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During the Shooting phase, your army lets fly with the missile weapons at its disposal, be they bows, cannons or fantastical war machines. Most armies will have a unit or two of archers, crossbowmen or mighty war machines, and use these missile units to thin the enemy ranks before the bloody press of melee begins in later turns. Other armies will field masses and masses of missile units, intending to seize victory in the Shooting phase by obliterating the enemy at long range.

This section covers the shooting rules for common weapons and the majority of troop types. War machines and other, more peculiar, devices of destruction are covered in their own chapter. However, even the most colossal trebuchet is governed by many of the same rules as the humble bow and arrow, so it's worth reading through this section before unlimbering your cannon or organ gun.

  • The Shooting Phase Sequence
  • What is a Missile Attack?
  • Nominate Unit to Shoot
  • Who Can Shoot?
  • Choose a Target
  • Fire In Two Ranks
  • Check the Target is in Range of the Weapon
  • We Can't All Fire!
  • Shooting Into Flank or Rear
  • Shooting Into Combat
  • Roll To Hit (Shooting)
  • Shooting Modifiers
  • 7+ To Hit
  • Moving and Shooting
  • Standing and Shooting
  • Lone Model
  • Cover
  • Targets Behind Soft Cover
  • Targets Behind Hard Cover
  • Special Rules (Shooting)
  • Automatic Hits
  • Roll to Wound (Shooting)
  • Resolving Unusual Attacks
  • Saving Throws
  • Negative Save Modifiers
  • Ward Saves
  • Instant Kills
  • Remove Casualties (Shooting)
  • Models with More than One Wound
  • Hits Inflicting Multiple Wounds
  • Multi-Wound Models and Multi-Wound Weapons

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