Dwarf Rum (Pirates of Sartosa)
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When unable to get ale, the Dwarf pirates brew their own drink. This dangerous stuff is a sort of rum mixed with gunpowder and iron filings, and each bottle has a skull and crossbones on it as a warning. The pirates swig so much of this concoction that they are now immune to drunkenness, though it wreaks havoc with their insides. Before a battle the Dwarfs will knock back a few bottles each, and the resultant intestinal rumblings and gurglings leave an odious mist hanging around the regiment. Though the pirates claim not to notice the smell, the effect is dire on the enemy.

Any enemy in base contact with Long Drong or any unit of Dwarf Sea Dogs he is with, suffer -1 to hit in Close Combat. Obviously, Undead troops, Daemons, and followers of Nurgle won’t notice the stench either. The great disadvantage to the pirates is that no other troops will stand near them. As a result, the regiment may not be deployed closer than 6” to any other unit in the army at the start of the battle!

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