Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Victory Points Chart
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In order to calculate the result, sum up the final Victory Points of both players and subtract the lower result from the higher. Then divide the difference with the size of the battle itself, and consult the chart below to determine the result of the battle.

Points Difference (%)Result
10-24Marginal Victory
25-49Solid Victory

For example, in a 2500 points battle where Player 1 scores 1000 Victory Points vs Player 2's 1500 Victory Points gives a difference of 500 points. Dividing 2500 with 500 gives a result of 0.2 (20%), and thus Player 2 has won a Marginal Victory!

If a player concedes, the opponent automatically scores a 'Massacre!' Of course, players are free to negotiate more honourable surrendering terms if they feel so inclined...

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