The Lore of Tzeentch
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The Lore of Change

Tzeentch is the Master of Magic and he rewards sorcerers who breathe deep of the Winds of Magic with a boon of sorcerous power.

When a spell from the Lore of Tzeentch is successfully cast, make a note of how many power dice results were a 6. After resolving the spell's effect(s), you immediately add a single power dice to your army's pool for each result of a 6 that was rolled to cast the spell.

As the wizard twists his hands in the air, the bodies of his enemies are consumed with coruscating blue flames.

Blue Fire of Tzeentch is a magic missile with a range of 24" that causes D6 Strength D6+1 hits with the Flaming Attacks special rule. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of the spell to 48". If they do so, the casting value is increased to 8+.

1. PandemoniumCast on 7+

The wizard reaches his thought into the minds of his victims, tormenting them with subtle whispers that stoke the fires of mistrust and treachery. They suffer from terrible confusion, and when they speak it is in the unintelligible tongue of Daemons.

Pandemonium is a hex spell with a range of 24". Until the start of the caster's next Magic phase, the target unit must use the lowest Leadership value in the unit (including that of mounts) and cannot benefit from the Inspiring Presence or Hold Your Ground! abilities. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of this spell to affect all enemy units within 12". If they do so, the casting value is increased to 14+.

A roiling tide of iridescent energy flows from the caster's hand, enveloping his foes in a cone of magical flame.

Pink Fire of Tzeentch is a direct damage spell. Place the teardrop-shaped template with its narrow end touching the front of the Wizard's base and the large end aimed at the target. Roll 2D6 and move the template directly forwards the number of inches indicated. All models underneath the template suffer a Strength D6+1 hit with the Flaming Attacks special rule (roll once for the Strength and use that value for all hits).

The wizard hurls a single devastating bolt of energy that blasts through the ranks of the enemy, wracking their bodies with sickening and uncontrollable mutations.

Bolt of Change is a magic missile with a range of 24". It inflicts a single Strength D6+4 hit with the Multiple Wounds (D3), Ignores Armour Saves and Flaming Attacks special rules, and then penetrates ranks in the same manner as a shot from a Bolt Thrower.

4. Glean MagicCast on 8+

The caster steals sorceries from his adversary's mind.

Glean Magic is a hex spell that targets a single enemy Wizard within 18". The caster and the target both roll a D6 and add their Wizard level to the score. If the target's total is higher than the caster's, nothing happens. Otherwise, the target suffers a Strength 4 hit with the Flaming Attacks special rule, loses one Wizard level (to a minimum of 0) including forgetting one randomly determined spell (this cannot be a bound spell). If the caster does not already know this spell, they immediately gain it and can cast it just like any of his other spells. When casting a stolen spell, always substitute its lore attribute with the Lore of Tzeentch's
lore attribute.

A subtle whisper in the minds of the enemy temporarily persuades warriors to change their allegiance and attack their comrades.

Treason of Tzeentch is a hex spell with a range of 24". All models in the unit immediately make one close combat attack against the unit itself. Roll To Hit, To Wound and take saves as normal. The caster may choose which of the unit's weapons is used for these attacks, though any Parry or Dodge save does not apply, and neither does any special rules that only applies in the first round of close combat. This spell has no effect on single model units.

The wizard opens a portal to the dread Realm of Chaos, a magical tear in the mortal plane that sucks those nearby to certain oblivion.

Infernal Gateway is a direct damage spell with a range of 24". The target suffers 2D6 Strength 2D6 hits with the Flaming Attacks special rule. Roll for the Strength first. If an 11 or 12 is rolled when determining the spell's Strength value, the hits are resolved at Strength 10, and the unit suffers 3D6 hits rather than 2D6.