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1Traitor!The Hobgoblins decide the battle is turning for the worse and their services will be better served fighting for the other side. The Hobgoblins halt and shoot at the nearest regiment in their own army! Turn the Hobgoblins towards the unit and resolve the shooting immediately. Note that shooting due to Treachery is worked out before normal shooting. The Hobgoblins do nothing else this turn. If there are no troops within range, then the Hobgoblins do nothing this turn. They are prevented from moving and shooting while they argue about who to fight for. If the unit does not have a missile weapon, they will inflict D6 Strength 3 hits on themselves as they starts to backstab one another instead.
2-5We Stayz ‘Ere!The Hobgoblins refuse the shoot or charge the enemy, though otherwise they may act normally.
6Hiiyaaarrghh!The Hobgoblins decide to fight till the bitter end! The unit unleashes their battle-cry and launch themselves at their foes, immediately moving towards the nearest visible enemy using the Random Movement (D6) special rule. If no enemy is visible, they instead move directly forwards. After the move is complete the unit must declare a charge in the Charge sub-phase against the closest visible enemy unit, if it is possible to do so. If the unit cannot declare a charge then it may carry on with the rest of its turn normally, as if it had not yet moved this turn.

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