Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Make Way!
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Should a combined unit be fighting in close combat, it is only right and proper that a mighty hero will push his way through to the fighting. At the start of the combat (before Impact Hits are resolved), if a character's unit is in combat, but the character is not in base contact with the enemy, the controlling player can swap his position with another model that is in base contact. You can exchange him with rank-and-file model(s), including the command group, that are in base contact with the enemy. If there are one or more stranded characters on both sides, the players roll off and the winner decides which character makes his Make Way! first. Players then alternate choosing characters to do their Make Way! moves. Only characters whose footprint is compatible with the unit's rank and file can do this.

Note that Make Way can only be used to move the character to another position in the front rank; it cannot be used to move the character to a rank in the flank or rear.

The character is not in base contact with the enemy at the start of the combat, and so is allowed to perform a Make Way move to get into contact.

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