Hobgoblin Animosity
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Units with this special rule must roll a D6 and consult the chart below in the Charge sub-phase after all other charges have been declared, unless they have declared a charge, are already in combat, fleeing, or have less than 5 models.

1We'll get a better view from further back!The Hobgoblins' cowardly nature comes to the fore.The unit must immediately take a Panic test. If it's passed, the unit may act normally this turn.
2-5Cut 'em good!The Hobgoblins feel they have a good chance of being on the winning side and eating well tonight off the battle's victims.The unit may act normally this turn.
6Bloody Murder!One of the constant petty squabbles in the ranks is settled with the twist of a knife in a back or two.The unit suffers D3 Wounds distributed as from shooting attacks (these wounds however will not cause a Panic test). Afterwards they gain +1 to their To Hit rolls for this turn only, and may be used normally again.

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