Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

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Few warriors venture onto the battlefield without some measure of protection, be it only a padded leather jerkin or battered shield. Of course, the more elite or better funded a warrior is, the quality of their armour is likely to be better, so some troops wear chain-, scale- or plate mail, dramatically increasing their chances of survival.

You will notice that there are two values in the profiles. "Combat" indicates the armour save the model will receive against close combat attacks, templates and direct damage spells, and "missile" indicates the armour save the model will receive against normal shooting attacks and magic missiles. The first value indicates the armour save modifier each piece of armour gives to the model’s total armour save, whereas the second value is the basic armour save given to the model by that particular piece of equipment.


Chaos Dwarfs

Cult of Ulric

Dogs of War

Grand Cathay



Regiments of Renown


Wood Elves

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