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The Warhammer world is an intrinsically magical place, where mystical energy infuses the very land itself. In battle, magic is a force as real and potent as a sword blade. The battlefield use of magic is limited only by the imagination and skill of the Wizard that wields it. Magic can be a subtle force, infusing allies with strength and valour, and enemies with frailty and dread. More commonly though, wizards unshackle the raw power that is at the heart of magic's chaotic nature, summoning hungry firestorms or devastating bolts of eldritch power.

With the Movement phase completed, it's time for your Wizards to unleash their powerful sorceries. You'll find that the Magic phase taps into some of the rules detailed later in the book, so if you're not yet familiar with much of Warhammer be prepared to do a little flicking back and forth as you read through this section. As with everything in Warhammer, the more you play, the more you'll remember without having to constantly refer to the rulebook.

  • Wizards
  • Wizard Level
  • Spells
  • Choosing Spells
  • Signature Spells
  • Lore Attribute
  • The Magic Phase Sequence
  • Roll for the Winds of Magic
  • The Power Pool
  • Channeling Power Dice
  • The Dispel Pool
  • Channeling Dispel Dice
  • Cast
  • Spell Types
  • Direct Damage
  • Magic Missiles
  • Augment Spells
  • Hex Spells
  • Magical Vortexes
  • Choose Number of Power Dice
  • Casting Value
  • Casting Bonuses
  • Boosted Spells
  • Not Enough Power
  • Broken Concentration
  • Ultimate Power
  • Miscasts
  • Miscast Table
  • Dispel
  • Choose Wizard
  • Choose Number of Dispel Dice
  • Dispel Value
  • Dispel Bonuses
  • Not Enough Power (Dispel)
  • Broken Concentration (Dispel)
  • Ultimate Power (Dispel)
  • Spell Resolution
  • Spells and Panic
  • Spell Duration
  • Remains In Play Spells
  • Spells Lasting More Than One Turn
  • Duplicate Spells
  • Next Spell
  • Bound Spells
  • Casting Bound Spells
  • Miscasts (Bound Spells)
  • Dispelling Bound Spells

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