Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

The index is currently displaying version 2.2. The index will be updated to version 2.3 at a future date.

Firing a Fire Thrower
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Place the teardrop-shaped template with its narrow end touching the fire thrower barrel and the large end aimed at any enemy model or building in line of sight. Roll the artillery dice and move the template directly forward the number of inches indicated – this is where the burst of flame lands. The template can overshoot a target, representing the crew firing in too high an arc. Some fire throwers might also have a range value. In this case, place the template with its narrow end anywhere within this range, measured from the fire thrower barrel as normal.

The template cannot be placed over friendly models, enemy models from a unit that is engaged in combat, or in such a way that the template might hit a friendly unit as the crew refuse to deliberately target their allies.

All models underneath the template are hit automatically. A unit suffering any casualties must take a Panic test. Fire Throwers are not physical attacks.

A misfire means the weapon does not fire – roll on the Black Powder War Machine Misfire chart to find out what went wrong.

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