Source: Warhammer Armies Project: Unofficial 9th Edition

Nehekharan Sphynx
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Long ago, the rulers of Nehekhara bound the trickster spirits of the deserts into great temples. Legend tells that those who entreat a Sphynx receive great power – if they can quench the spirit's thirst for trickery and deception.

At the start of each player turn, the player whose turn it is can choose one of their characters within 6" of the Nehekharan Sphynx to challenge the spirit to a riddling contest. The challenger must take an Initiative test. If the test is failed, the Sphynx devours part of the challenger's soul and the model suffers a wound, with no armour saves allowed. If the test is passed, the challenger receives one of the following special rules, determined randomly, for the rest of the game: Devastating Charge, Heroic Killing Blow or Loremaster (Death) - this last one has no benefit to non-Wizards (i.e. only Wizards can actually use the spells!) but that doesn't stop the Sphynx bestowing it inappropriately.

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