Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Impact Hits (*)
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The impact of a charge can itself sometimes cause severe casualties amongst the foe.

The number of Impact Hits caused varies from creature to creature, or troop type to troop type, but is shown in brackets after the special rule. If a creature is granted two sets of Impact Hits, normally because its troop type and special rules both bestow Impact Hits, use the highest set, rather than a total, before rolling. If a unit contains more than one model that inflicts a random amount of Impact Hits (such as D6), always roll separately for each model.

Impact Hits are only made on the turn the model makes a successful charge into close combat, and only against the unit the model has charged. Impact Hits are resolved at the very beginning of the close combat, before challenges are issued and attacks of any other kind are made. They hit a unit in base contact and are randomised as Automatic Hits. If the model is in base contact with more than one unit, randomise the Impact Hits between them as evenly as possible. If the model with Impact Hits is not in base contact with the enemy, no Impact Hits are inflicted.

Impact Hits roll to wound using the Strength of the model making the Impact Hits. Any armour saves taken are done using the close combat value of the armour, and Parry saves may not be taken (see Weapons and Armour). Any Wounds caused by Impact Hits are counted towards combat resolution.

Unless specified, any special rules that apply to the model's normal attacks do not apply to its Impact Hits.

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