Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Models with More than One Wound
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Some particularly huge or hardy troops have more than one Wound on their profile. Should such a unit suffer wounds, you must remove as many whole models as possible. You are not allowed to spread the wounds throughout the unit to avoid suffering casualties, tempting though it may be to do so.

In this situation, divide the number of wounds caused by the Wounds characteristic of the models in the target unit, removing this number of models from the rear-most rank. Any leftover wounds that were not enough to remove a model are carried over and will be added to the wounds inflicted by any subsequent attacks.

For example: A unit of Ogres suffers 5 wounds from arrow fire. Ogres are huge creatures and each model has 3 Wounds. So, 5 wounds equals one model dead (3 wounds) with 2 wounds left over. The wounds left over are not enough to remove another model, so the player must make a note that 2 wounds have been suffered by the unit. If the unit takes another wound from some other attack later in the game, then another Ogre model is removed.

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