Pick Up and...
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The Giant stoops down and grabs a single Character in base contact from the target unit (Giant player's choice). The Giant grabs the model and the player rolls a D6 to see what happens next:

1Stuff into Bag.The Giant stuffs the victim into its bag along with sheep, cows and other plunder. The model is effectively removed as a casualty and can do nothing whilst in the bag, but if the Giant should be slain, any enemy trapped in its bag are freed at the end of the battle, and no longer counts as casualties.
2Throw Back into CombatThe victim is hurled into its own unit like a living missile. The victim suffers D3 Strength 6 Hits which Ignores Armour saves, and D6 Strength 3 hits are inflicted on the unit (save as normal).
3Hurl.The victim is hurled into an enemy unit within 12" of the Giant – randomly determine which. The victim is removed as a casualty, and the unit takes D6 Strength 3 hits. Unsaved Wounds from these hits count towards the Giant's combat result. If no enemy units are in range, treat this as a Throw Back into Combat result instead.
4Squash.This doesn't really bear thinking about. Suffice to say the model is removed as a casualty.
5Eat.The Giant gobbles its victim up, swallowing it whole. The model is removed as a casualty.
6Pick Another.The Giant hurriedly stuffs the victim into its bag or under its shirt (or down its trousers if they're really unlucky). Treat the attack as if the Giant had rolled the Stuff into Bag result above, and then choose another victim. Roll again on this table to see what the Giant does with it.