Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Movement (War Machines)
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We assume that a war machine's crew are able to wheel or drag it short distances at a time. The war machine can move using the rules for lone models. Use the crew's Movement characteristic to determine how far the war machine can move. Remember that all distances are measured from the war machine model itself – move the war machine and then place the crew within 1" of it.

War machines can never charge or march. If charged, a war machine can only choose to hold – even in mortal danger the crew are loathe to abandon their pride and joy. If forced to flee (because of a failed Break test for example) the war machine is destroyed. In such cases we assume that the crew sabotage their war machine to prevent the enemy making use of it, before fleeing the battle with no intention of returning.

War machines treat all terrain other than open ground and hills as impassable. That said, a war machine is permitted to deploy in a building or terrain, but if it does, it cannot move during the game except to pivot on the spot.

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