Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

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If two or more unmodified 1's are rolled when casting a spell, it has been Miscast. The Wizard has to roll on the Miscast table when the spell has been resolved or dispelled.

When seeing if a miscast has occurred, always use the actual dice scores, irrespective of bonuses from special rules or magic items. If a Wizard is called upon to re-roll the dice for any reason, it is the second result that stands, as is normal for a re-roll.

All dice rolled count towards miscasts, regardless of whether the dice were power pool dice, or granted as a bonus from Ultimate Power, a special rule or magic item.

When a miscast occurs, the wildly arcing magic inevitably proves dangerous to the Wizard and to anyone nearby. Naturally, the Wizard will do his best to contain the uncontrollable energy, but success is by no means guaranteed – this is what we refer to in rules terms as a Miscast.

After dispelling or resolving the effect of the spell, the Wizard needs to roll a D6 on the Miscast table to see what happens to them.

The more power the Wizard used to cast the spell, the more dangerous the effects of the Miscast is likely to be. Add the total number of dice used to cast the spell (including those from Ultimate Power etc.) to the number rolled on the D6 and consult the Miscast table below. So, if a wizard used 4 dice when miscasting, and rolls a 3 on the D6, the result would be 7 on the Miscast table.

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