Raise Dead (Vampire Counts)
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Spell Level 4Cast on 9+

War and plague are common within the Old World and the bones of their victims lie but shallowly burled. A Necromancer can awaken these mortal remains to reinforce the Undead legions under their control and serve them in a ghastly mockery of life.

Raise Dead is a special type of spell with a range of 18" that brings a brand new unit of Zombies into play. Choose a point on the battlefield - that point need not lie in the caster's line of sight or forward arc. Next, roll 2D6+3. This is how many models comprise the new unit. The caster can choose to summon 2D6+3 Skeleton Warriors instead. If they do so, the casting value is increased to 12+.

When placing this unit, it must be wholly within the spell's range and at least 1" away from all units, buildings and impassable terrain. It can be placed facing any direction, and in any legal formation, as long as the unit's front rank contains at least five models. This unit does not have any upgrades or command models. Units summoned by this spell cannot be dispelled, and do not award victory points under any circumstances. Finally, if a summoned unit cannot be placed because there is not enough room, the unit does not enter play at all, though the spell's lore attribute may still apply.