Pick Up and... (Mammoth)
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The Mammoth uses its agile trunk to grab a helpless enemy Character from the target unit (Mammoth player's choice). Roll a D6 to see what unfortunate fate befalls the victim.

1-2Throw back into combatThe victim is hurled back into their own unit like a missile. The victim suffers D3 Strength 6 Hits which Ignores Armour saves, and D6 Strength 3 hits are inflicted on the unit (save as normal).
3-4HurlThe victim is hurled into an enemy unit within 12" of the Mammoth – randomly determine which. The victim is removed as a casualty, and the unit takes D6 Strength 3 hits. Unsaved Wounds from these hits count towards the Mammoth's combat result. If no enemy units are in range, treat this as a Throw Back into Combat result instead.
5EatThe Mammoth swings the victim into its maw and bites down. The victim model is removed as a casualty, and the Mammoth may immediately recover a single Wound it has lost previously in the game.
6Squash and grab anotherThe Mammoth's trunk constricts around the target, crushing their bones to splinters. The model is removed as a casualty and the Mammoth then picks another victim. Roll again on this table to see what happens.