25 points

'Haughty, proud and skillful, Carleond of Couronne took never a backward step in the face of adversity.'

The Knight must always issue challenges, and will always accept them if possible. In challenges, the Knight may re-roll all failed rolls to hit and to wound.

Virtue of Duty(Ability)25 points

'Most loyal of Companions, brave Duke Thierulf of Lyonesse fought at his liege's side always, and did lament most painfully when the Breton did fall...'

For as long as the General is alive, the model with this Virtue adds +1 to the combat resolution of any fight of which he is a part. May not be taken by the General.

Virtue of Knightly Temper(Ability)25 points

'With a heart of stone and resolute temper Beren stood unbowed, and with each sweep of blade and thrust of lance, foeman's blood would spill.'

For each attack that the Knight hits and wounds with on the charge (after Saves), he may make an additional attack. Extra attacks are not generated if these additional attacks also hit and wound.

Virtue of Penitent(Ability)20 points

'Following the loss of his beloved to the curse of a hag, Duke Corduin of L'Anguille became known as the Hermit-knight. Though when called to arms, he would always return to fight for his beloved king.'

The Knight is Stubborn, though he may never join any friendly units.

Virtue of the Joust(Ability)20 points

'Great was Duke Folgar of Artois' skill with a lance - none could unhorse him, save perhaps Landuin himself.'

The Knight may re-roll failed rolls to hit when charging and/or using a lance (including magical lances).

Virtue of Discipline(Ability)15 points

'No matter the odds, Marcus took to the field of battle undaunted by the numberless hordes of his enemies.'

Enemies can never claim the Outnumber bonus against the Knight and any unit he is with.

Virtue of Noble Disdain(Ability)15 points

'Though a dozen or more steeds were shot from under him on the battlefield of Aquitaine, Fredemund never lost his contempt for those that eschewed the martial values of meeting one's foe face-to-face.'

The Knight hates all enemies using missile weapons including war machine crews. In addition, any unit the Knight has joined never takes Panic tests caused by suffering 25% casualties from Shooting or Magic.

Virtue of Purity(Ability)15 points

'Chaste, honourable and untainted by notions of self-aggrandisement, Duke Rademund was one of the Lady's most virtuous champions, upholding her honour throughout the land.'

Virtue of Empathy(Ability)10 points

'A champion of the common man, Martrud was beloved by those he protected. Wherever he fought, the peasants doubled their efforts and would fight to the death rather than dishonour their lord.'

If the Knight is not the army's General, models with the Peasant's Duty within 12" of him treat him as having the Inspiring Presence rule. If he is the army’s General, his Inspiring Presence rule is instead increased to 18" for models with the Peasant's Duty. In addition, he may join units with the Peasant's Duty.

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